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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~foodies and chicken salad~

This is not a food blog and I am not a foodie.
The definition of which is a person who has a refined interest in food.

It is the "refined" part that eliminates me from the foodie category.

That, and the inclination to eat at Chick-Fil-a and have Snickers bars on occasion.

I do have a very inquisitive interest in food, recipes, and especially chicken salad.

I love chicken salad and will try it on most menus.

This is the recipe I make most often of the three I do make.

Curried Chicken Salad

4 cups cooked chopped cubed chicken ♣ 2 cups dark seedless grapes halved ♣ 1 clove garlic finely minced ♣ 1 cup chopped pecans or slivered almonds ♣ the zest of one lime ♣ the juice of one lime ♣ 1or 2 tablespoons very good quality curry powder ♣ 1 cup mayonnaise

Mix  together and chill for at least 4 hours to let the curry and flavors fully get together.

Serve with an assortment of sliced fruit, sliced cucumber, and sliced tomato.

There are many curried salad recipes on the Internets if you wish for one more detailed.

I visited a restaurant in the north Georgia mountains about twenty years ago and I begged a server to give me a list of ingredients for this chicken salad and I have been making it ever since.

People either love it or not. No shades of grey here. Just curry and purple!

The curry is a large amount and frankly I hardly ever measure but I want it to show up and contrast with the grapes.

When it chills the curry gets darker in color...oh yeah!

So tell me are you a FOODIE?

What food or dish are you passionate about?

grace surrounds us


  1. Sorry Olive, I am not a Foodie... most times I forget to eat or wish I didn't have to. However, I am a Desertie, at least I used to be until what ever I eat seems to get left on my body.
    But I tend to be a snob when I do eat, for some reason the older I get the fussier I become. I really don't like that about myself.
    Have a wonderful day and oh, I love chicken salad but not a big fan of curry... I made the mistake of going on a cleansing diet a couple of years ago and it was huge amounts of curry, let's just say I loved it before the diet. I use mustard and lots of eggs in mine.
    Blessings to you today

  2. OMG I have had this chicken salad before at a fresh market, and loooooovvvved it!!~ Thanks for sharing it....

  3. Funny, I just
    made myself curried
    turkey salad for lunch!
    Instead of grapes, I
    added craisins....
    I do have an inner foodie
    but she doesn't always
    have time to play : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  4. mmmmm....I LOVE chicken salad! I add chopped boiled egg to mine, and some celery. Other than that, it's pretty much the same. I'll try the curry next time.
    Thank you for sharing, Olive.

  5. Ohhhhh Olive! That looks soooo yummy!!!!!
    I'm not a foodie...refined is not a great description of me although I hope to add it as I (gracefully) grow older!!!
    I just like food! Especially when someone else makes it!!
    Aren't you glad that we, in GA, aren't getting all that snow??!!!!!

  6. Hi Olive, I love all kinds of salads, and that looks delish! Thanks for sharing your recipe!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I down a snickers bar every now and then too!

  7. This is a very pretty salad Olive! I have never tried curry, might have to correct that! I may not qualify as a foodie, but I do love to eat:@)

  8. Well, I don't know if I qualify as a foodie, but I certainly love me some food. My go-to delish recipe is one from my mom that everyone ALWAYS likes. We call it "Grandma Hughes' Chicken Thighs". Easy stuff - skinless chicken thighs, cream of mush soup, mushrooms, parm cheese, cheddar cheese. Bake. My son's GF is what I would classify as a foodie and she is always making the most fun, inventive and delicious dishes. She's near the bottom of my blog roll. Bite Me. She's an adventurer in the food world. Lucky son. Ann

  9. Oh Olive, this looks absolutely yummy!!

  10. This looks just delicious, Olive! I love chicken salad a lot of different potato salad, everyone make s it differently.

    I wouldn't call myself a foodie but I do love to cook and keep up with what is going on in the cooking world. My husband thinks I have way too many pots, pans, utensils and cookbooks!


  11. Olive,
    Food is great. I used to be a very picky eater. Not so much any more.
    Desserts are a favorite. Stews and soups. Making things up.
    It's like a home chemistry experiment to me.

  12. a foodie...heck no! but this chicken salad looks incredible! I don't think I've tried a version with curry, and I'll be down to join you at chic-fil-a, and a snickers for dessert! love me some mustard and pickles on that chickie!!!
    love ya bunches,

  13. Olive, I'm not a foodie, but I do love to eat food, does that count? I can't tell by looking at this beautiful presentation of your chicken salad that you are not a foodie. You sure look like one to me. laurie

  14. Hi Olive! Oh, I get this salad at a little diner sometimes! I love it and thank you for the recipe.
    Yeah, you're a foodie and just don't know it! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Olive, that looks fantastic, and I adore chicken salad with curry. I also love it with chutney. That is a beautiful presentation, and if you hadn't have told us, I would have said you are definitely a foodie! :-)



  16. We both like good food so I suppose we could be called foodies. My hubs loves roast chicken and the trimmings but he would never go any where near a curry, though I must say it does look good!

  17. i love chicken salad. unfortunately the hubby doesn't so not on the at our home a shame. rose

  18. While I don't exactly qualify as someone who has a "refined" interest, I will say that I LOVE good food!!! I am an avid cook who likes to entertain and show off my talents- geez, no lack of modesty here! LOL I've catered more than a few parties for friends and clients. I love ethnic food- especially New Mexican cuisine, which is totally different than Mexican or
    Tex-Mex. It is an entity unto itself, and I can make a mean chile verde that makes excellent enchiladas. ummmm.... I am craving some now. But I'm out of chiles, so I'll have to settle for my out of this world guacamole for tonite's Super Bowl snacks.
    Your chicken salad sounds delish. I'll try curry next time! ~ Sue


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