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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vintage Aluminum Suitcase

I spotted this incredibly cool aluminum suitcase under a table, at a garage sale, a few weeks ago.
 It did not smell good. 
It's been sitting on the deck with cat litter inside it. 
Today it has been cleaned and de-littered. 
No odor anymore.
Bees wax was applied and now it is ready for our booth.

It's a bit rusty but that adds to the appeal for me. 
The handle is heavy.
 I think it has an industrial look.

Today Donna, The Rust Goddess (Distressed Donna Down Home), and I went thrifting. 
 We found this watercolor of magnolia blossoms from 1955.
 The frame is original and is oak. 

Thrifting alone is fine but with a fellow thrifter it is divine.

To see my stack of vintage leather suitcases from 2012 click here.

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happy thrifting


  1. This is one of the coolest things that I have ever seen! I absolutely love it! I wish I had a case like this one! Very nice! There is nothing like Vintage! Great work and I love your page!

  2. ohhhhh I love your suitcase..and yes, it does have that industrial look...
    I found some awesome thrifting treasures today too...was a good day for it!
    Love, Mona

  3. It really will look perfect in someone's home with eclectic taste! I love it! And I always forget about the cat litter. What a great tip. I bought a basket today and sprayed it with Febreeze and let it air out. I don't want my house to smell OLD! lol Sweet hugs!

  4. The suitcase looks cool! I can see it in some stylish young guy's apartment:@)

  5. Nice suitcase! That would definitely fly out of our shop where young people are loving the industrial look.
    Mary Alice

  6. You find such great items! Great to have a thrifting partner!! Happy weekend!

  7. The suitcase is very interesting. I wish I could remember where I saw one. My dad, my uncle, my grandparents.....

  8. The suitcase is cool! How fun to have a thrifting partner.
    Have a great weekend, Olive!

  9. Love it and it would fit right in my house for many uses
    I haven't seen one of those for years
    I sure miss my indoor flea market booths

  10. Great find in that suitcase! Don't think I've seen one like that!!

    I am your newest follower - thought I already was!


  11. Love those finds...& your blog! I can't ever imagine using a suitcase as awesome as that as a kitty box! So happy I stumbled here!

  12. I love the thrifting trip so much yesterday. We did manage to find some nifty things. Chucks is glad you vetoed the hundred pounds of linen toweling though I am still dreaming of it! The suitcase looks wonderful.

  13. That is a great suitcase! I doubt it will sit for too long in your booth.

  14. I'm a sucker for a suitcase and that one is really unusual. Ewww on it being used as a litter box though and I'm glad you could save it.

  15. Hi Olive. You really do find the most amazing things. What a wonderful eye you have for this sort of thing. I love the suitcase! Have a good weekend my friend.

  16. I love the suitcase! I really think my alter life would have been lived in a loft in a city with brick walls and metal pipes overhead. And a mixture of woods and things like your suitcase!

  17. I had no idea they made aluminum suitcases. Love it!

  18. Very cool finds - I had never seen an aluminum suitcase before. I agree thrifting with a friend is awesome!


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