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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bed That Came Before The House

This is the bed that came before the house we dreamed of and talked about off and on for years.
It sat in the hall at the old house for at least a coon's age.
Waiting for a house, waiting for a bedroom.

We were going into town early one Saturday and happened upon a garage sale. The sales are not usually very good near our old house but this one was exceptional.

I asked the very young, college age, girl how much was the bed, highboy and bedside table. 

She said $150.00.

I had no idea where they were going or a plan or anything but dizzy thoughts at that point.

Joe smiled, winked, and went and got the truck.

The bed is a reproduction but for fifty dollars we love it in the blue guestroom of the yellow house {I still need to paint this room}. It clears the ceiling of the small room by one half inch! The highboy will not be going in this room for now.

This petite rocker came from an estate sale at a huge Victorian house two houses down from the old house. We stood in line at 5:30am to get it and a few more items.

We brought this chaise all the way from Pennsylvania where it came from a garage sale. The room is crowded with it here but we love it and do not wish to part with it. It is an awesome place for a nap.

The large print over the bed is "Confederate Christmas" and came from a thrift store. The rumpled duvet cover { I am not ironing it} is from Pottery Barn and came from a garage sale for ten dollars. The shams are behind the pillows.
I am so over having every little thing perfect for photos. This is how we live, a little rumpled dragging in dirt from our garden, imperfect all the time, and happy.

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  1. Love the bedroom and we used to have a bed just like that one for years. Love four poster beds.

  2. Hi Olive. Love your bed and the bedtime story! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. That's why I like you 'cause I'm a rumpled, slightly dirty, little old lady!
    Love the rice carved bed. Who cares about the age when you got curves that pretty.

  4. What a wonderful bed - and what a wonderful price! Well done, Olive!

  5. It's gorgeous. What a great buy.

  6. Creases what creases, all looks perfect :)

  7. Gorgeous bed and I love the rocker! Cool finds:@)

  8. What a great deal! The bed is beautiful - I love the carving.


  9. Beautiful bed - reproduction or not! And a wonderful deal on the set.

  10. Oh you got a great deal there. Looks cozy all tucked in your cute room.

  11. Love the bed and bedroom. It's funny what you said about making pictures perfect. Often I see things in a picture that I didn't see with the eye or at least if didn't bother me. Then I feel like maybe I need to "smooth the wrinkle" or whatever and retake the picture. But I like real life!

  12. Wow, Olive!!! $150??? You definitely scored! I've always wanted a Rice bed.

  13. I think we talked about this set, It really is gorgeous! Could you say "yes" fast enough? Love all these pieces, and the PB duvet cover is wonderful!!! what's ironing...? xoxo Debra

  14. Beautiful room Olive! I love the bed story!

    We bought an antique iron bed in the late 80's at an auction. Brought it home, put it in one of the farm sheds and there it sat for 11 years. Finally, we had it refinished and used it in a guest room at the farm and here and passed it on to Gabi last year.

  15. Sounds like a great deal to me, I would have purchased it too even without a place at the time to put it. Your room looks wonderful.

  16. There is something just so beautiful and classic about a rice carved bed! It looks perfect in your blue room in the yellow house ( I think that sounds so musical!). We have a huge rice carved bed in our master bedroom and I love it more and more each passing year!
    Beautiful room.

  17. Beautiful bedroom girlfriend! And I don't need to see the rest to know you stole that set! Love love the bed!! Vanna

  18. haa haa love your comment, this is the way we live, i just posted my bathroom and the mirrored wasn't polished and creams and such on the vanity, so true, this is the way we live. Oh my gosh, your new find is beautiful as is everything in the room, so cozy and it!!

  19. I have a very similar bed without the wheat shafts on the posters. You will never see it though, because I don't want to make my bed. Or dust my bedroom.


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