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Monday, August 22, 2011

Barn Door Fun

Last Sunday Joe and I had time, after taking CC to college, to ride around the countryside of middle Georgia and take some barn photos.
I was standing in tall weeds in the center of a ditch taking photos and people stopped and asked if we were okay several times.

I was zooming in on a particular red barn that was too far away but I did get the door.

The barn door as it is, no color edits.

Color enhanced 


I wonder if the home owner would sell us this bird house which is leaning on it's side behind the barn?

They would probably ask how we know it's there and I would awkwardly say  I had seen it with my camera lens from the ditch out back.

We do not want to get shot!

Have you ever asked to buy anything out of someones yard?

grace surrounds us


  1. beautiful photo's and a great looking barn door. I ride by often a house that is always absent of people. I know someone lives there but we never see a soul. They have this beautiful planter sitting on the steps and it has been empty for years. I mean I always think it's so sad to be so beautiful and empty. If I ever see anyone there I'm going to offer to buy it! I dont have the nerve to ring the bell.

  2. I have once, but you gotta be careful here in Texas. In fact, I've got my eye on a patio set in a backyard and I'm just trying to get the nerve up. Some people don't cotton to folks just walking up...neither do their dogs.
    Great...and I do mean

  3. Love the first pic! I've actually stopped and asked a stranger if I could pick the pears from her loaded tree! She said yes and I gave her a jar of pear butter in return:@)

  4. Beautiful photos. I love old barns.

  5. Forget the Wood Door... ~ LOOK at that FaB ChiPPy Red Metal Siding!*!*! Too funny about standing in the roadside weeds!!! Sounds like you had a good time... Lovely photos Olive...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  6. I love these shots Olive and the editing!

    When we are at the lake the park rangers stop and asked about us when I am traipsing around with my camera.

    When J was giving a bike lesson to Gabi, this summer, near a shelter house on a wonderful level paved road, no traffic, perfect for bike lessons, a park ranger was there and stayed until we left!

  7. These are beautiful, rustic pictures, Olive. I've often wanted to jump out of the car in the country and take pictures...but hubby says the same thing, do you want to get shot? The birdhouse is very neat that a Purple Martin house?


  8. I adore red country barns. My grandparents had one. We children would climb up into the rafters and swing from them to jump in the hay. Great memories. Love the door , now we are curious to see that bird feeder. Ha!

  9. I looks as if could well get a crick in their necks trying to nest in that bird box - so go on Olive - make the owners an offer they can't refuse - the birdies will be so much happier at your house :0)

  10. Combine red and a barn and you have my attention. Great shots!!

  11. Yes Jane, it's a Purple Martin house. I want it!

  12. What a great old barn!! Your photos are wonderful! I often wonder what people think of me as I go out and take pictures of all sorts of things and pick up picks and bits of things I find to bring home...they must think I'm nuts!

  13. The guys from "American Pickers" would! Great show if you get the History channel. Love that barn door Olive - your enhanced mode gives it a LA Club feel (to me) (like I've been in one). Hope your daughter has a great year at school. Ann

  14. gosh I wonder why this one caught my eye? hehe

  15. Love the pictures of the door! And I LOVE that door!! Oohh such perfect patina makes me weak in the knees! This will come as no surprise but I've knocked on doors many times and asked people if they were interested in selling things I saw in their yards. I've picked up a few things this way. I even once asked a guy who was out working in the yard of one of my favorite houses if he would be interested in selling his house? He asked me "how deep are your pockets?" I told him I'd dig pretty darn deep for his house! And he told me if they ever sold it he'd call me first and took my number. I still haven't heard from him, but I have my fingers crossed! *winks* So I say to be bold (and friendly) and ask em! Vanna


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