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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mantle: Rescued

 Hello Friends
I had seen this mantle a while ago.
 I recently decided it could be rescued.
 One leg of it was shorter than the other. 
Some well meaning person had added a board to it. 
Joe removed the board and trimmed the other side.

It is old and has hand forged square nails in it. 

 It has to lean because I am not willing to move the French coat of arms
 or put nails in the stone of the fireplace. Yikes y'all I need to dust.

I added couple of other chippy items under it. 
Yes, the cactus is blooming now. 

In Olive Out news I have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. 
I am busily engaged with Physical Therapy biweekly. Joe and I are still cleaning up after the ice storm. The FEMA guys did arrive last week and picked up our curb limbs and cut trees. I unfortunately have lifted too many tree limbs since the storm.

joy and peace


  1. The mantel looks amazing against the stone! Who cares if it leans - it is a gorgeous piece of chippy history. I want the little stool!

  2. I love this!!! it's chippy perfection! Hope your shoulder loosen's up, no more tree limbs for you, girlie!

  3. I am looking like a mantle like that. So sweet, I sure hope the PT helps. D a r n storm....d a r n winter. It is snowing here right now (ohio). It's never going to end, hah. Feel better.

  4. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Love that mantle!

  5. Oh just love your mantle and I adore the chippiness of the entire look. So sorry to hear about your frozen shoulder. My mother had a frozen shoulder back in the '70's and they use to do a "manipulation" in the OR. She was hospitalized for days. Thank goodness modern medicine has come a long way and PT can help alleviate your pain. Feel better soon!
    XO Barbara

  6. You know I'm a fan of fabulous vintage mantels like yours!! I don't know what a frozen shoulder is, but I certainly hope your physical therapy gives you relief.
    Mary Alice

  7. Sorry about the Frozen Shoulder! My BFF had it and had to go to PT. Great mantle!

  8. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. It's hard to know just how much to do but the therapy will help. Hand forged square nails? Amazing! I wonder how old that makes it! I love it and all of your decor. Have a good week my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. We call those Christmas cactus at our house, but might as well call one Thanksgiving cactus and another Mom's birthday cactus.Hope you make good progress with that shoulder.

  10. I'm so sorry about your shoulder Olive. I sure hope the PT gets you back to normal really soon. It's never a good time to be out of whack, but springtime is absolutely the worst. Get better soon my friend.
    I am crazy about that mantle...want,want,want!!!
    hugs from here...

  11. You be careful now and rest yourself! Love the old mantel.

  12. God bless and heal your frozen shoulder! PT works wonders.
    Your blooms are lovely. I like that Clovis has the lily of the valley with him. A great perennial that will grow and multiply. And smells heavenly!
    So sorry about all the damage and limbs you've had to deal with. What a hardship!
    Oh, and about the's chippily lovely!

  13. Love that old chippy mantel! Sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble with your shoulder. I hope that your p/t helps it.

  14. Oh...I hope you feel better soon...springtime and gardening is upon us!! I love the mantel, just perfectly chippy! Love your cactus, too.


  15. Oh OLive,
    You find the BEST things ….. I love it { and secretly covet it !! }
    Take care with that shoulder. XXXX

  16. Glad you rescued that cool old mantel!

  17. YIKES . . . frozen shoulder sounds like there might be pain too. Let's go to therapy together! I could use some work on my back and shoulders. You have had it rough with that mega clean up from the storm . . . I hope now you can get back to garden tending and tweaking the mantle, coat of arms and all the other treasures you tastefully show us each week. Just do a poof . . . the dust will be gone!

  18. Darn about the frozen shoulder.
    The mantle looks great and that is one thing well besides a sun porch I really want in my house.
    sure hope the PT helps soon

  19. Olive,
    sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope it gets better soon! Your chippy mantle looks perfect, have a soft spot for those! It all looks amazing!

  20. So sorry about your shoulder. Hope you are better soon. Our branches are yet to be picked up as well as half the yard is still full. The truck and roof are still not fixed and I have been without a vehicle for 3 weeks. Insurance is being a pain in the butt. I fear the winds and the rain that may come with the holes in our roof. The wind blew some of the shingles off yesterday. BTW, I want the mantel. You know i love it and the chippy little stool/table. Everything you do is beautiful. Miss you and pray for you to be well soon. I hope to have a grandbaby real soon.

  21. Love the mantle - are you going to keep it or put it in your shop? I feel for you with the frozen shoulder, as I have something similar - shoulder impingement. I went through PT twice/week for 6 weeks back in Dec-Jan, then went for a few acupuncture treatments. It's now acting up again (worse, in fact) so I'm back to see the orthopedic dr next week.

  22. Oh dear Olive, you poor dear! A frozen shoulder, yikes girl! Sending you some healing vibes and prayers. Okay, what a fabulous mantel, I love, love, love it! It's really awesome. Please take care of you and no more handling trees!

  23. Love the mantel! Hope your shoulder gets better quickly!

  24. It's a beautiful mantel! Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope the physical therapy helps you feel better soon!

  25. That is so beautiful...and is stunning with your French piece! So sorry to hear about your fun!

  26. I love that mantel and the way you have leaned it up against the fireplace is perfect!
    Feel better, my friend.


  27. Olive, I have missed visiting your blog. I lost my favorites list. I found you just now on another's blog. Hope you and Joe are Well CC too. Like the mantle you have created. Blessings for a wonderful Spring. xoxo,Susie


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