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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magnolia Seed Pods On the Table

You, my dear readers liked my photo of the magnolia seed pod, two posts back.
So Joe and I picked several off one of our trees, at the old house, and took them ,to the yellow house, and plopped them in a bowl.
 This is something that we would not ordinarily do.
We consider the pods a nuisance as we run over them with the lawn mower and they fall all over the lawn and make a big mess.
Now that we have used them as table decor we will do it again.
You readers are very smart.

In this image the seed pods have been in the bowl for forty-eight hours and the pods are drying out so the red seeds are emerging. In the photos below the pods are closed.

Can we say we have slouchy pillows? The striped ones are down and very comfy.

The candle holders are Southern Living Home via The Rusty Gate the store where I consign items.
The bowl is from Willliams Sonoma for seventy-five percent off or we would not buy it. 
The little cloches are both from Goodwill for one dollar each.
Marble coasters were recently found at an estate sale.

Yes, that is a small skull. We were scattering pine straw in the yard this spring and it fell out of one of the bales. Joe started to toss it but I said let's add it to the duck mandible and the scrabble letters. He said "Why not?"

I am linking to Ann at On Sutton Place for the Open House Party.

She is filling in for Sherry from No Minimalist Here who is on vacation.
Do go visit her and party on♥♥♥

Edit: we think the skull is a black fox squirrel

grace surrounds us


  1. I am definitely going to copy this idea, it is dark now but first task tomorrow. :)

  2. Olive,
    I am going to copy this idea too. My home in Florida has magnolia trees. I never knew those pods had red in them!

  3. The seed pods are so pretty...of course you should display them! Do you decorate with the leaves at Christmas? I've always wished we had magnolia trees here!

    So, what was the skull from? It's very interesting. Love your candles and cloches...great deals!


  4. Jane-the skull could be a squirrel maybe the black fox variety says Joe.

  5. I love those seed pods!!
    What a great idea!
    And I do like the skull!

  6. The seed pods are cool Olive, I wonder if the seeds stay red once the pods totally dry out:@)

  7. Olive, this is beautiful too. The colors of those seeds are unreal. I live in Florida so I might keep a look out for magnolias. The way you displayed the skull is genious. ;) Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I WISH I could copy this idea! We don't have any magnolia trees near by. But I love the way they look!
    And I'm digging the tiny skull! What is it from? I really want to pick it up and see *winks*...And you're cracking me up..."Lets just put it with the bowl with the duck mandible"...Why of course! Doesn't everyone have one? *winks*....I wish I did! Vanna

  9. I love those pods. I may just have to go visit my mom's tree. A skull was in the pine bale? That would have made me scream probably. What kind of animal skull is it I wonder?

  10. OMG I love those seed pods! I have a Magnolia tree....I'm going to go check and see if I have seed pods on the ground. Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea.

    Enjoy your evening,

  11. The arrangement is beautiful, Olive. I love the pods!

  12. No magnolia pods here in Nebraska but my pinecones are dropping like crazy :)

    I love how you have them arranged in that pretty bowl.


  13. Totally love these pods. Perfect for a early fall arrangement. Thank you so much for linking up to the party. I appreciate it!

  14. Love your
    vignette and
    that each piece
    has a story.
    And for me,
    a squishy pillow
    equals a perfect least
    on the couch!
    xx Suzanne

  15. The pods are just beautiful. I love the texture it adds to your table.
    xoxo bj

  16. A skull in the pine straw is better than a snake in the straw! It was just a little one, but it was a snake!

  17. The seed pods look very cute in the bowl. I want a magnolia tree. Not sure about the skulls.

  18. Great idea on the magnolia pods, Olive....Christine

  19. Never would have thought of using the magnolia pods in a display...GREAT idea! never know what you'll find in a bale of pine needles...

  20. Never would have thought of using the magnolia pods in a display...GREAT idea! never know what you'll find in a bale of pine needles...

  21. Olive,
    I so love your style of decorating. Classy and elegant yet down to earth...


  22. It is neat to see the seeds pop out...

  23. You and Joe are quite a decorating team. I like the "We" in you. I wish I had magnolia here at Christmas time.

  24. Olive,
    What a cool idea! Your table display is lovely! Like everything there.
    P.S. girl, you need to get going on the suitcases, one is never enough!

  25. Hi Olive...

    I think this is the first time that I've seen a magnolia seed pod. They really are beautiful and sooo very pretty gathered for an arrangement! Love when they begin to dry and the orange seeds appear! Perfect for a little autumn "pre-season" show! Simply gorgeous! Loved getting to see your sofa and living's gorgeous, Olive! Thank you for sharing your beautiful magnolias, vignettes, and home with us!

    I also wanted to thank you for coming by and leaving such a sweet note! I always enjoy your visits, sweet lady!

    Warmest wishes,

  26. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your ceterpiece on your table with the Magnolia seed pods. I also use them some time in my Tablescapes.
    We have two magnolias in my yard.

    I would like to Thank you so much for your sweet comments~~ on my new Tablescape with my first Rooster. I also hope you have a great week. XXOO Diane

  27. Those are some dreamy pods; I've never seen those. I'm seriously behind on my blog browsing and missed your previous post.

    The skull is oddly fascinating!


  28. OMG Olive!! You're lucky to still be here having that much weight just "drop" on you! Having moved the darn things all over my house (I have 7 of em) I know how heavy those doors get!) Yikes!......But I'd still love to see that (possibly haunted) armoire of yours *winks* Vanna

  29. Oh Ms. O. I am your newest followe and I also come to you by way of Ms. Vanna. She is a dear ro push me onto people like this. Thanks for stopping by. I have two magnolia trees that I bought for my house when I first bought it. I have babied them since 2006. They were 6 foot tall then and now are 15. I love to decorate with them, especially in winter and at Christmas. I am afraid to pick mine, as I do not want to hurt the tree, so I go around and steal them from other trees. They are not plentyfull here like they are in the south. I would love to see pictures or a post about your old house, even if it is not fixed up.I am so glad we have meet and I hope we will be great friends. I LOVE the SOUTH!Richard from My Old Historic House.

  30. Such a lovely coffee table vignette and the seeds pods make such a pretty focal point! Love all the accents on the table... the little cloches are adorable. I love those stripe pillows...everything is so elegant and classy. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a sweet comment. Have a wonderful weekend!Hugs~Poppy

  31. That is such a great idea. I love using found objects from the garden, as you know, so I just love everything about this post!

    Now, I just need to go and plant myself a magnolia tree!

    Take care and best wishes for a fabulous weekend!

  32. The magnolia seed pods make a beautiful arrangement! I don't have a magnolia tree, so may have to pick up a couple from a neighbors yard (with permission of course). Slouchy pillows are the best kind to have!

  33. Growing up in NC, we had a huge magnolia tree in the front yard. I loved when my mom would bring in the lemony scented flowers, then use the dried pods and leaves as decorations. I have tried to grow magnolias here in Texas, but it is just too dry in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the post, brought back good memories!


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