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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pink Is Banished and We Talk Mulch

I have banished pink from the living room at the yellow house.

The horrid pink rug with butterflies has been replaced with a natural fiber rug. The tremendously large floral pink print on the stone fireplace is gone too. Woot.

This is one of the few pinks I am liking right this minute.

The flamingos at Zoo Atlanta.

I find real pink flamingos oddly soothing and not like the plastic trinkets one finds all over the place.

We have been so busy this weekend. We went to estate and garage sales in the midst of a pending storm that kind of fizzled out. Then we had supper with friends and today after church we worked in the flower garden and planted rescued plants. We got so little rain I had to water all of the garden. Did you know you can never buy enough mulch? We bought four bags of brown mulch and it was just nothing. Silly us. I went back and bought eight more. I do not like red is too red. It reminds me of red clay. Normally we use pine straw {cause we have about fifty pine trees anyway} but thought we would switch it up in one little area. 

What do you use for mulch?

If the sun is right and the stars align and so on I will photograph the new rug and the living room in the morning.
Secretly I hope for rain.

grace surrounds us


  1. I use mostly the darkest brown/black mulch, but I do use the red for my rose bed. It looks great against the deep green leaves.

    Tip - if you have or can borrow a pick-up, buy mulch by the load. Here in NW TN a pick-up load (2 front loader scoops) costs around $25. WAY cheaper than bags.

  2. OMG, no more rain. My back yard is mushy. We use pine straw. I have used mulch, but the rain would wash so much of it away. Love the flamingo shots.

  3. I like brown mulch, hubby like black. I think the black fades too quickly. And I'm with you on the red mulch - way to fakey red. Pretty flamingos!

  4. You have been busy and you need a rest. We use shredded pine bark...I like that color. Red is red... like you said. I like it natural.

    Take care, Olive!


  5. Yep, I buy bags of mulch too. When I'm on top of my game I plan it for when my sons come over for dinner... that way they can move the bags around and not me:@)

  6. Morning girl..I can only take a little pink in the outside is a different pink outside! We use shredded pine bark mulch...we put out 20 bags the other day and gotta go get 20 more for some of the islands in the back! Have a great week sweetie...hope you see alot of sunshine...Picket

  7. Beautiful Flamingos... Those "plastic" look-alikes are NOTHING LIKE their true beauty... We have SNOW on the ground in Wisconsin this morning... I think we better move SOUTH!!! - It's late April already...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  8. I'm with ya on the brown mulch...don't like the red. Some folks use red lava rocks which I really do NOT like at all....spent days digging those out at one house we bought.

    What I really would like is to have the ground so covered with blooms that you can't see the mulch, but I never seem to make it happen!


  9. We get 10 yards delivered every year, it is brown, and smells for the first few days! But it keeps the weeds down! I gave up on the bags, never enough!

  10. The flamingos are so beautiful. And I hope you don't hate me for saying that I'd love a taxidermy one....Of course only one that had died from old age!.....You know how I love my dead birds lol! Truly I love them MUCH better alive! *winks*
    And I don't use any mulch....It could explain so much in my garden. *winks* Vanna


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