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Thursday, May 13, 2010

LiFe iS FAst DyE YOuR HaiR

Life is Fast Dye Your Hair. That's the slogan on the hair color we used for my daughter's hair on Tuesday. The brand is Manic Panic. It does not inspire confidence. The idea was for the color to be hot pink. Well. Not. So. Much.

The girl, okay she was maybe twenty, who sold it to us had blue hair. I found this to be immensely helpful and encouraging. She told us exactly what to do. She explained to CC how to make the color last a while. That's a good thing because I may never use that color in our house again.

It's not Pink. It's PURPLE. With pink highlights. It was messy. There was hair dye everywhere. This stuff does not come in a kit. I had some gloves for staining furniture. Thank You Lord. Still. The instructions said to keep the dye one half inch from the scalp. Funny. Her scalp is purple. My hands are purple. The sink, two days later is purple. It's stainless steel. Rubbing alcohol saved our skin. The purple sink is growing on me.

How does CC look? She is stunning. I think because we choose to color the whole head of hair. It looks better than streaks. She is eighteen. If one is going purple, blue, or pink that's the time.

Thanks for the pink thoughts....I know they were secretly purple thoughts. Wink.

grace surrounds us


  1. Hi Olive!

    Oh my, you should have put up a pic of this glorious color not found in nature! ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh Anne, my purple princess is shy! Imagine that. You have a fine weekend.I am washing stained know why.


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