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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gathered Whites

Whites gathered in a corner by the hearth. 
That chippy wood piece is brimming with texture.

Stacked American pottery. 
The large piece is an unmarked McCoy 
found at a church sale for three dollars. 
I bought it and gleefully ran. 
Those little marks on the surface of the pot are often
 called flea bites and might detract from the value.
I am not selling it any time soon. 
Or ever.

I am traveling to our old house today where the Internet
 is as slow as the house is old. 
For my new followers(bless you), we have a tumble down antebellum home,  
in Middle Georgia, that appears seldom on the blog.  
I likely will visit friends, get my thirty three hairs cut, and rearrange some dust.

Thank you for you kind comments about the funeral. 
Writing alleviates my inner turmoil.

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joy and peace


  1. Nothing makes a girl feel as good as a hair appointment and a day trip to see friends! Enjoy!

  2. Hi, Olive

    I love the chippy wood piece. Loving all those lovely white pieces together. Have a great week.



  3. You're about due for a pleasant day and I hope this proves to be one for you, Olive.


  4. At first I read it as 33 HairCUTS! I am long overdue to get my hair striped -don't ask. I have been thinking of doing all whites and shades thereof. I would throw in one contrast color but it would probably be too um....wrong? I appreciate honesty. Actually, with a black lab it is probably and insane idea.
    Also, going back to read your last post....I wanted you to know that I haven't talked to my older sister in 7 years. Right before/during and after our dad died, she turned horrible! Unbelieveable so. I understand and respect your feelings. Protect yourself.

  5. After all you have been thru, a day with friends and a haircut sound like the perfect day of rest and relaxation!!

    Love your McCoy piece (naturally) and the old, wood chippy piece.

    Have a great day!


  6. Your gathered whites are beautiful Olive but I am in LOVE with that chippy wood piece!! Enjoy your travel, Gail

  7. Love your gathered white pieces Olive... have a nice time today at your other house and visiting your friends... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Your little white corner is charming! Love the chippy finial.
    Mary Alice

  9. Olive, I love chippy little flea bites - to me they add charm and character to vintage pieces! What a steal - I would have run, too!


  10. Love you collection. Isn't is something how pieces like these look so darn good just stacked in a corner! Add a pinch of hydrangea and it's BEAUTIFUL! Hmmm, old show more! :)

  11. Hi Olive! Oh, these are lovely white pieces! Love your vignette and hope you're having a great day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Rearrange the layers of dust...I love it!! You have such a great sense of humor. And while I'm gushing, I have meant to say that I love that you have let your natural pretty gray come through, it's very becoming!

    I love your arrangements of white pots on the hearth, it gives me an idea! ;-)


  13. Olive, I love all our whites and I have never heard the term flea bites. I have learned something new today:)

  14. Olive,I love white and especially the collection you've put together.

  15. Have lots of fun rearranging dust Olive, nothing could be more satisfying!!! The distressed wood looks for all the world as if a little piece of Italy landed in Georgia - it is a lovely bit of wood.

  16. Your corner of whites is so pretty. Have fun visiting friends, rearranging dust and getting your 33 hairs cut! ;)

  17. Your gathered whites are beautiful, Olive.

  18. Nice vignette! Lovin' that McCoy-enjoy:@)

  19. Olive,
    You had me at whites. Loving your vignette.

  20. Enjoy your time at the old house, Olive. Having sketchy internet is often a blessing... Ann

  21. I like a few flea bites myself. I think it gives them character. Have fun at the old house and enjoy your time with your friends.

  22. Love the McCoy piece~that is a real find! I was just catching up on your last post...funerals are hard enough without family drama, too...I hope you can get some rest and relaxation at your other home XO

  23. Olive, Soryy i missed the post of the funeral. I know your aunt was special to you. Please accept my condolences. I wish you peace.
    Your white items look so nice. That big pot is really wonderful. xoxoxo,Susie

  24. Simplicity is perfection, especially this time of year. Travel safely.........Sarah

  25. Hi Olive! So nice to "meet" you via your comment on my blog post about my Valentine mantel. I think I'll browse around your place for awhile. :)

  26. Ok, so I just read your entire Hold Everything Lightly series and I LOVED it. I want more!

  27. Sorry to hear about a family funeral. Stacked whites are so refreshing.

  28. Have fun rearranging the dust and getting those hairs snipped. I have an uncle who always calls it "getting my ears lowered." Love, love, love the chippy wood piece...

  29. Three bucks ~ love it. I have the same pot in pink and thought fifteen dollars was a good deal. Have fun at the old house ~ and stay warm.

  30. my question is how can you tell if it's McCoy if it's not marked? Love it all, my dear. Read you post on the funeral. you are brave. xoxo

  31. You have such a wonderful eye Olive!


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive