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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love Hurts

Life lessons are hard.
 Yesterday was one of those days for our daughter. 
Tears were shed.
Tears of anger and frustration at a situation that was not in hers or our control.
I felt as if I had aged about ten years and maybe I did.
 I encouraged her that in the big wide scope of the world in a few years all this drama will be very small. 
I am not sure that helped. 
Love hurts.



  1. So sorry ya'll are going thru a tough time. I've been in those situations and it's so hard....but God has plans to prosper, not harm. It IS hard to see the big picture when you are in the midst of a battle. Hang in there and blessings to you and your family.

  2. Oh Olive, this gave me goose bumps...Life can be tough, and life lessons are what make us who were are today. Time heals everything, I believe that, tomorrow is a new day. You are such a good Mom:)!

  3. My heart goes out to you, Olive. There is no kind of suffering like the kind you do when your kids are in pain. My best to all of you. xx

  4. Oh Olive - I'm so sorry - no words except a great big hug for both you and your daughter - hope the situation resolves soon xox0

  5. Aaaaw, bless your dear daughter! I can remember those sorts of occasions when my two daughters were younger, and you really feel for them, and just want to make everything better for them!

  6. It does and frequently us more than them at the feelings of frustration that pour over us because we can't make it better. No band aid made yet has been able to mend love or a broken heart. When someone does come up with one...they will make a fortune and I'll be first in line to buy them out.

  7. Very true. By the time she's our age, it will just be a blip on the screen. Hardly worth remembering. You are such a good Mom!

  8. So sorry. Such pain is hard to witness. But you're there for her and that and time will help enormously.


  9. Yes it does but time does heal heartache. It's hard to be a mommy at times.


  10. Hello Olive... I hope all is well soon... seems like we always hurt so much for those we love when they are hurting... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Oh my gosh I am right there in the trenches with you sister. Four daughters so I have my work cut out for me. I think it is harder to raise them older and even to be a parent to a young adult is so very hard. You can't control them like when they were young and what other people do to them. One of my girls has been dealing with a sort of stalker situation at work but thankfully it seems to be fading. It has really worried me. Praying your daughter's heart is mended soon.

  12. I am going to guess that as a parent it is harder to see our kids suffer through than it was to suffer through when we were kids - cause we've got perspective that only comes through life and experience, which they don't yet have.

  13. Oh - it is so hard to see our children in tears. I hear you. My youngest daughter, who has been so happy lately, was in tears this weekend and today. You would think the "mean girl" mentality would be gone by the age or 21 She was feeling better about her situation this afternoon. I so hope your daughter is doing better soon. Life can be so tough, but as long as they keep believing in themselves through it all, they will be the stronger for it.

  14. Awww geeze isn't that the truth! Heartache is just awful. I hope your DD feels better soon...and you too. This too will pass. And there's always hair coloring for the stress induced gray hair *sighs* Vanna

  15. So true, and when
    we see someone
    we love going through
    that kind of pain, it
    is so hard. Of course,
    you and I know that
    time is on her side
    and will ease the pain,
    but when you are young
    and are in the thick of
    it, it is hard to hear that,
    no? I am certain that
    having you help her sort
    through it is a huge help!

    xx Suzanne

  16. Olive, you are such a good and loving mom. It is so difficult to watch people we love go through a difficult and painful experience.
    Love to you both.


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