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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Southern Porches

Pink houses always remind me of wedding cakes and this Madison, Georgia
 pink house with it's gingerbread trim is no exception.

The black porch rockers are a good color selection against the pink paint.

Even garages in Madison are noteworthy.

Look at the bench full of skulls.

You can never go wrong with classic white with black shutters. 
This porch has delicate trim details.

The window to the left of that porch. 

The side entrance of the house. 
Notice the landscaping is quite understated. 
This allows the majestic white house to take the spotlight.

I hope you are enjoying Madison, Georgia as much as we do. 
I have one more post coming later.

To see the Madison "Porch House" click here.
For the Madison Christmas tour click here.

joy and peace 


  1. I think I want a pink house now! The black rockers and the pink siding remind me of bathroom tiles from the 50's. Very pretty!

  2. Hello Olive,

    The image of the painted porch and its distinctive rocking chairs is something we think of as particularly Southern United States. It gives such a warm welcome to the house and simply cries out for one to spend time whiling the hours away, reading a good book or just dozing.

    The elegance of these houses is so impressive. Stylish and chic and beautifully kept. How we should be entranced by it all.

  3. The black and white is my favorite. Such detail is beautiful and not found in many homes - of any style - today.

  4. I love porches and especially those that are as pretty as these. Love that photo of the window with all of that trim. Drool....


  5. More porch envy here, but no skull envy.

  6. I would love to drive through that town. We usually travel a little farther East when we go through the state. But I sure love seeing these beautiful homes. The window with the little balcony sure is pretty. Hugs, diane

  7. Smitten. Absolutely smitten with the trim on the porches.

  8. Just beautiful! I really love the black and white house.

  9. These images are so beautiful; the houses have such interesting features and the porches beg to have people sit on them.

  10. I want to live in the pink house! I may have to make a trip to Madison this weekend.

  11. Beautiful houses! I do love that pink one. They all have such gorgeous architectural detailing!

  12. I particularly enjoyed seeing the architecture of these Madison, Georgia houses. There is something very comforting and welcoming about them.

  13. I know you put the skulls in there to delight me! Love the fretwork on the porches. Beautiful photography!

  14. These homes are absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful works of art with the most amazing details. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love the pink house!! Well, all of the photos are beautiful, but the pink one is my fave. :)

  16. Lovely . . . Porches, Landscaping, Houses!

  17. Oh my goodness, Olive! What beautiful porches, I love them all! Nothing like gingerbread trim, it's just so charming. Black and white, love the classy and sensational colors together. Oh my, yellow one and white one, totally captivating! Last, but not least, that fetching pink one, just so sweet.I can picture two old wonderful people rocking and telling old stories! What a great post~

  18. I used to see a fellow and he always said that someday we would run away and find a pink house with a porch in a sweet little Southern town. We never did! lol

    Love all these places. They make me really miss our house in the historical district. xo Diana

  19. oh so beautiful all Olive. Great post of interest for us ladies.

  20. beautiful homes ~ you can't beat a porch for warmth & charm!

  21. My last two homes have had porches and I don't think I could ever live in a house again that didn't have a porch. I love to sit out on them and enjoy the weather, the birds, and say "hi" to passers by!


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