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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cat Scratch

This is how Clovis disembarks from the new taller kitchen island. 
We do not prepare food on the island. 
Clovis has to be fed on the island or Shelly, our large puppy, will gobble his cat food.

Clovis and I had an incident/altercation this weekend as the title suggests.
 It is difficult to explain. When I explained to the doctor, on Sunday, he laughed a little bit at me. Sue and I were watching TV in the den, at the yellow house, in front of the fire. I was slouched down in a comfy soft pink chair with my feet elevated on a foot stool.  Clovis was on the top portion of the chair above me. I think I startled him and he swatted at me with his paw. I had my glasses on but something fell into my right eye. I was immediately in acute distress. It felt like I had a large piece of sand in my eye. I irrigated my eye repeatedly and finally felt some relief. By then the right side of my head hurt terribly. When I woke on Sunday my eye had copious amounts of purulent drainage and I had a righteous headache. I made an appointment with our doctors office which does see patients on the weekends.

Thankfully my cornea was not scratched but I did have to have Cipro drops every two hours for two days and now every four hours. The infection has moved to my left eye which is not uncommon. My vision has been some what blurry. I have conjunctivitis. Sometimes called "pink eye" but in this case most certainly a severe bacterial eye infection.

Joe says that could only happen to me.
 I am  His. Problem. Child.
 He stayed home with me and gave me eye drops every two hours. 
I am keeping him for sure.

Clovis thinks we bought the island for him.
 We do not tell him the truth.
 He is still my baby, my shadow.

♥thanks bunches for your kitchen island comments♥


  1. Ouch. I am glad that you saw a doctor so quickly but I am sure the pain was overwhelming. Your pictures are so clear and good. Feel better.

  2. Oh you poor thing....I hope it feels better soon! Love the island and love Clovis....he is very pretty!

  3. Eeeek! Sorry to hear about your eye. Sounds really nasty. Those are really clear photos of the gorgeous Clovis. Love how he has made your new kitchen island his own!

  4. Olive,
    OUCH!! That sounds painful! So glad you went to the Dr. right away! Poor Clovis, he probably has no idea what havoc he caused! Great pic of him! Hope you're doing better!
    PS. your island is fabulous and looks perfect in your kitchen!

  5. Oh, I know that pain. I was up north in AZ after they had a wild fire. There was still soot in the air. One piece must have made its way under my contact. I tell you I thought I had a 2X4 in there. It got infected also....
    Take will pass, eventually!


  7. Sounds like something bizarre that would happen to me! I'm so sorry!

  8. What a terrible thing to happen! I hope it all clears up quickly. Clovis is a beauty though and so is your new island. I'll have to show the pics of it to my husband as he loves doing things with old windows. He's trying to amass enough now for a small greenhouse.

    Clovis knows his fur looks beautiful against that wood on the island. Great shot of him dismounting!

  9. Ouch!! Anything in your eyes is so painful but that sounds downright terrible. Hope you are better soon.

    By the way, I love all the adjectives you used in this post. :)

  10. Yeah, you gotta keep Joe. I love your island with the interior display area.

  11. Thank goodness you didn't get a cornea scratch...none of that sounds fun! But that first photo is really amazing...

  12. I toally agree: The island is fabulous, Clovis can do no wrong, Shelly Puppy is adorable regardless, and Joe's a keeper. Life is good (:

    And I'm also glad you're ok. xo

  13. Glad to hear that your cornea was not scratched! Clovis is adorable and I would let him have the island too.
    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  14. sounds really sensitive. ouch!!! i hope you improve very soon. what a cutie Clovis. ha. ha!! never a dull moment i see. i'm still feeling like i need to rub my eye. ha. ha!! big big hugs. ( :

  15. Wonderfully caught photo of Clovis sliding down the island.
    Be carefully with your eye infection, bacteria are rotten little life forms.

  16. Nothing infects as quickly as a cat scratch. Looks like we've been on the same road of freakish accidents. Get well quickly!


  17. Oh I like Clovis's looks.
    I have my first cat as an adult and love her (Shirley)
    I sure hope the eyes clear up real quick
    and I love that window Island

  18. I thought I would be reading about Clovis scratching the island. Hope the eye recoveres soon. How awful.

  19. Oh Olive - that sounds so painful - good job Joe was on hand to administer all the TLC. Hope your eyes are better soon.

  20. oh no, poor Olive..I hope your eyes get better soon...I would still keep him too..he is quite the character..I mean Clovis, you know... wink, wink..
    love, Mona

  21. Wow, how terrible about your eye. Was the infection do to the cat? Cat scratch fever maybe?

  22. I'm so glad the cornea wasn't scratched, Olive. Still painful enough as it is. I hope your eye is better soon.
    Gotta love that Clovis!

  23. Oh, no. Hope your eye recovers quickly. I hear that cat's have pretty dirty feet with the whole walking in the cat litter issue and all.

  24. Olive,
    That sounds so painful! but I am a huge fan of Clovis' and am unable to hold anything against him....ever. He is so beautiful.
    And he looks wonderfully majestic upon his island.
    Our cats are allowed on the island....but not anywhere else in the kitchen. Oh, ok, the hutch. The gray boys will sit on the hutch. But no food prep goes on in either location. I am very germ conscious!

  25. So sorry about your eyes!! Ouch! Hope they improve rapidly!!


  26. I've had "pink eye" a few times in my adult life...not fun! Who is Joe, your husband? Can you not put eye drops in your own eyes? (Not making fun of you...just asking. I know it freaks some people out.)

    1. I am putting eye drops in my eyes every four hours now. I had that awful headache and felt terrible so my husband took care of me for those two days.

  27. Oh that sounds terrible...feel better! Husbands are great...aren't they!!

  28. OUCH! What a terrible thing to happen Olive. Hope you are feeling better and well soon. Do take care.
    I do love the island!

    The French Hutch

  29. Oh, goodness. I had no clue you could get an infection like this from a kitty swipe! And it spread to the other eye? How painful, a headache to boot. I hope you are feeling better.


  30. Ouch! I once got a piece of sand in my eye when I was shaking rugs outdoors and I remember how painful it was. I hope you recover soon!

  31. to the person above who prefers dogs:

  32. Oh it must have been so painful my dear. I do hope the infections clear up very soon. Clovis looks a dream in his pictures! xx

  33. Oooh Olive, do get better soon... I know you love Clovis and it wasn't his fault... he loves you!... and would never hurt you intentionally... happy you have Joe to take such good care of you... I was born on a Friday the 13th... I used to think it was lucky for me, but so many things happen "only to me" that I am starting to wonder... one year some back, I woke up groggily and went to put my eye drops in for dry eye... I was groggy and grabbed the wrong bottle and put my kitty's ear drops in... trip to ER Opthomologist!... I had burned my eye badly but no permanent damage, just some other drops and a patch over my eye for a week... nothing seems to keep you down though... but please do rest those eyes some!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  34. Olive, Love the shot of Clovis coming down off the island :) Sorry about your eye, hope you're better, it's always interesting with pets around!

  35. Oh no :( I hope your eye is feeling better now. Yes, I'd say that you have a keeper in Joe! What a wonderful guy!!!

    Romeo wants me to share this with Clovis: "Hey buddy, love your new island! It's so you! So when are you inviting the babes over?!? You know you must have babes with your own island! Let me know, would love to attend!"

    Don't kill the messenger ;)

    Hugs and purrs,

    "her" and Romeo


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