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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Flowers

 Dwarf gardenias started blooming this week.

Just in time for Kathleen's 100th post at Faded Charm for White Wednesday.

I had to cut some and put them in a very special vase.

Do you like the fragrance of gardenias?

I do.

I gave this cut glass vase to my daughter's grandmother about twenty something years ago and she recently gave it back to me and it is kept by the kitchen window for fresh flowers.

The flower garden is bursting forth right now.

The sweet bunny has white petunias.
We have a huge hedge of large gardenias about to bloom and have treated that hedge for white flies.
Never under estimate the work in a garden.
We love it though.

I am linking with Kathleen for White Wednesday's 100th event at Faded Charm.

grace surrounds us


  1. Love gardenias and their fragrance is LOVELY!!!
    Beautiful photographs, hope your week is wonderful!

  2. Oh, Olive! The gardenias and the rest of the garden look great! I'll bet it smells wonderful too.
    Mister says your pictures look great and have a 'really nice treatment'. 'Course I already knew that...

  3. This is beautiful Olive...when I grow up I want to take photos like you!


  4. I love the smell of gardenias and have two bushes, but no blooms yet.

  5. Lovely photos, Olive...wish I could smell blogs!

  6. Olive, I prefer the beautiful sight of gardenia to the smell which is a little to much for allergic me. Yours are particularly beautiful as is the vase. Ann

  7. They are gorgeous and your vase is stunning. Love the fragrance and your pictures are beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your gardenias are so exotic and beautiful! I DO love the fragrance. Happy WW!

  9. Hi Olive,
    Those Gardenias are gorgeous, and your photo's are beautiful:-)
    Happy White Wednesday:-)

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  11. Adore, do you hear me? adore gardenias <3

  12. How lucky are you to have white gardenias blooming in your garden?! I adore the smell of them, and what a beautiful vase you have to display them in. Your home is full of such beautiful things.

  13. Love the smell of gardenias...Jungle Gardenia, not so much!
    Your garden is gorgeous!

  14. You may have noticed I have been missing as well, now back catching up on all the posts I missed. What a pretty vase, sounds like you will be busy for the next few months with your daughter home for the summer.

  15. Oh I love the smell of gardenias! How beautiful! Vanna

  16. I like the white petunias in the bunny - light through petunia petals is always so pretty.

  17. yes, LOVE gardenias. I've not had much luck growing them, but might need to try again. I was at a wildflower farm recently and noticed that the nearby field of petunias had a lovely perfume. Subtle, but so pleasing! Might have to make room for some petunias too :)
    what pretty white flowers you have!

  18. Cape jasmine is what I have called gardenia's all my life. They were my daddy's favorite. Mine just started blooming I put a few in a jar by my bed yesterday awoke this morning to that wonderful sweet fragrance. It's going to be a beautiful day.
    Everything always looks so pretty around here.
    Happy day and hugs from Savannah, Cherry

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  20. I love the smell of gardenias! I have some little dwarf ones and I am always picking a bloom and carrying it around with me while I am in the back the old house we had a huge old timey one just off the driveway and lordy it smelled heavenly everytime you'd step outside...have a great day sweetie...Picket

  21. I wish I could smell your gardenias. They look beautiful. Great photos.

  22. Loving your white flowers...I wish they grew well in AZ heat. Sigh...

  23. Olive, your gardenias are beautiful. Your garden certainly is blooming. I also love the urns in your previous post. What lovely treasures you found. Have a great weekend.


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