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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Before And After And McCoy

I promised to show some of the McCoy we have lately bought, for next to nothing, and I have a before and after.

That flat matte white bowl on the left is a 1930's unmarked McCoy. We found it last weekend at a church garage sale for three dollars. It is not in the best condition but I still felt like I won the prize.
 We also found a McCoy planter and a cookie jar sans lid on that day. This past Saturday I found a McCoy vase at another church sale. The church sales are working out really well.

Starting with the After shot.

This TV table made by Broyhill was also found last weekend for twenty-five dollars.
They had already painted it white which is good because it sits across from that massive dark buffet of ours. The large drawers are used to store table linens and I like that open pocket for books. Joe and I think this is a good re-use of a TV table.

The table works with our beachy rattan furniture.
Way over there in the window is the yellow McCoy planter. 
I do not know why I didn't take a close up of it.

Before shot taken Christmas 2010.
This chest is fake wood and too small for that wall.
The Broyhill is solid wood.
If you are patient you will find what you are looking for by shopping the thrifty way.

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  1. Love collecting McCoy and what a bargain that was! I have one like it too but gee I know I payed more for it!

  2. My goodness you really are finding great treasures. I love the tv cabinet, and it is perfect used the way you have it. Such wonderful pieces and you have such a lovely place. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love all your finds, especially that TV table. It looks great with what you've done to it. Just perfect! I like all those ginger jars tucked away in the corner of the room!

  4. I LOVE McCoy. It is a special treat when you can find one for a steal! The white TV stand is perfect!

  5. Your McCoy finds definitely are droolworthy! and that Broyhill cabinet, love it!! I had to laugh about your daughter and friend being nightowls. Our kids are the same, they like to eat dinner out at about 10 pm. I'm too old for that stuff! xoxo D

  6. I am in that mode right now with my bedding. Just trying to wait to find a good deal on pieces one at a time. I want a vintage feel anyway so I love buying old linens at good prices.

  7. You found wonderful things. I love the McCoy!

  8. Being patient worked out for you Olive. Love McCoy!


  9. Beautiful...I have never heard of McCoy before now, but I will keep a look out for it. I love the cabinet...don't you love when it is already painted the perfect color?! I am one of the few in Blogland that really doesn't care to paint!!


  10. You have been very lucky at the church sales Olive and that TV table is perfect.
    Your home looks lovely Olive. XXXX

  11. Hi Olive! You McCoy is lovely and I love your tv cabinet! Everything looks so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Olive,
    Love the way the church sales are working out for you. And the TV table looks terrific. Like it was made for the space.
    And really, isn't at least half the enjoyment in the hunt??

  13. I love the Broyhill table. What a great find! You are so lucky.

  14. I love church sales...when they have them! Find the best stuff and you sure did!!

  15. Sounds like the McCoy pieces are finding YOU!
    Your room looks great. Love the brighter white piece.
    Looks terrific in your beautiful room!

  16. O, Olive, I LOVE this. It is just perfect for your spot..and the books just take it over the top. I like it so much I just pinned it. :)))

  17. You have found some gorgeous treasures! Love the McMoy pieces and I agree that the TV cabinet is such a beautiful addition to your room.

    Enjoy your day,

  18. That is a great way to use a TV Stand! And you know I love the McCoy pieces.

  19. I completely agree! I LOVE to find things the thrifty way. Especially in this economy. Love your new finds.

  20. The McCoy is beautiful~ the cabinet looks great also! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog:) ~Kim

  21. You must have the McCoy touch! Your home looks beautiful.

  22. Hi Olive! Do you think I might like that white McCoy pot?? If I had a hundred of them I would still take a new one home. So so pretty! That new cabinet is a great piece too!

  23. I love McCoy and this new white piece looks like a real treasure. Lucky you! The whole room looks lovely. Have a great day.

  24. You amaze me! Your finds are always incredible, would be such a treat to tag along side you while you shop!


  25. I have that same piece and I love it. It's sitting in the middle of my kitchen table. Congrats on the great buys!


  26. Pretty McCoy tpottery, Olive. Love that white cabinet too. What a deal! You have a beautiful home...Christine

  27. I'm totally uneducated in pottery how did you know that piece was a McCoy if it isn't marked? Great deal on the little Broyhill chest. You can sniff out the best deals!

  28. Yes, your patience
    is certainly paying
    off; what great pieces
    you found!! So envious
    that Joe loves the
    hunt, too. You are
    a great team : )
    xx Suzanne

  29. That TV table was a SCORE!! And the McCoy is wonderful too! Vanna


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