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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flower Garden Emerging

I am awfully excited about my first foxglove.        

Vinca and a vintage garden spreader.

Phlox-often seen at old home places here in the south. 
It is very slow growing.

Nasturtium I grew from seed. 
It is one of the easier flowers to grow from seed.
 I am trying to buy only petunias (annuals) this year at the nursery.
 They can take our heat. 

The geraniums in the earlier post were an unexpected bargain.
However I am easily swayed when it comes to flowers my peeps.

The perennials are emerging in the flower garden. 
Some have winter burn but will survive.

My rusty wheelbarrow is always nearby.
 That pod of grass was filled with felled pine trees from the February ice storm. 
In a few weeks the flower garden will be filled with
 blooming roses, day lilies, and other beauties.

We are thankful for rain yesterday. 
We took  items to the booths and got incredibly wet but had a good time.

If you are in the Deep South plants labeled full sun (not roses) really need
 some partial shade because our full sun is brutal.

happy gardening


  1. Hello Olive,

    It is so very exciting to see the first shoots of plants coming through the soil. There is so much hope and promise for the gardening season ahead. Always we feel that everything will grow better, brighter and more beautiful........until the vagaries of the weather spoil our plans!

    Your garden is looking lovely already and what fun to grow things from seed.

  2. I love seeing big patches of Phlox! And we sure have to be careful with 'full sun' here in Florida! Enjoy your day! Hugs! (we're getting a welcome morning shower!)

  3. Of course you're ahead of us here in OK. I love Foxgloves, but always had to have it in a container high up because it is poisonous to the dogs. Such lovely old-fashioned blooms it has though!

  4. We had a brutal winter for our area and many lost their Kleim's Hardy Gardenia bushes... us included. We planted some Nasturtium seeds in our garden so hope to see those come up!

  5. When everything starts budding and blooming and growing, I just feel a rush of energy. I think that everyone's winter has been so hard that everyone is ready for Spring and green!


  6. Foxgloves are my husbands favourite flower as a consequence we do have lots of them - non of them planted by us, so they must have arrived via the wind or the birds. So pleased that your garden has emerged from the battering given to it by the winter storms.

  7. So nice to see your garden starting to come up. I have never had any luck with foxglove, I can't wait to see how yours does. Keep us posted.

  8. Everything looks happy Olive! Enjoy that foxglove, they are spectacular:@)

  9. Hi Olive, Spring has come for you I see. I love watching for the first little flower sprig and tree buds. Your beds will be lovely with all your flowers. So wet here it is not possible to work them. My lilies are up and the phlox is glorious and the crepes are budding out. I still have a few daffodils blooming. Our town looks beautiful with tulips and dogwood in bloom. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.


  10. How wonderful to be seeing pretty signs of spring emerging from the ground!
    Mary Alice

  11. It looks like you have such a pretty property! I love how wooded it is. I love perinnials and wish I had more. It really is a sign of Spring when you see them emerging, isn't it? Your flower bed is going to look great once everything finishes blooming.

  12. I love to see plants come alive again after taking a long winters nap. Your gardens are looking so pretty Olive!

  13. It's wonderful spring planting has been keeping you busy! Oh, I can't wait to dig in the dirt!

  14. It's so nice when you see things starting to come to life again! Not too much here, although the daffodils are blooming. I'm waiting to see the trees around here with some green buds and I'm waiting for my phlox to get going. I am easily charmed by all the pretty flowers at the garden center, too! Good idea to stick with something you know will do well in the heat. I am afraid we will be having another hot and humid Summer here this year. It will be money better spent if I do the same.

  15. Such hope in new growth and new beginnings. I'm always so positive my flowers will look gorgeous by June. You look like you are off to a good start!

  16. I had my first foxglove last year and I loved it. Easier to care for than I thought it would be. Glad to see your garden in thriving. It's nice to start seeing flowers on blogs again!

  17. Your yard is looking beautiful. Nasturtiums are my mom's favorite flower. I'm hoping to find and grow some cosmos and zinnias this year.

  18. I just came over from Must Love Junk's Spotlight and I am your newest follower. Love all your gardens and flowers. My love is my garden and dogs.
    Have a great weekend.


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