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Monday, September 29, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pumpkin Front Door

Happy Friday

 Leslie Ann from Fairhope Supply Co. said you could see my
turquoise bike from Kansas. 
Well here is my pumpkin door.

Can it be seen from Kansas too?

Not only did I use a spray can of paint (on the bike) I actually used 
a paint brush and painted two doors.
 I realize it is a lot to take in. 
Sit down if you must.

There are orange/pumpkin tones in our stone. 

While Joe was recovering from his surgery we had the house professionally washed. 
Prior to that we had a new roof installed.
We have been busy at home maintenance.

The paint is Valspar's Roasted Squash.

peace and joy

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Painted Bike

It's been done umpteen times. 
 I still find a painted bike with a basket of flowers charming.
Sometimes, when motivated, Olive can use a spray paint can my lovelies.

I have had this bike for years. I paid $5 at a garage sale for it. 
The tricky part was finding the bike basket. 
However I have brilliant friends in high high places.

Baskets can be found online on Etsy and eBay but can be a tad pricey. 
Vintage bikes left unpainted are equally charming. 
One would disappear in our trees though.

Joe and I placed the bike behind our bird feeder. 
It can be seen from our kitchen window. 
It's all about our view.

Yes, I am going bold with color. 
Wait till you see my front door.

peace and joy

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pottery Barn Outlet Fall

Pottery Barn Outlet last weekend was all decked out for fall. 
Pumpkins orange and mercury glass were plentiful.

Lots of images ahead.
Go get a drink and drink in the PB.

This rug is gorgeous.

Baskets in all shapes and sizes.

The back of the store is chock full of furniture and has a wall of rugs. 
I wanted this leather chair while Joe objected to its $899 price tag.
 He could not be convinced. 
There would have been a %20 discount from the outlet mall.

I will find a leather chair. 
Yes I will.

My last Pottery Barn Outlet post from May is here.

peace and joy