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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wild and Free and Humming Along

What's happening on our deck?
The hummingbirds are busy, busy.
I got a tremendous neck ache snapping these images but it was worth it.
Watching the hummies is a joyful business.

This female kept flying to the same crepe myrtle branch which was fabulous for me.

On the decorating front here are our new deck chairs. The little table is from a yard sale. It is almost a match.

Joe and I found wild passion flower vines growing in the woods near our house and transplanted two around a cast iron bird feeder. They struggled in the heat but now are thriving.

This may be a puny little bloom but it's our puny little bloom!

Wild and free sure is better than the $18.99 I saw the passion flower priced for at the big box store.

We are busy, busy  taking CC back to her dorm on Sunday morning. We have had a fun summer despite her many hours studying for summer online classes. Saying she will be missed does not cover it.

♥Happy Weekend♥

grace surrounds us


  1. Olive... Those humming bird pics were well worth your efforts!!! They bring such joy... Thanks!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. Wow, you got the best clearest pic of the female hummer. I love watching them, too out my sunroom window. I have only seen the male one time. I am refilling about every four days now.

  3. Great little yard sale table...looks great with your chairs. Don't know about you, but college years seem to baby girl is in her senior year and I feel like I jsut dropped her off like 6 months ago.


  4. Great pics Olive, especially the one of Little Miss on the branch:@)

  5. Very nice photos...and I love the big rooster planter!! Have a great Sunday!

  6. Olive!
    Your hummingbird photos are AMAZING!
    Oh my heavens!
    They are such cuties.
    I have three at my feeder right now and one little guy is such a bully. He sits and sits and the minute another big bird comes by, he flies up and scoots them away.
    Very funny to watch.


  7. Those hummingbird captures are gorgeous!! And I love your new furniture! It's always so sad when they head back to college each year isn't it?!

    Kat :)

  8. Olive the hummingbird shots are so amazing! Today we had the little darlings flying all around us! It was magical! Love your new chairs! Vanna

  9. Your photos of the hummingbird are amazing! Well done!


  10. Your fantastic photo of Mrs. Hummer seems to be well worth the pain you endured while trying to get it. It's wonderful!!

  11. Just amazing photos, girl! I just love these little guys, thanks for taking the time for these wonderful photos. xoxo Debra

  12. Oh I appreciate see these pictures. I love my hummingbirds but can never catch them to take a pic!

  13. How cool Olive. You captured that hummer so well, that is hard to do.

  14. Hi Olive,
    Love your photos-especially the Hummingbirds! They are just beautiful!

  15. Olive - the pictures of the humming birds are lovely. I love the close up of the 3rd picture down.

  16. Amazing hummy shots!!

    Thanks so much for your comment at the Back Porch. I wanted to open up a tiny bit of dialog about blogging changes. I read somewhere that bloggers are moving away and toward social media and that is why I posed the question. I do facebook, set up by my kids. I don't do the games and I don't do the petty stuff. It is a form of communication, with many notes back and forth with family. This is usually through the private messaging system. I do post my blogs there, as my old classmates will read from there.
    I'm not competitive and like to blog for fun. I always said when it ceased to be fun, I'd quit. Sometimes I do link to three parties, most of the time one or two. I'm not sure how many I will end up linking my previous post to. I sometimes say I will post to several but I don't do as many, due to the amount of time I don't have.:-)
    I liked your answer and find we think along similar lines.

  17. Olive,
    The hummingbird shots were well worth it! Wow.
    The passion flower blossom is amazing. No wonder you transplanted it!
    God bless CC's return to school. I am glad you had the summer together.

  18. LOVE stepping
    into your world, T.
    I can only begin
    to imagine how
    much you miss CC
    when she is at school.
    I can just barely
    go there in my mind,
    right now....
    xx Suzanne

  19. Sorry to hear about the neck ache. But can you imagine the neck ache you would have if you were me?! I mean c'mon from my viewpoint....well I'd have to really tilt my head to see this little guy way up there! Thankfully, I won't have to do that because you took such fabulous pictures! "She" is sooooo jealous because "she" almost had a hummer photo a few days ago and sat there forever waiting for his return and it did NOT happen MOL

    Sorry to hear that CC will be going back to school and away from you....that's a tough one :(



  20. Olive, beautiful pictures of the hummingbirds. It's hard to get them without their wings going a mile a minute. We have those passion vines all over the place here and I can't believe they are actually being sold! I was always told they were an invasive plant! Good luck to your daughter - mine also starts next week - her final (fingers crossed) semester and then graduation. Life goes fast... Ann

  21. Isn't it delightful to be able to photograph hummers...I am envious.

    Wild and free is definitely better than big box store plants. :)


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