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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CC Wins a Major Award

Have you ever been flummoxed by a seemingly simple question? A daycare worker asked me how I got CC to say "thank you" and "yes mam". Well. At the time she asked CC was four. I replied that from the time she learned to talk she was taught these things and they were reinforced when needed. Simple really. Apparently CC was only one of a few children with manners at the daycare. I was thankful I did spend a lot of time with her as I had a flexible schedule as a nurse.

When she was in the second grade I went alone to her awards ceremony. She attended a private Christian school. Her Dad had to work. She was to receive no academic awards that she was aware of so we did not invite the grand-parents. The ceremony went on as they do. I was thinking of other things. Her teacher, Mrs. Beatrice Weathers, was an imposing figure to be certain. She was a firm but good teacher. CC really loved her. She was announcing the student award for Christian Character. The student who embodies a Christ-like character when interacting with others. It was CC. Oh my. CC was pleasantly surprised. I was also. I wished the rest of the family had been there. CC walked up front, beaming, and received that reward.

Then I drove her to our little dollar store. I told her she could get one toy. She took a long time deciding as children do. She could not decide between the "vanilla" bear and the "chocolate" bear. I told her to decide because we had to leave. She picked the vanilla. In the checkout aisle she laid in the floor and kicked the checkout counter demanding the chocolate bear. She kicked the tar out of that counter! I called that a Fo Fit. She used to have them when she was a toddler. That Christian Character slipped a bit. Yes?

CC is a freshman in a state college at present. She could win that award again today. She is a grounded young lady who knows what she stands for and who she serves. Fo Fits are definitely a laugh from the past.

grace surrounds us
Olive Out

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