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Friday, January 15, 2010

A Wimp With Sparks

The electrical wiring in our old house is not for wimps. I am a wimp. I nearly caught the house on fire the other day. It was a freak accident. The house is made of fatlighter. One tiny fire and whoosh! It's gone. We don't use candles and such for this reason.
I read, type, watch TV in a large ugly recliner. A table is to my left and a stool to my right with books and whatever. On the floor is a four prong plug. This is where the phone, laptop and everything gets juice. On that eventful morning it was before eight am. It was early for fire. Not that one wants to scheduale it. I placed a many strand sterling silver necklace on the stool. I bought this necklace at Express in the mall. It's the only thing I would buy from that store. Not being a size 2 and all. I'm just saying. The Express necklace fell directly into the four prong plug. Sparks flew up. I saw fire. I tired to move fast. I had the precious internet in my lap. The electricity went out. It was quite dark. The plug ate my necklace. It has a burned bite mark on it. The outlet is burned. The breaker on the spider porch tripped. Dear Lord I was shaking . At that very moment Wonderful Husband walked in the door. He turned on the electricty and calmed me. That's how he got his name. Olive Out

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