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Friday, July 8, 2011

Blooming Now

Blooming now at the yellow house.

Sunflowers are growing on the border of the back yard and again we have only a few. The birds did drop some sunflower seeds and we have sunflowers in very odd spots around the property.

The rogue watermelons are happily growing and we have about twelve or more this size or larger on the vines!

Salvia takes this heat so well and is really pretty paired with pale pink petunias.

Jethro Tull Coreoposis and Black Eyed Susan's

Another variety of Coreopsis, the name of which I cannot remember {please forgive me for gardening with abandon}. I have four varieties of Coreoposis in the flower garden and as long as you deadhead them they bloom a long time. Got to love that!

Linking with Tracie of Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Floral Thursdays.

grace surrounds us


  1. GORGEOUS photos, Olive!
    Love the unopened sunflower.
    Your garden looks lovely.
    Your photos should be in a gardener's
    magazine. So crisp and the colors
    are so amazing.

  2. Hi there Olive. I love all those beautiful flowers, and your photos are, as always, quite stunning. Beautiful garden.

  3. Hi Olive, your garden is just gorgeous!... love that first photo of the sunflower with the bumblebee in it... and those petite watermelon are just too darn cute!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Olive I am envious of your flowers. While we are gone on vacation I am having mine watered, however, I know they will be in rough shape...because I already am on the road to killing them. Enjoy the weekend, and your garden.

  5. Beautiful flowers
    and of course, I
    love your melons!!!
    {Why does that sound
    weird??} Enjoy these
    lazy-hazy-crazy days
    of summer!!
    xx Suzanne

  6. Love seeing whats blooming in your garden. I can't remember the name of that coreopsis either. The new one this yr is sienna sunset....kind of salmony.

    Your photos look so professional!


  7. I actually planted sunflower seeds and only one came up! Enjoy:@)

  8. Thanks for linking up to cottage Flora Thursday's to share your fabulous garden blooms! xoox, adore that Coreoposis - so whimsy & pretty! (really into yellow's this year) :) Tracie

  9. Your accidental garden is lovely! I grew some sunflower seeds or at least I sowed some and that was the last I ever saw of them! I think next time I'm going to throw a hand full into the air and let them get on with it!

  10. I just love what blooms at your yellow house! Beautiful pictures, my friend!

  11. Olive,
    Just spectacular photographs. The second one is beyond professional.

  12. Hi Olive,
    okay, I really like your blog! and as the others have said, and I agree, your photography is amazing!
    Your flowers are beautiful and so is your unabashed love for Joe...Bravo! very refreshing!

  13. Well, they're just all so pretty! You're going to have to have a watermelon party!

  14. Love your photos, Olive. The Salvia and Petunias look great together.

  15. Oh my-
    everything looks wonderful!
    I love sunflowers.

    You have outdone yourself-

    White Spray Paint

  16. Ohhhhh Olive! I love the second photo of the sunflower. Simply stunning! Stop by and check out my peonies!

  17. The photos you took are just so gorgeous! In addition to a new camera, I need a one on one with someone to show me how to do things like you do. Your flowers are amazing... Had a wonderful time at the Frenchy Antique Fair- had to control my buying, but I did come away with a few finds. Posting soon.... Always glad to know you are visiting. ♥ sue

  18. Very beautiful! Fantastic pictures!

  19. Hi Olive! Your garden i so sunny and cheerful. Gotta love all those watermelons!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. I'd love to stroll your gardens ...
    here in the midwest we're peaking now ...such a short season but lovely

  21. Spectacular photos!
    Your garden is lovely and blooming beautifully. As I've said before, I always love my visits with you. Beautiful photos! Have a great weekend.

  22. Olive,
    What beautiful blooms! The sunflower is glorious, and the rogue watermelons are a hoot! Coreopsis is wonderful, too.

  23. You are so forgiven for gardening with abandon - gardening with abandon is the best way.

  24. Your photos are amazing. I feel like I can reach out and touch them.

  25. Hi Olive,

    Your blooms look fantastic! How wonderful to have sunflowers along your backyard. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us.

  26. Wonderful photos and garden! I have a form of Coreopsis that I borrowed from along the train tracks in Cordele...still blooming in my garden after close to 20 years. They are such happy little things. Hope your summer is fabulous! Vicki

  27. I adore the photo of the un-opened sunflower. gorgeous. I always forget to plant sunflowers, but they are probably one of my favorite summer flowers.

  28. Olive--what beautiful flowers...thank you for sharing--you have reminded me to slow down and take a minute to take a peek and enjoy mine...

  29. I love your garden! The squirrel have had a great time with my sunflowers! I still have a few. I replanted some seeds for the fall, won't the squirrels be happy!
    Lovely photos!

  30. Is that a 'tickseed' Coreopsis?
    The yellow house must be very happy this summer with all those beautiful flowers surrounding it. Amazing always!



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