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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yellow House: Spring Front Yard

Hello my lovelies.

 It was 85 yesterday. I have broken out my shorts for the season.
 The maple outside our window has leafed out.
 I placed a geranium by the door as it can take the heat.

Look here-a grim little Gremmie in the dogwood tree. 
She weighs ten pounds now y'all.
I'm chubby, my mama's chubby, and my cats chubby.

Our wide expanse of monkey grass (lilirope) is sprouting. We had a million pine cones before the storm. Now we have about five million. I ignore them pretty much.

Easy care sedum on the front stoop that survived the winter unscathed.

Finally, our sweet boy Sheldon. 
Shelley is one hundred pounds and suffers gladly the mischievous cat.

In Olive Out news today is mine and Joe's anniversary.
 Ten wonderful years. To find love again, we think, is a most splendid gift. 

I am going to physical therapy twice a week for shoulder therapy. 
We continue to clear debris from the storm (I basically rake). 
I am carrying on with spring gardening in spite of the extra chores.
 I must have flowers.

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happy gardening

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Blooms

Spring is bursting forth with all it's colorful impatience. 
This is a magnolia. We call it a tulip tree in these parts.


A lone Lily of The Valley on our sweet Clovis's grave. 
Our cat who died last year for new followers.


 Patio Peach Tree

happy gardening

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Our pink camellia bloomed despite much adversity this winter. 
The first blooms were a bit burned by ice but the next set of blooms are not bad.

This bloom was up in a dark recess of the shrub and so I have put it in cross process effect. 
I like it better this way.

Definitely not a camellia but a strawberry pot of angelina sedum and another sedum I cannot recall the name of. This pot of sedums made it through the winter outside. 

I went out early this morning and captured many new spring blooms popping out. 
That will be the next post.
 It has been in the high 70's in the afternoons and it is
 time to plant.

happy gardening

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Garden Readiness

This Thyme that I purchased in a nearly dead condition last summer, for fifty cents, has survived and even thrived. It is winter hardy here too. I have had two of these rusty blue tile tables in storage and decided to use them on the deck. I am slowly clearing and cleaning the deck and pergola. Yikes, I did not sweep it.

The pansies have smiled at us all winter. It is hard to tell but rosemary is growing in the purple pot. I enjoy growing herbs pretty much for how they look. I also have rosemary growing in a planting bed now {it is winter hardy too}.

More pansies and blooming variegated vinca slightly different from the vinca at the old house I showed you on Friday. I like the vinca flowing out of the overhanging deck basket. The pansies will soon be replaced with another flower. Joe and I have worked tirelessly, this weekend, in the yard and flower garden. I cut an uncounted mind and finger numbing number of monkey grass bundles, with scissors, because they are where our mower cannot reach {because I must be ever so slightly mad too}. I went to bed last evening when the sun was still high in the sky.

I should give this camellia bush a special name because despite our strange weather she has been beautiful this year. I adore this soft pink color. I think I can say our flower garden is ready for spring. By doing a little bit here and there, every weekend, we have managed to get where we want to be with it. We are blessed by our little yellow house that you see here on Olive Out. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

~please forgive me I am chatty when exhausted~
happy gardening

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Favorite Garden Photos 2012

I am still learning my new camera and do better with outside shots by far.
 Inside shots exasperate me still.

joy and peace

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Co-mingle Sedums and Succulents

 Succulents and sedums on the stairs of our front stoop.

They are incredibly easy to grow. 
Once you have them established start moving them around and blend them in pots together.
Or plant them together all at once. I like to get to know mine individually first.
These stay out here all year because of our mild winters. 
Nor do they require a lot of watering. 
A definite plus in the terrible summer heat.

Creeping Jenny (not a sedum or a succulent) with a child's toy we found in the soil.
Cut Creeping Jenny back in fall and it comes back just fine in spring.

This dark sedum is called "Voodoo."

The gray succulents (I cannot recall their name) are bloomimg now. 
See the bloom on left in the above collage.

If you did not catch my Succulent Spheres post please check it out here.
They are beautiful and I do wish I could take credit for them.

I have more succulents and sedums co-mingled in the flower garden and on the side of the house.
 I attempted to grow a succulent wreath on the front door and our birds kept picking at it. 
I declared it a failure. 
It happens.

Do you grow succulents and sedums?

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happy gardening