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Monday, September 16, 2013

Primitives and More

Happy Monday my friends.

Isn't this a great tower of primitive crates? 
It is in Bob's booth in Ridge Antiques.
He is one of the owners.

I love this beautiful religious piece.
 I have a similar one, at my house, that I cannot let go of.
Yes, I am a terrible seller.

A marvelous urn. 
I think this is Jimmy's.
 It is hard to keep up with all their booths.
 The three of them have a lot of space in these two joined buildings. 
They also have a lot of knowledge about antiques.

Mary Ann has quite the collection of flow blue in this magnificent corner cabinet.

These tear drop knobs are something serious on this chest.

The image is blurry but I love this piece that Mary Ann has in the kitchen area.

Mary Ann has a great flair for primitives.
 All you rooster lovers look at these old rooster dishes. 
She has an enormous set. 
I am eyeing that chippy red toolbox in the center of the farm table.

I hope you enjoyed Jimmy's, Mary Ann's and Bob's booths. 
They own and/or manage Ridge Antiques. 
They are lovely people and I am honored to work with them and Beth.

Ridge Antiques
605 Main St.
Ridge Spring, South Carolina

An easy way to remember how to find us is we are by The Nut House (woot)
 on Highway 23.

CC has written her first blog about South Korea here.
 I have told her to turn off word verification.


Joy and Peace


  1. I wish I could come by a get a crate - I need one for what I have in mind for my fall porch! Happy Monday :)

  2. Lovely eye candy, Olive! That corner cabinet is to die for. I will pop on over to CeCe's blog too! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  3. Those are some handsome items, and glad to see that you are By the Nuthouse and not In the Nuthouse. LOL

  4. I like what Terra are BY the nuthouse! heehee! I love to look around and hope we can stop in sometime in our travels. I need another box to go in a stack I've started! Sweet hugs!

  5. At long last I have been able to enjoy a lovely catch up here, hope you are well. I love the old crates, I have a cocoa-cola one I am very fond of!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous things Olive ..... my favourites are the crates and the chandelier ..... love them ! XXXX

  7. Would so love to go there and shop!... love that chippy tool caddy too... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Hi Olive, enjoyed your browsing, especially like the small cabinet for religious articles.

  9. I too loved browsing around and seeing all the wonderful things, so cool, the dishes alone are enough to keep you gawking for so long then the cool cabinet, that was so pretty, loved it all..come for a visit, I have some guests I would like to know what you think of them...Phyllis

  10. After years of being in the same antique store as Mary Ann, I really miss her and her wonderful primitive pieces. The photos are so lovely. going to visit CC now.

  11. I loved everything I saw, but the Metlox dishes are my favorite! Poppy Trail is a favorite of mine. I have part of that set and I love it! Metlox is hard to find down in this part of GA. Guess I need to make a trip to South Carolina! Especially enjoyed these pictures as there is no longer an antique mall here, so sad! I enjoyed browsing through.

  12. I could spend absolutely HOURS in that place. Love all of it!!

  13. O.M.G. I want those vintage boxes. I have loved and looked for vintage boxes since practically my teens. So many wonderful uses for them.

  14. I just love all those tool boxes from our parents are now "chippy" and in the middle of a table.

  15. Looks like a fun place to visit! Lovin' those cute rooster plates:@)

  16. I saw some fabulous pieces that I'd love to bring home!!
    Mary Alice

  17. What a charming and fun place that would be to visit and shop! Lots of goodies!


  18. see those crates all the time ... love them!! neat place. ( :

  19. Olive,
    That is a great tower of crates. Beautiful booths. I love how the old wood floor's patina sets everything else off.
    CC's profile picture is beautiful.

  20. The red wood caddy on Mary Ann's table is wonderful. I have an old crate like it my grandfather built for me and I'm trying to decide if I should paint it or not.
    What a nice store!
    Popping over now to read CC's post.

  21. Window shopping with Olive..what a treat to see all of these goodies..I think you need that red tool box..
    Can't wait to visit CC.
    Love, Mona

  22. Looks like a great place to shop! I will have to go check out your daughters blog. How exciting.

  23. Are you IN the nut house, or BY the nut house :) Sounds like they have some great stuff there. Wish I lived closer so I could pop on by.

  24. I love looking at these pretty things and I have a big set of the rooster dishes! They were my everyday wedding china and are called Red Rooster by Poppytrail. They're on a high shelf and haven't been used in years. I must get them down sometime for a fall table.

  25. What some wonderful eye candy. I could so enjoy a trip through all those boothes..I love the corner cabinet and the blue dishes and all the old crates....I love it all. Blessings!

  26. I don't know how you manage around all of this temptation! SO many beautiful pieces and I learned about something new...teardrop knobs. I'll bet those are hard to find. I love that red box on the dining table, too.

    I'm off to check out CC's blog. How neat!


  27. Fun! Thanks for taking us along, Olive.

  28. What gorgeous vintage goodies! It'd be hard for me to pass up the rooster dishes, even though I would have nowhere to store them. I need a bigger house! ha ha I am going to check CC's blog now. :-)

  29. Some great pieces in these booths, Olive! I love that big red tote on the table with the rooster plates. I have been doing better at letting things go to my booth. My problem now comes in when I walk around after I drop my stuff off and look at all the things in other people's booths!

  30. What a wonderful shop! So many beautiful things!

  31. So many pretties!! Those rooster plates are the pattern of my Mother-in-law!! She has been gone for several decades. Wonder what ever happened to her everyday ware? Her daughter doesn't use it and we certainly didn't get it!

  32. Vey nice antique/vintage venue. It looks very clean, organized, variety, tasteful. Wish I lived closer!

  33. Olive, what a wonderful place to buy treasures!! The rooster plates are my favorite. I read all about your daughter and know it will be a learning experience for all of you. I have 3 children and it is always a challenge to be the perfect parent. I'm still learning too!! Thinking of you and wishing CC the best in her studies away from home. Going now to check out her blog.


  34. I could spend a lot of time (and I'm sure money) in those booths! Heading over to check out CC.

  35. Hi Olive! What a wonderful place - the Flow Blue is gorgeous and I love those precious Rooster dishes! Wish I had a set. Thanks for popping in to see my Tildas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  36. Olive, I love the crates and rooster dishes. But my favorite thing is the old urn. How do you keep from buying while you are selling??LOL xoxo,Susie


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