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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Windswept Ridge

Hello everyone.

I have missed all of you.
 I am popping in to share a party and some news.

Windswept Ridge is the home of the former owners of Ridge Antiques 
where we have our four booths. 
They sold the business and are moving. 
They gave a dealer and customer appreciation party on Sunday. 
I thought you might enjoy seeing the house and some of the antiques inside.

They love Victorian antiques.

The staircase is tall and narrow. Yikes.

This is a gorgeous Oriental piece of art. 
They once sold Oriental antiques.

The food was spectacular. 
That punch had a kick as well as being pretty.

In Olive Out news the summer has got away from me in a hundred and fifty ways. Thank you all for checking on us. Joe is having a total hip replacement on July 29th. It was more than a shock to him that he needed this surgery. Joe has never had surgery or ever spent a day in hospital. 
Please pray for Joe this Tuesday.

Because of his surgery I will be away from blogging for a while longer. 
Do know I miss all of you. 
I can be found on Instagram almost daily.

Love you, Miss you

Monday, June 23, 2014

Grace Cottage Part Two

Welcome back to the extraordinary Grace Cottage
Today you will see the side herb garden, the back yard limelight hydrangea garden, 
the log cabin, and other out buildings. 
 All filled with my friend's brilliant primitive style.

It is a photo heavy post so HANG ON.
Get some ice tea. 

The prettiest chicken feeder I have ever seen holds court in the middle of the herb garden.

Behind the fence is the back yard. 
The stone patio area was a recent addition.

She has lots of fun decorating inside and outside these buildings.

I apologize for not catching the hydrangeas in bloom and 
that I was out taking photos in the blasting sun. 
This image and all following ones are inside the fence.

A washboard fountain.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful home and gardens and it's delightful details.

To see Grace Cottage Part One click here.

To see interior Country Christmas House images click here.

In Olive Out news Joe and I have been going to scads of doctors appointments.
 I had an MRI on my shoulder as my Rheumatologist was shocked
 that one had not been done.
 Joe had really bad health news which I cannot go into now. 
We are still mulling his test results over. 

I am one week late with this promised post and am afraid I will be away again this week.
I have Grand Jury duty starting in the morning.
Say a prayer for me that it will not be a long session as I am not feeling as good as usual.

joy and peace

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grace Cottage

Grace Cottage has been lovingly restored by two friends of ours. 
They have filled it with colonial antiques. 
It is brimming with charm, wit, and country inspiration.

Let's look at the exterior and cottage gardens.

The owners are incredibly talented. 
She is a brilliant decorator and gardener.
 He is incredibly skilled at restoration.
They are the nicest people too.

There is a fountain in front and out back.

A star.

The front flower bed details are quite well thought out. 
Y'all know I love the cloche.

Too see interior images of this home see Country Christmas House.

Come back here next week where you can see the back yard, herb garden, 
log cabin, and out buildings. 
Yes, they have all that on a small city lot.

joy and peace

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dripping Gardenias

Negligence on our part means we are literally dripping with dripping gardenias.

They are falling over from their own dizzy weight.
At the same time we have more blooms than we have ever had
 because they were not pruned in February.


If only y'all could catch their scent in the soft rain. 

Joe and Lesley Anne from Fairhope Supply Co.  think the green buds look like frogs. 
That cute discussion happened on Instagram.


joy and peace