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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Estate Sale Story

An estate sale.

At the home of a deceased 
Antique/Collectible dealer.

Her name was Dorothy.

Fenton, Wedgewood, Limoge, and all the Royals were there.

Paintings, lawn decor, and tools. The kitchen contained loads of jewelry. The fine china and such was in the garage. There was a Christmas closet...I did not have time to look in there.

An out building full of display cases and one dollar items and silver plate.
Two other out buildings full of glassware and  boxes.

I did not bring my camera {please pinch me}.


There was a huge old garden gate,  a trellis and an arbor.

A doll and purse room in a whole separate building next to the main house.

Tents...oh there were tents for what the sellers said was "garage sale" items. Packed in boxes. I went through many boxes and found better than garage sale items.

There was a gold and pink French chair that I wanted but Joe rolled his eyes until I nearly smacked him.

Have I mentioned the prices were wonderful and they were willing to deal with you on  price?

What did we get?

Cloches my friends and lots of them.

Five to be exact {one not shown}.

One is terribly large! {in first image}

The three in the plastic container I paid a dollar for total. That is .33 cents a piece! The one in the foreground above Joe paid one dollar.

Craziness I know.

They were under a tent and covered in pollen.

I will show what I did with that metal flower thing later darlings.

Dorothy had so many items the estate sale company has been preparing this house for the sale since January.

We were at the house for two hours and did not see everything. Rats.

Joe bought a wrench. He said it was a girlie sale and it was.

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  1. Ooohhh girl you're killing me!! What a SCORE!!! And consider yourself pinched HARD! *winks* I sure would've loved to see that pink french chair! Sounds like a dream sale!! vanna

  2. DID score! I can't believe the prices were so low at an estate sale. Usually they are marked up more. Next time take MORe pictures so I can droll even more!

  3. I love sales like this. Just walking slowly, taking everything in. Okay...not slowly!

    Love the cloches, you are already putting them to good use! And I am sure Joe loves his wrench!


  4. Can't believe you didn't have your camera with you!! That's not like you at all!! Going to these estate sales sounds like great fun I must admit.

  5. Wow!! You hit the is amazing you didn't spend more...

  6. 33¢ for cloches-score! Wish you would have looked in the Christmas closet:@)

  7. Oh now you know that I am just green with envy. Love your cloches and they are all different sizes too. How fabulous are they and you've created such a beautiful vignette. Love, love, love. Hugs, Marty

  8. Oh my gosh, I wish I had been there! What an amazing sale! Love, love those cloches. You did good.


  9. Are those Noel candle holders I see in that photo? That sounds like one amazing sale. Once in a lifetime maybe!!! Glad you got some cool stuff.

  10. Wow Olive! I would have loved to go to that sale!

    Great buy on those domes! Fabulous!

  11. Love your cloches, and don't ya just love those girlie sales!

  12. Olive, I am totally envious!! You really scored on those cloches. Our local estate sales are very expensive and they don't negotiate at all.
    Thanks for sharing these bargains at my party.

  13. Pam-yes, I grabbed the NOEL candle holders out of the Christmas room very quickly and then moved on. They were 2 dollars.

  14. Good night Irene...what a sale you lucky duck - great finds!


  15. Wow! This sounds more like a dream rather than reality. I can only imagine all the treasures. Makes my heart flutter!!! Those cloches are an incredible find.

  16. This would be the kind of sale that I would run thru squealing like a baby! So glad you were able to go. Of course I'm all green for those cloches. Oh wait, is that just pollen? LOVE them!!
    bunches of hugs,

  17. Oh what fun, wish we could have gone with you, a large gate is just what we need at the moment!

  18. Olive,

    What a fun day and you got some really neat "stuff". 5 cloches! Good job.


  19. Wish I could have been at that sale with you! Love all your stuff and can't wait to see what you do with all of it!

    Also thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me love :)


  20. I can find great things at yard sales around here! However, Estates sales really price their items high! I stick mainly to yard sales!

  21. Can you say, Major Bargain?! I love those glass cloches. They are so versatile and you can use them all over the house. Sometimes, it pays to hunt for treasures- so many people can't see beyond the mold, pollen, and dirt!
    :-) Sue


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