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Monday, February 3, 2014

Junkin Finds

It is never a bad idea to pick up a scale or a Delft blue cow creamer. 
I doubt the creamer weighs over seven pounds though. 

This corner of our dining room is full of recent flea market, junk, and antique store finds.
 I am enamored of old beat up buckets.
 They are elevated from their humble status when planted with flowers.

That is not a garden watering can but rather a gas station radiator water can. 
If you are old enough to recall full service gas stations you may remember these. 
I would plant Blue Daze flowers in it.

I own three stick tables. 
This one has beautiful folk art painting on it. 
I was thrilled to uncover it in a junk shop buried under a large box.

The wood on this stool was incredibly dry. 
I practically gave it a bath in furniture paste wax.
 I like it's legs.

All of this is tagged for the booths and packed in the Jeep except the cow creamer. 
With my transferware  addiction-she's all mine.

I am scheduled for ear surgery this Thursday. 
I am ready for it as I have migraines and a persistent earache.

I will let you, my peeps, know what happens. 
Invariably I always create some sort of drama. 
Or Joe thinks so anyways.

happy hunting


  1. Love the creamer and the scale! I have a scale in my booth and I walked into the antique mall to fluff my booth today and found the associates are using it as part of their display for this month. It gets front and center viewing so I like when they will "borrow" some of my things for their displays. If it doesn't sell, it is coming home with me and will probably wind up in my Etsy shop.

  2. Lovin' your cute little creamer:@)

  3. Olive,
    love the items you put together, what an eye! Good luck on your surgery,

  4. Where did you find another radiator water can!?! Love it and the twig tables too. I will be thinking of you and the ear surgery.

  5. Oh Olive, that creamer has stolen my heart too! It's just adorable. That radiator can will look awesome with flowers in it! Pictures at some point, please! Oh my, ear surgery does not sound like fun. Take care and will be praying for you! Hurry back, Miss Olive.

  6. Beautiful finds Olive! I have a thing for stools and I love the one you found!! Take care and I'll be thinking of you on Thursday, Gail

  7. Wonderful finds Olive!! The creamer is especially cute and I don't blame you - I'd keep it too! Hope your surgery goes well, Will be praying for you and your doctors. Keep us posted, OK?


  8. Love your vintage finds especially the twig table. I have been looking for one of those for your screened porch. Best of luck with your surgery.

  9. Well, you HAVE to keep the cow! Hope the surgery goes smoothly and you manage to not create a ruckus.

  10. Great finds and good for you keeping the cow. Good luck with your surgery.

  11. I love the blue and white cow creamer! I'd keep that too if I found it. Yes, I remember the full service gas stations. I was just a child though. Hope that your surgery goes well and fixes your problem. I will be at the doctor on Thursday for a physical, myself.

  12. Very nice, especially that great little cow creamer! And I do feel the same way about old buckets.

    I will be praying that you have a very successful surgery. Please keep us posted.

  13. I'd keep the cow, too! I'd also keep the weathered stool. That's why I could never go into business. I'd keep it all!!

    I hope all goes well with your surgery.

  14. Love all your junkin' finds! I have the same cow creamer and I love it. Whoever owned her before me even hung a little bell around her neck. I hope all goes well with your ear surgery on Thursday. Is it an outpatient surgery?

  15. You've been busy hunting down some amazing treasures. Love the radiator watering can...I remember full service gas stations, but don't remember those. Hope your surgery goes well:-)

  16. Looks like you had fun treasure hunting! I trust your surgery goes well, Olive, and you get relief from the pain and discomfort your experiencing!
    Mary Alice

  17. I love your "finds." You seem to luck out with something each time you go hunting. I tried it today . . . not much luck for me. I need you!

    I will be thinking of you on Thursday and look forward to your reports to us after surgery. Rest though, we can wait for you to bring us into the surgery report loop! I hope this fixes you up just fine!

  18. Love the old radiator watering can! It will be perfect with flowers in it.
    Good luck with your ear surgery.

  19. I lost my comment...Have been looking for a scale forever. I hear CC has been ill..sending love and prayers.


  20. More beautiful items Olive ….. I bought a realy old pair of Salter scales from ebay …. I LOVE them.
    Wishing you well on Thursday …. I hope that it cures your migraines. Much love. XXXX

  21. Will that be Regular or Ethel? Yes, I remember full service stations and I still miss them. You find the best things!

  22. Lots of lovelies there! I have that same creamer...and a sitting one too...I love them...but the I have an obsession with anything cow or creamers! Prayers that your surgery goes well...have a great day!!

  23. Oh, I have a thing for old metal buckets, too! Yours look amazing! Good luck on your surgery, too!

  24. Prayers for you,my friend. I have had an earache for weeks and vertigo to boot! I love all the galvanized finds! Girl! You are too good!

  25. Dear Miss Olive; You and Joe are in my Thoughts and Prayers. Please have Miss Donna report in for you, so that we all know that you are doing well. XO

  26. I sure do miss full service gas stations and cheap gas!!!!! :) Love all your finds especially the old pretty they would be filled with geraniums for the summer. Hope the surgery takes care of your hurting and we'll be thinking of you

  27. Great finds! I love rusty old buckets too and am always on the look out to add more. I love that they do for a simple clump of flowers.

  28. Wow. What great purchases you made! That twig table is stunning. The painting makes it perfect. I wish there were still full service gas stations! I hope I'm not being rude when I say the scale weighs in ounces instead of pounds so your cow creamer probably doesn't need to be on a diet. :-)

    Praying your surgery goes well.

  29. Olive,
    you really hit the jackpot with all your finds! The twig table is fabulous, love the scale, and, everything! Can't remember the proper name, so I'll just call it the Chinese "adding machine", I have one just like it that I got from my uncle. He had it forever, we used to play with it when we were little, so you know it's old! It's hanging on my wall. Love your stool, I can't seem to resist them and then I can't bare to sell them! I'm sure your surgery will go well tomorrow and you'll be back to normal soon!
    Take care of yourself,

  30. I remember the days of those oily smelling stations. Loved to go to Mr. Homer's station with my daddy and sit inside the little office with his wife while daddy had the car serviced.
    I'm glad to see the water can. I have several. One is really small. I'd keep the cow too. Hope you do well with your drama now. Best, Vicki

  31. Great finds Olive. I love the blue and white creamer especially!

  32. I would have kept the creamer too, so sweet! I hope your surgery goes well, will be keep you in my thoughts. Laura


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