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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Tall Tale Of The Rusty Bucket

Joe and I went to a flea market on Saturday. 
Ninety-eight percent of what was there was new junk from China. 
Not our vintage kind of goodie. Until, about three rows down the flea, I saw some lighted chandeliers. I told Joe we must make our way over there and I could hear him thinking "Oh no, oh no, not chandeliers." The store and it was a a small store essentially was filled with white painted furniture, vintage furniture with original finishes, mirrors, books, urns, and much more. It was like finding a pearl in the trash.  I was thrilled and you might be surprised at what I bought from the owner. I know Joe was.

I bought this old rusty bucket, with three holes in the bottom of it, for about a squilllion dollars. The shop owner said it is a well bucket and maybe it is. Joe had walked away and when he saw the price tag and confirmed that is what I paid he died a thousand deaths. He said "She probably picked that old thing up beside the road." I said " Maybe she did but I wanted it and it will look wonderful on our buffet. Trust me."

And so it does look wonderful on our buffet, filled with Black Eyed Susan seed heads. Joe agrees about the wonderful looking part now despite the financial issue.

I talked to the shop owner for a long time and encouraged her to explore the internet, blogs, and Etsy. She and her husband buy unclaimed storage units in Atlanta. That is a huge amount of work and keeps them busy. She has great style and I wish I had my camera with me.

That is the tall tale of the rusty bucket. 


For the purposes of this tall tale a squillion equals twenty dollars.

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  1. Oh Joe...$20????
    He should feel lucky! HA!!
    I think it's beautiful & well worth the 20 bucks!

  2. Cool bucket and I agree that it looks great on the buffet! I already can see some Christmas greens in it-enjoy:@)

  3. I love the bucket. Anything galvanized I am always attracted to. Looks great on the buffet.

  4. I love the bucket. Anything galvanized I am always attracted to. Looks great on the buffet.

  5. $20 dollars is a just don't understand do they Olive? haha
    I adore your rusty bucket and, if I'd been there and seen it, I would have paid much more than that !!
    I love the colour of it and it's age. It looks perfect next to your swan.
    Just beautiful Olive ..... tell Joe that Jackie from England said so !! XXXX

  6. Did I hear bucket??? That is "well" worth a squillion dollars! And I love the Black Eyed Susans in it. I have a bunch of those outside just wasting away.

  7. I'm in LOVE with your rusty old bucket! I couldn't agree with you does look wonderful on your buffet. What a treasure you find there.

  8. That is did not over pay in my opinion for that bucket, it looks like a million bucks and your vision was great.

  9. I was nervous to think how much you payed! $20 is a bargain for such beauty!

  10. That bucket is fabulous.....beaten up and a bit wonky and I bet has a lot of good stories..

    It looks great on the buffet.

  11. Okay, you know that I am an avid thrifter and I probably would have wanted to pay a little less, but it most likely a pretty good price for your area! Were you able to negotiate on the asking price?
    It really does look nice on the buffet w/that glorious swan! Just don't tell Joe what I said! ha ha
    xo Sue

  12. $20? Not bad... not bad at all. It looks great on your buffet by the way.

  13. Love love love your rusty bucket!... and thanks for clarifying how much a "squillion" dollars is... just in case I ever see that price tag at a flea market!... xoxo Julie Marie

  14. Twenty isn't bad. That is similar to the bucket with all the slits all over it that I shared on my last post, but the cheapest one of those was $69. I really wanted one, but not sure about paying that. Thanks for joining wow.

  15. Your rusty bucket is adorable and it's so sweet of your beautiful swan to allow it into the vignette! ;) A vignette that looks terrific!

  16. Great bucket - for $20 great deal too! Looks great - we bought some lots from a storage place once - would love to do it again - you can find some interesting treasures,
    Hope you have a great night,

  17. Hi Olive, I think our husbands must be related. Joe's reaction sounds like many my husband had on shopping days. I love your rusty bucket, it looks terrific displayed on the buffet. You must remember to keep the camera in the car, you always make such great photos! Your area and mine, prices seem to be higher than some of our friends in other parts of the country.

    The French Hutch

  18. I love that bucket! Sometimes husbands don't know a good deal when they see it! :) I think you did well.


  19. Your bucket looks wonderful on the buffet and your swan is fabulous! What a great display it makes all together. You did good on the price, they can go for a lot more!

  20. Men just don't get it! I know my hubby would have reacted the same. I love it on your buffet and it has so many uses, year round! And the price was fair. Love it!


  21. I think you got a deal for only a squillion! Lol! And I love it on your buffet! That swan is wonderful too *winks*....I guess I've got my hubby trained because he wouldn't have batted an eyelash at that one....He'd just be so thankful it wasn't something heavy! Vanna

  22. It is lovely and looks great there...I bet you Joe is right though.;)

  23. I would want that bucket too. Sometimes it just has to happen doesn't it? Not everything you find is going to be fifty cents. It all evens out. And yes, fabulous looking buffet!

  24. LOVE this bucket!!!! Yeah, I know $20 is still a bazillion dollars if she really did pick it up on the side of the road. But take heart Joe....maybe it was in a bad neighborhood and she had to risk life and limb to get it....better her than you....not such a bad deal after all, eh?!?

    Purrs to all, but especially to Clovis!

    Romeo and "her"

  25. I think 20 bucks is okie dokie. Just tell Joe it is all good. :-)


  26. That is a heart-grabber and I would gladly have paid TWO-squillion for it. SWEET!


  27. Hi I am catching up with my blogging friends and you welcomed me home with some great posts this morning. I loved the comment about China having just returned from there and the bucket is great!

  28. I think you got your beautiful bucket for a great price and it DOES look wonderful on your buffet. I like your transferware too.
    Happy hunting.

  29. Just found your blog and coudn`t resist; I`m a new follower!


  30. I love the bucket! Thanks for stopping by my site, I'm a new follower!!

  31. Isn't it funny what makes us happy now days ?LOL

    honey if you like the bucket and it makes you happy good deal all the way around

    Your husband knoes if moma ain't happy ain't nobody happy LOL


  32. You certainly do have an eye for good things Olive! That bucket looks really good on your buffet. I love that a squillion dollars equals 20 dollars!

  33. My hubby would
    freak a bit if he
    knew what I paid
    for a few pieces of
    "junk" that I brought
    home! I like deals,
    though, so it only
    happens if the item
    is really singing to
    me to take it home.....!
    I have a thing for old
    metal, too.

    xx Suzanne

  34. The bucket looks great on your buffet. I love galvanized pieces like that.


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