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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Fine Way To Start The Day

The hummingbirds are on a feeding frenzy.

They are getting ready for their epic journey south.

Joe and I are enjoying this new window feeder.
I opened the blinds one morning and had a hummer greeting me. 
That is a fine way to start the day.

This is the female that always perches in the crepe myrtle.

 They are feeding on the lantana as well as other flowers in the garden.
They must add some grams of weight for their eighteen hour non-stop flight south. 
They are predators also.
One quarter of their diet is protein in the form of insects, like mosquitoes.
Can you tell they fascinate me?

may joy and peace surround you


  1. An 18-hour nonstop flight? They can do that, and Delta can't get me to Los Angeles without flying me first through the Fiji Islands by way of Botswana.

    AMAZING pictures! I don't think I've ever seen a hummingbird here. Bats, yes. Love this: "I opened the blinds one morning and had a hummer greeting me." You know, if I had a rude mind . . . .

    Good thing I don't.
    Beautiful post. You will miss those little cuties.

  2. No humming birds here unfortunately. I have only ever seen them in Brazil. What gorgeous little birds they are.

  3. Oh Olive,
    I adore humming birds. Unfortunately, we don't have them in this country but, when we were on a trip along the Appalachian trail, we saw may humming birds. They are so special. I love your photographs. XXXX

  4. Fantastic photos! I love hummingbirds too, and I am always so delighted when they visit my garden.

  5. We keep our hummingbird feeder filled for the little watching them dart and dive at each other!!! We'll miss them when they fly south!!!

  6. Olive -- what wonderful pictures!! I just love the hummers. When we lived in CA, we were in their migratory route and we could empty a feeder a couple times a day during migration -- loved that :)


  7. Love that pretty feeder and how cool to watch the show:@)

  8. Well I just learned things I did not know about them. I knew about the trip, but I did not know they ate bugs, too. Great shots and I will miss them when they are gone.

  9. I saw ours last on Friday...miss the little guys morning and evening visits. I will be anxiously awaiting his return next spring

  10. I'm with you,
    sweet girl,
    on hummingbirds
    on white pumpkins
    on cloches
    and lovely hubbies
    like Joe....
    Thanks for another
    beautiful glimpse
    into your world!
    xx Suzanne

  11. Wherever did you find that fabulous feeder? I really need one of those for my window too!

    Great photos... your a lucky chickie to get to enjoy these beauties up close.

    Warm blessings,

  12. Beautiful humming birds, and I just love that window feeder. A fine way for you to start the day indeed! Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  13. We are fortunate to have hummers visit our front porch on a regular of the perks of Georgia mountain living! They are such sweeties!

  14. Olive,

    Beautiful header and I love the pictures of the hummers. Great shots.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  15. I am loving those window feeders. We used to get a lot of humming birds, but I didn't put my feeder out this year and they all deserted me. Guess they just wanted me for the food.

  16. Those are some interesting facts. I never knew that. I love to watch hummingbirds too. They're so different from the other birds.

  17. the sweet hummers constantly amaze me. they are certainly cute for their size, but can be so agressive to each other...we call it "humming bird wars" at our house. i saw a hummer today , so they are still here in tennessee.
    have a good weekend,

  18. You always have the best photos, I justlove visiting your blog to see what you've captured in the lens lately.
    I was surprised about the 18 hour non stop flight, whoa, one would think they would wither away from all the energy burned, tiny as they are.
    I've never had the pleasure of seeing one closeup in real life. How awesome that you do!

  19. Olive I love that window feeder. Beautiful pictures. Once in awhile I see a hummingbird here, but please tell yours to stop by because we have beaucoup skeeters for them. Ann

  20. Oh Olive, they fascinate me too! This morning if I just would have had my camera with me, I'd have a great shot of one that was having a wonderful time swirling around my plant! Great photographs!


  21. Beautiful. I love the first photo without a feeder in it.

  22. Oh those precious little darlings. Safe journey little ones!

    Susan and Bentley

  23. Oh Olive how wonderful! Your photos are just stunning!! Vanna


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