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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Barn

A reader asked if my header photo was taken by me.

Yes it was.

We were staying at a Bed & Breakfast in October and I was meandering down a gravel road behind the Inn at sunrise and much to my delight I found this barn.

The sun was hitting the field grasses just right.

I am ready to photograph barns, churches, and old buildings again.

Spring please get here.

grace surrounds us


  1. I love the way the sun catches the grass. A beautiful shot. I too can't wait for Spring to arrive.

  2. Hi Olive, sooo beautiful!... seems like I remember that from the Barn Chicks party?... yes, hurry and get here Spring!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. You certainly captured those images in a wonderful light, Olive. Oh, I am so with you on this one - please let Spring not be late this year!! I am finding it very difficult to get motivated to do very much at all at the moment. The weather is SO dreary here in England this weekend :( I do count my blessings, of course, but it would be wonderful to have some brighter days!

  4. Julie-other than my header these have not been posted before on Olive Out.

  5. I am with you Olive...come on spring! As a lover of old barns, i always drool over your header when I visit. Thank you for telling the story :)


  6. I love your photography, you have a wonderful talent. That barn photo is simply stunning.
    And I'm ready for spring too!

  7. So beautiful....can't wait to see foilage again here!


  8. As much as I love these photos (and I do love 'em), I think I love the word meandering just a tad bit more. Conjures up beautiful images in my mind of you capturing these shots of prairie grass seemingly on fire.

  9. That is something else Olive! You are really great at photography..I love the barns and buildings.

  10. This is beautiful Olive. I love the header. Isn't morning light wonderful!

    The kids were at the lake last Fall when J and I left the condo before daylight, to catch that first light. They could not believe we were getting out that early. It was a wonderful adventure and a great photo op.:-)

  11. Olive,
    These pictures are beautiful. I do love the way the sunlight is illuminating the grasses. Beautiful.

  12. That is a gorgeous photo!! You captured that photo at the perfect time of day. I hope you have that one framed!!

  13. Olive,

    Beautiful photographs. I hope to do more barn hunting this summer in Maine. Haven't found too many old buildings in Florida!

    Have a wonderful week.


  14. Breathtaking Olive. I'm wanting a little colour in my day right now. Getting a little tired of all the white stuff outside still!

  15. It looks like a painting, Olive! Just beautiful. I want spring to come to you too so I can look at more of your lovely photos. Ann

  16. It really is a great photo Olive!

  17. thanks for your comment on my post re children love your photos love old buildings have a great day. rose

  18. These are just gorgeous photos!

  19. Beautiful photo. And like you I am ready for Spring. It has been too cold here in NC. You header is so peaceful by the way. Stunning.

    Linen + Verbena

  20. Your header photo is one of my favorites. Love how the light plays on the grass. It's very ethereal.

  21. Olive, your photograph reminds me of the house my grandparents lived in (with their large family) in Missouri. It is long gone, but a painting of it by a family member hangs in my dad's house. A beautiful photograph! Thank you!

  22. Wow! I love your header and barn pictures. I have lots of barn pictures on film from when I used to live in New England. I absolutely love barns.
    I just read your chicken salad recipe and think I will have to try it this week. It looks delicious.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  23. A beautiful photo! I know what you mean - I've not been posting very much on my photo blog because how many photos of snow can I take???


  24. I haven't been taking as many pictures either. How much snow can you photograph? but come spring I feel the same way about flowers...go figure. Love your many have been destroyed from the hoo

  25. You know that GA is supposed to get SNOW this week...don't you!!!!!
    I'm with you..ready to take more barn photos in warmer weather!!

  26. I love pictures of old houses ,so much character ,if only the walls could talk:)

  27. Olive, those photos are so pretty. How wonderful that you decided to explore and came upon such a perfect photo op. laurie

  28. I was wondering the same thing! I so enjoy your beautiful photography everytime I visit.

    Enjoy your day,

  29. I thought of you
    last Thursday when
    I pulled over to
    take a pic of a
    wonderful blueish-
    grey barn....With
    all the snow, it
    came out a little
    over exposed, but
    I think it might
    be cool with some
    textures, etc....
    Oh, I hear you
    about SPRING!!
    Happy Monday, T!
    xx Suzanne

  30. I really like the last photo with the prominent seed head.


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