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Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's Blooming?

We have had rain two days in a row. 

One rain was a big thunderstorm which brought down trees and many lost electricity.

We must have picked up four hundred tree limbs but we'll take that over a tree in the house.

The flowers and the grass are happy.

Bee Balm, a perennial enjoyed by bees and hummingbirds.

Geranium, that we have in huge terracotta pots on the patio. They can take our hot temperatures very well.

Primrose, delicate and dainty. This is our first try with this primula.

Another Gerbera Daisy that was rescued from a big box store half-dead. They usually come back in the spring here every year  for us.

We went to estate and garage sales today and found nothing splendid or post worthy but we had a good time.

Tomorrow we travel to pick up Joe's motorcycle which is being repaired. It's a big Italian Moto Guzzi. Yes, I am a motorcycle babe. Scary I know. Actually I do not ride much at all. I am a big chicken. He loves that motorcycle and I will be glad for him to be able to ride it again.  Many years ago we must have traveled to every bike shop in a 150 mile area or more looking for a motorcycle. Finally he found what he wanted, a Moto Guzzi. When I worked weekends he would explore the state of Georgia and visit historic sites and photograph the Guzzi there. I plan to take some photos of him and that motorcycle.

You peeps have a lovely weekend.

Happy Father's Day

grace surrounds us


  1. The weather is so unusual this year! How sad to have all those trees torn down! Your flowers are lovely and Olive - happy biking :0)

  2. Hi Olive, gorgeous flowers!... your photos are just stunning... wishing your hubby a happy Father's Day on his motorcycle... I am a sort of motor mama too... Jack loves his Harley!... I ride sometimes but not alot... I must admit, when I do ride, I love it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Your flowers are pretty Olive! We had some pretty good thunder storms yesterday too, no damage around here though. Have a great Sunday:@)

  4. Hey Olive,
    Your flowers are beautiful... I missed most of the ones I love in bloom being gone a month. My peonies, roses and half my lilacs.
    The roses are still in bloom but the tail end.
    Hope all is good with you... don't get too crazy on that motorcycle now

  5. My Bee Balm are red. I didn't know they came in other colors. I like that they really fill in a flower bed.

  6. Beautiful flowers. Glad you came out of the storm with the houses intact. That would be a neat idea for a blog - photographing the bike at various places.

  7. Hi Olive,
    Beautiful flower photos!! We don't have any flowers in our yard and I really enjoy seeing the gorgeous flower pictures on the blogs.
    Have fun with that motorcycle!!

  8. We had heavy storms last night and hail. Luckily my hostas survived the damage. Your gerber daisy photo is stunning!

  9. Oh boy your photos are delightful Olive. Have a great weekend.

  10. Since I work at a Harley-Davidson dealership as their marketing rep, I get LOTS of motorcycle exposure!!
    I'm looking forward to retirement, though, & having some time to smell those lovely flowers...soon!!

  11. Gorgeous photos! Glad you escaped a tree disaster! Men and their motorcycles! All my boys love them. Pictures will be fun!

  12. Beautiful photos of your flowers today, Olive. I never imagined you as a biker girl! Just goes to show!! I loved the gerbera photo as well - it's stunning! Joe will be glad to get bike back, I'm sure. Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

  13. The flowers are beautiful. I loved the geranium and the lovely primrose!

  14. What wonderful photos!! I brought one of my bee hives home and they are now in the backyard. I so need to get some bee balm plants for them. It is a pretty plant for sure and they so love it

  15. Glad you did not suffer storm damage, maybe the wood will come in useful next winter, your photos today are all stunning.

  16. Good thing that storm didn't do more damage. We've had some crazy weather too but when you compare it some places I shouldn't you said we still have a home:)
    Love your photos and that gerber daisy is like none I've ever seen.


  17. So lucky to have summer rain. We never get any here but I am glad you did not have any damage. Scary. I too can stick those gerbera daisies in the ground and have them come back every year.


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