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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

White Elephant In Our Garden

We have another elephant in our garden.

The other elephant is on a trellis that you astute readers noted when I posted about the butterfly bush.

His tail is adorable.
He is made out of one piece of wood and has small ears so we think he is from India.

I am thinking about painting him. I know, I paint every seventh odd full moon in a cold month.

He would be better white with a hint of glaze in those little ridges.
He was a thrifty find for seven dollars.
 Not that it rains here anyway much but he will reside under the pergola.

I am joining Sherry at No Minimalist Here for Open House Party.
Kim at Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays.

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  1. I think a little glazing on this guy would be a nice change for your bargain! Maybe you could even slap some on the pots, too. Love the play on words- "elephant in the garden" vs. "elephant in the room." :-)

  2. He's cute, love that he's all one piece of wood:@)

  3. The person who sold this to you actually got rid of what they probably considered a white elephant, not knowing that you could make him look pretty. I think a little glaze would be nice & enhance him.

  4. Hi Olive. That little elephant is just lovely. I can't imagine that he was a thrift find for just seven dollars! You really do find the most wonderful things at even more wonderful prices. You obviously have a good eye for these things my friend.

  5. Just don't paint him pink and confuse me.
    Love it.

  6. So cute...I agree about the glaze. Great find!!

  7. hi Olive, Elephants are big here, but mostly they are Crimson. I love your white elephant, he looks very much at home in your garden. Wow, your a great photographer, your photos are great. I love the rose photo in your header. Hope your week is going great.

    the French Hutch

  8. I think he is cute. My daughter has a big stuffed one she sits on and would want me to keep that one all clear for her to climb on. She loves elephants. First thing we have to go see at the zoo.

  9. Hi Olive! Cute little elephant!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. His butt is cute! Great thrifty find.

  11. Well no need to wonder about the "white elephant" in the room because there actually IS one!Lol! He/she certainly is a cutie! And a steal too! I agree that some white with darker glazing woulkd highlight the details. Vanna

  12. Only seven dollars bought the elephant! I like him like he is but I can see what you are seeing with the paint and it will look nice when the wrinkles have detail. Great deal you lucky girl.

  13. He is so cute, Olive!!!!
    Love his little butt.

  14. Oh my neighbor would be going crazy....she loves anything safari....that is so cute!

  15. Olive, He is adorable and I especially like the back-end shot! Thanks for joining the Open House party this week and sharing this cutie.

  16. Olive, what a cute find. Cute in the garden.

  17. Well, he is most handsome indeed! Now be sure and feed him properly or that cute little tail may not be so cute and happy ;)


    Romeo and "her"

  18. Oh I love him Olive! He is so perfect to have in a garden. ARe you serious??? $7!!!
    I also loved the beautiful pics of the wilting sunflower. Such a great shot. So beautiful!

  19. He is totally sweet - but I am really love the terra-cotta bunny more!!

  20. Very cute! I love elephants! Love him in the garden.

  21. Love him! But you MUST name him! I like the glaze idea as it will show off his details more clearly. Ann

  22. Olive,
    Love the elephant! What a great find. I think he looks great already, so whether you doll him up or not, he's a winner!


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