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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Olive Drops

So I took some prostate medicine for my kidney stone. Dr. Cutie Pie prescribed it to facilitate the dilating of my ureter. For the record I do not now nor have ever had a prostate. Regardless. The drug information attached to the sample states: may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, especially when you start treatment. This may lead to fainting, dizziness, or lightheadedness. The warnings go on to discuss postural hypotension. It can occur with or without warning. I am now officially the Premenopausal Poster Woman for Postural Hypotension. Which is a fancy way of saying your blood pressure falls real fast when you stand. Real fast. The smooth muscles of the bladder and ureter should relax it says. Maybe I'll relax I thought. If only.

And then after two doses, just two...... Friday night and Saturday night.

I got up early on Sunday. I did not sleep well or long. I walked with the Cat into the kitchen and got him some milk. Rotten Cat. Then I realized I was bleeding. A lot. The stone was moving? My uterus was falling out? Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I woke Joe and got in the shower. I told Joe I felt faint. I lost my vision first. He eased me to the tub floor. I only hit the faucet with my back. I am glad I could not see myself naked, bleeding, and unconscious in the sparkling clean tub. Not pretty at all I am sure.

That was a lot of drama for seven am. I woke wrapped in towels. Befuddled at best. I was trembling and very cold. Joe was spectacular. Always. I did not go to the doctor or the E.R. as I know exactly what they would do. Rotten Nurse. I henceforth swear off all prostate meds. Except for the five brain cells I fried I am a little frazzled but fine.

Olive Out

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