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Friday, April 6, 2012

PicMonkey and Cross Process

 is user friendly and similar to Picnik.
 Like Picnik it will eventually have premium features that they will
charge for but now the entire photo editing site is free.
I have not determined how to save the image in my computer while using
PicMonkey and keep an original of the image.
If you know please tell me.
I am sure it is simple and I am being dense.

Edited image in Cross Process.

This is the page you see after you Upload your image to PicMonkey.
I resize all my images to 800 pixels x 1200 pixels or less in size.
They are much larger initially.
Then I sharpen the image as needed.
I try not to crop but there it is if needed.
The five symbols to the left take you to the following:
Basic edits (shown above)
Touch up

I monkied around with exposure and Cross Process with these shell images in our den.
Each image is a tad different in color.

Here you see the Effects menu represented by the wee chemistry bottle to the left.  
Cross Process is at the top.
You will recognize many of these from Picnik.

Overexposed or just right?

Cross Process adds a green or blue (I use green) hue to an image. 
I use it for outside shots and shots with brown hard surfaces mixed with greens.
I am totally jazzed that PicMonkey has Cross Process. 
 I have used it with vintage vignettes too. 
You can fade it all you want.

This image, taken with my old camera last summer, is in Cross Process. 
 The effect makes the greens prettier and the blues stand out and the browns browner.
 I could sing this effects praises all day.

Do try Cross Process and Picmonkey. 
You might like it.

joy and peace


  1. Hey Olive...I love PicMonkey too. I have not tried Cross Process but you can bet I will the next time I edit. Your pictures are stunning. I'm not sure about saving the original image and the edited one. Right now I have all my PicMonkey pics in one folder. I'm sure I should be dividing them up but I haven't had time. Hope you and your family have a blessed and lovely Easter.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with PicMonkey. I am going to have to try it. I love the Cross Process on the flowers. Oh, and I like the bowl of shells too.
    Have a Blessed Easter.

  3. Olive, thanks so much for the tip. PicMonkey look really good. My personal computer expert (grand daughter) coming for her hols tomorrow so will pass on anything she teaches me

  4. Ps - forgot to add - Happy Easter to you and Joe and CC

  5. How about this idea? After you upload the photo, do your editing, etc. save it as another name. For example, let's say it says 1546.jpg - Save it as Vaseflowers.jpg. Or whatever name fits the photo. That way it will be saved as a separate image and your original will remain intact.


    1. That is a great solution Claudia. Thanks.

  6. Olive, you are going to have the best pictures.:):) Love your bowl of shells. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  7. Oh I do have to go try that. Your pics are fabulous. I hope you and all your family have a very Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

  8. That's all the fancy editing I haven't tried yet, I basically used Picnik to add eyes to Earl and stickers to my header... I need more silly stuff like that. Wonder if PicMonkey will eventually have that kind of thing. Happy Easter Weekend Olive-enjoy:@)

  9. I see Claudia already addressed your question, but I'll say "hello" and Happy Easter anyway! :)

  10. I am so worried that these photo sites will go under and so will my pictures. Hard to know who will be around for a while. Thanks for the tips though. I like what I see.

  11. Olive, Make sure that you save the newly edited photo with a new name. The original jpg. will remain wherever it was downloaded to initially. All of my photos go to Picasa when downloaded from my camera or san disk and it is also where I save my Picmonkey edits, as well. No problems, whatsoever, with the originals disappearing. Hope you have a lovely Easter Sunday. :-) Sue

  12. Dear Olive - hope you have received a solution that helps you with your photos. Unfortunately I am unable to assist you in the way you kindly assisted me. My photos are always safe in my iPhotos, and I can duplicate them to my hearts content where they stay until I delete them. Hope you and Joe are having a happy Easter.

  13. I also recently found Picmonkey and love it. I understand they are going to update it soon to include collages. Both Claudia and Sue do exactly what I do to preserve the original photo. Isn't it wonderful that we are all basically self-taught and then helping each other? I am so thankful for all the wonderful ladies who have assisted me in the blogging world.
    Wishing you and Joe and CC a blessed Easter.

  14. I love the editing details, Olive.

    Happy Easter!

  15. I generally use Picasa for really quick edits or Photoshop when I want to be super creative, but it sounds like Picmonkey would be easier than Photoshop for a lot of my stuff. Photoshop is just so technical, that it takes the joy out of playing around. I will go check them out right now!

  16. I never edit any of my pictures, but I wish I could learn a little more. May have to try it!

  17. Olive, you seem to have perfected your photo editing and I will have to take a look at those sites. I don't do a lot of editing, but maybe I could pick it up a notch by trying harder. Lovely pics. Ann

  18. Olive, your pictures are lovely. I just might have to give Pic Monkey a try....I can spend way too much time playing around with photos.. :-)



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