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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is me in our hammock on Saturday.
Image taken by my dumb phone.
Ikea makes a fabulous hammock by the way.
Land's End flip flops were four dollars at a favorite thrift store and the flowers are leather.

There has been no chilling out or hammock time allowed today.

I moved CC, our daughter, from her dorm apartment back to our old house. It took seven hours. To say we are exhausted is not enough. I noticed that girls bring TOO MUCH STUFF while boy students do not.  
One of her friends helped us load up our Jeep and I took him out to a BBQ lunch. Joe and CC unpacked the Jeep when we got home and I had supper in the slow cooker {love that}.

It is wonderful CC is home for the summer all though she is taking online summer school classes. We are so proud that she has earned an academic scholarship this year.

I realize I have been missing from your blogs {and mine} the past few days but I needed a break and was planting many perennials which brings me much joy. I hope all of you had a lovely Mother's day.

This is an Iceland Poppy I rescued from a big box store for one dollar and even I doubted it would live. It was dry and withered but after watering and twenty four hours in the earth it gave me a bloom.

I do hope to get back to my regularly scheduled irregular posting soon.

I am linking to Coastal Charm for  Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.

grace surrounds us


  1. Moving a girl out of a dorm room is a big deal! Fortunately Chickie's dad took his truck for the big stuff and Chickie and I returned later for the little stuff and cleaning, so I got off easy.
    Sounds like CC is doing just great!
    Lovin' the hammock and the flip flops. Nice nail polish, too!

  2. LOVE your relaxation in your hammock! You lucky girl! You deserved the rest after the move. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  3. I know you will enjoy having CC home for the summer. Your poppy is amazing. You are a miracle worker!

  4. Moving is brutal! Get back in the hammock! Your poppy reminds me of Sharon Lovejoy's post here.

  5. You deserve a day in a hammock! Have a fun summer with CC. Love the poppy, and of course the shoes.

  6. I bring home the dead broken plants and breathe life into them. All it takes is a little love.

  7. Love your hammock...& the flip flops! A hammock is on my bucket list, I'm just not sure where to put it! Relax while you can...this GA summer looks to be a hot one!

  8. I love the hammock shot!

    Although it has been at least 25 years since the last dorm/summer move or dorm move whatever the season, I remember it well! It is printed upon my memory.:-)

  9. Lovin' your hammock Olive! Glad CC's home and that the move has been completed! Your bargain poppy is a beautiful color!

  10. A child home from school and snooze in a hammock, absolutely THE perfect kick off to summer. It is a sure sign of a master gardener when even your flip flops break into bloom!

  11. I love your hammock. I wish we all had more time to spend in the has gotten so busy. It certainly doesn't sound like you've had much time in the hammock either. Picking up a daughter from school takes hours and lots of work. You must have been exhausted.
    I love your pictures of Clovis and the birds in your previous sweet.
    Hope you can take an afternoon nap in the shade in that wonderful hammock.

  12. Oooh how relaxing that looks laying in your hammock with your cute flip flops on!... hope you enjoy your day... and also love that your rescued the little poppie!... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. Love your flipflops! This is getting to be a very busy time of the year right now, especially if you have a large garden, so I don't expect I shall be blogging as much as usual either! I'm sure people will forgive us. I hope you manage to get many happy minutes in your hammock this summer!

  14. Oh Olive, I love your hammock. I wish we had enough shade around my home to have one. And by the way, love your flip flops!

    Enjoy your day,

  15. Hey girl...What a treat having your daughter home for the summer and congrats to her on winning a those flipflops..better rest in that hammock ever chance you get...have a great week...Picket

  16. Iz am thinking that the hammock would be a dangerous thing for me.....I would hop on up there and do a loop to loop....and *if* by some miracle I did manage to hang on and still keep my claws, I might even pick up speed on the loop to loop.....but then it would happen....I'd be airborne and could possibly take out a bird or two in my path.....and as I came in for a landing, I might take out a human as I'll just take your word on the comfort of this hammock thing you are in. I sense danger in the company of that hammmock......just me purrsonally.

    As for your errant ways.....yes, yes it would seem that many folks are not visiting and posting as much as in previous months. No worries there, cats and people alike LOVE their little flowers and fresh dirt. We'll all wait for you - you're just worth waiting for.....and without a doubt Clovis is ALWAYS worth waiting around for.

    Have a grand weekend!


    Romeo and "her"

  17. Congratulations to CC! You have good reason to be proud. Love your flip flops, and I would love to be laying in a hammock. Your poppy is so pretty. laurie

  18. It's so sweet when the babies come home! Enjoy your time with CC, and congrats on the academic scholarship, those are always a good thing.
    Love the poppy...I never have good luck with them. Vicki

  19. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! It reminded me that when I go to the estate sale in June at that crazy house, I should get a couple things for a giveaway once I hit 100 followers. Must find something especially weird and quirky to make it special! :)

  20. I can relate to that moving business. Fortunately my daughter will be staying in her college apt for the summer and taking some classes. However, graduation looms in December (we hope!) and the dreaded moving of "stuff" will commence. After having had a boy in college and now a girl, I can confirm your theory that boys have less "stuff". Love your bargains and the flower you saved. Ann

  21. Oh Olive, love that picture of you in the hammock! Your sandals are adorable! Oh, how I remember the exhaustion of moving girls our of dorms! That flower bloomed just for you!


  22. What a cute picture Olive! Glad you're done with the moving. It IS exhausting! And I'm glad to see you back posting. I took a break too....felt so good! Vanna


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