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Monday, January 31, 2011


It was 72 degrees here and Sunny yesterday!

Did I take a photo?

Of course not.

I did today.

When it was raining.

I am bright that way.

The birds are feeding like if someone put chocolate in my cereal!

In the winter birds need extra starch so I put graham cracker crumbs or stale bread crumbs on the feeder. You could crunch up old cereal, anything with starch they would appreciate. If it had weevils in it that would be an extra bonus for them but yuck.

Weevils love to hatch into our food at the old house so almost everything is kept in the freezer.
Did you know that the US Food and Drug Administration sets a maximum limit for insect fragments in flour: 450 per kg so it is likely that we eat insects all the time.

How is that little fact to start off your Monday?

Just doing all I can do for the birds and you my sweeties.

That is a woodpecker and I could not believe I caught him at the sunflower seed feeder.

I was zooming in from the deck and it was pouring rain cause apparently when the sun is shining Joe and I are easily distracted.

grace surrounds us


  1. 72! We are getting 6" of snow today! I'll bet the birds LOVED the graham cracker bits! Fun photos!

  2. OMG I don't think I remember 72degrees! MORE and MORE and MORE snow coming our way! I really feel for the birds, they are taking shelter wherever than can. I tried opening the front door to let a titmouse in that was in our foyer BUT he said No thank you and flew away! DARN! Your pictures are beautiful and if we HAVE to eat bugs I guess it may as well be ground up in our flour, hehe...LOVE the BIRDS too! I'm SO happy the Hummers are somewhere warm right now!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Hi Olive, love your birdies!... Great shot of the little Downy Woodpecker pecking away!... thanks for sharing the info on the weevils... YUCK!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Great photos Olive...I LOVE watching the birds and try keeping my feeders full this time of year especially :)


  5. Olive - love your bird pictures! It is still freezing here - minus six this morning!

  6. I just love your blog thought I would say....oh and that woodpecker be careful, last year we had one that drilled a hole into our siding and it wasn't cheap fixing now I have a big spider that has a sensor in it to keep him away!

  7. I like the blurred head of the woodpecker!

  8. Man alive...ol' Woody was going to town, wasn't he?
    I just saw our woodpecker yesterday. That tells me spring isn't that far away...even though we are hunkering down for another cold blast tomorrow...just in time for Super Bowl!
    I love your header photo.

  9. I didn;t know that about things in our floured goods....oh well...been doing ok so far. I must remember to feed the birds today. I stopped because my dog ate all the dropped bits.

  10. P.S. A little bug never hurt anybody.

  11. 72 degrees! How lucky are you?! It was - 8 degrees C here last night. I wasn't made for the cold! I love to watch the birds. We get so many different breeds in our garden and we look after them pretty well! Have a good week.

  12. Hmmm, I didn't know that about the weavils being in most of our food -- or at least parts of weavfils.

    When I was a young woman, I had an infestation of wheat bugs; they came in a box of shredded wheat I'd bought. I noticed a few bugs crawling up my kitchen wall; but my little-old-lady landlord was so concerned with "what people would think" that she wouldn't call the exterminator. (She gave me Raid which didn't kill them at all but caused them to "Go west, young bug!" When they moved from the kitchen to the living room and finally near my bedroom, I put my foot down. I called her son, he took care of the problem and I moved out. I don't like the little buggers (pun intended) and would have gladly given them to the sweet birdies.

  13. Check out how many rodent hairs are allowed in hot dogs and you'll really lose that breakfast! lol

    Just bought myself a glass hummingbird feeder last week because the plastic ones dry out and crack here. Hope to get photos too.


  14. Love these pictures Olive! You have some very grateful birds in your area. We had it warm the last few days as well. Ann

  15. LOVE your BiRdiE pics... AND the extra "food for the feeder" idea!!!
    72 degrees is unheard for me right now... Our 3-Day Blizzard started a couple hours ago... The cupboard is full & the SHOVELS READY!!!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  16. Can't wait the the little birds show themselves around here. We're waiting for the big "blizzard" here, so that dose of nature was a delight - thanks!


  17. haha your comment made me laugh ;)
    If you ever go to an IKEA store.... must be strange seeing IKEA taking over the world and being hours away from one..

    Dunno if you are an IKEA family member but watch out for the next issue.. and you will meet the old lady haha
    Thanks for being such a loyal visitor!
    x desiree

  18. I never knew they needed some starch in their diets in winter. You are a wealth of info there Olive! BTW, I was going to have pasta for dinner, but will have to check the weevil level now.

  19. Great shots you got Olive..hugs and smiles Gloria

  20. Fun shots and I'm glad you enjoyed your nice sunny day:@)

  21. Great bird shots!! I have to try to get a few this spring. I can't have bird feeders here or at the lake as I'm not at either place consistently to keep them filled. I have a lot of birdhouses though and I love to watch them nest. I LOVE the woodpecker photo...maybe he is living nearby!

    I envy your weather! Just one day to walk outside with no coat and the sun on my face! We are expecting a blizzard tomorrow...21 inches or more. Maybe schools will be canceled...nothing EVER gets canceled here! They just expect us to get out our sleds!

    Thanks for sharing the cool pictures, Olive!


  22. Love the bird shots! I'll never enjoy a cookie in quite the same way again...thanks for the weevil info. That woodpecker is coooool!

  23. I love the stories that go with your photo essays.

  24. Yes, thanks for the interesting, if disturbing new information!
    Glad you had some warm temps. We are supposed to get a few more inches of snow with a lot of ice on top of that here in PA!
    Have a wonderful week!

  25. Olive, thanks for sharing such beauty with all of us with your photography. I really enjoy your blog.

    Enjoy your evening,

  26. Great shots Olive...I need to find me some birds to take.

  27. great temp but even better great photos. rose

  28. We had the same wonderful weather a couple of days ago! Now...rain. :-( Love the bird photos! Great shot of the woodpecker! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  29. I love outdoor bird action. The little bird's head is all blurry as it peck-pecks away. So cute!!!


  30. Yikes! I didn't know that about the insect level in flour! I almost wish I didn't know it now! Your bird photos are so pretty. Great action shot of the woodpecker. laurie


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