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Monday, July 26, 2010

An Afternoon on the Savannah

An afternoon spent on the banks of the Savannah River with my daughter. We were on the South Carolina side looking over at Augusta, Georgia.

The city planners in North Augusta are developing their side of the river nicely. They have allowed houses to be built but have left space for the public to enjoy the river. That is good planning folks. There is a walking area and a park. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the bridge on the South Carolina side there are some very large homes sitting right on the banks. Plus the required golf course. I care nothing for golf. Pure blasphemy in some parts I am aware.


river barn 002

This little bridge was lovely in the shadows.

river barn 013



I drove over the Savannah River every day to work at the hospital for twenty one years. Now I drive across to arrive at the yellow house. It is always pretty and somewhat mysterious.

There is a section where it is so shallow you can walk across it into Georgia. We must put that on our to do list.

river barn 017



I swam in this river in my much younger years. I do not think I would now.


river barn 019

One of the homes on the Georgia side. They all have boat docks. They have boat races on the river in the spring which are very loud.


river barn 021



CC and I had a great time walking along the banks taking photographs. You can see we stayed til dark. We went to an evening market and purchased goat milk soaps. Say that very fast several times…goat milk soaps…goat milk soaps…now you are dizzy…my work is done. They had many other wares for sale. We will revisit this river bank again and again.

grace surrounds us



  1. So beautiful; we loved our Charleston/Beaufort/Savannah trip a few years ago and would love to return one day. Lucky you - you get to see it whenever you want! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Olive, what beautiful photos of the Savannah. Thanks for taking us along on this lovely walk.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen photos of the Savannah River. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely area. Love that bridge.


  4. Just beautiful! I so enjoyed the view! Thank you!


  5. Oh Olive, these are such beautiful photos!!!! Thanks so much for sharing...and everyone loved your flowers too!!! I knew they would...hugs from me!

  6. Olive, what a beautiful place and how beautifully you photographed it. Love the bridge photo and of course all of the water photos. This looks like such a lovely place to take a walk. I'm already dizzy, so I won't try saying goat milk soaps fast. laurie

  7. Hi Olive!
    Oh, you KNOW how
    I love me some
    SAVANNAH!!! What
    beautiful pictures
    and I love what
    they are doing on
    the SC side ~ sounds
    marvelous. I want
    to thank you for your
    very sweet comment
    on P&H about my friend
    Kathleen's journey
    with cancer. Your kind
    words meant so much to
    both of us ~ YES, she's
    read every one : )
    BIG hugs to you, today!
    xx Suzanne

  8. Beautiful pictures! Loos like a lovely cool, shady spot on a hot summer day.

  9. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing...

  10. SO pretty. I've always wanted to go here!

    ps I have some earrings up for grabs on my blog. Check it out!

  11. very pretty! glad they are allowing for this area to be enjoyed!


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