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Monday, December 3, 2012

Shattering Ornaments

Today I am shattering ornaments.
It was not my plan.
   Every item on my agenda today has been warped six ways from Santa. 
 I have been in that ring of Dante's Hell where you are on the
 phone with a service company a zillion times.
 If I explain myself once more a vessel in my head is going to burst. 

I hung these from from chandelier that is over the dining table.
 It took maybe eight minutes (do not use glue dots). 
You, my darlings know by now that Olive is not a crafting kind of blogger.
 I thrift, I decorate, I garden. 
But no crafts.
If this even qualifies as being creative.

Whilst I was on the phone (for the fourth time) with the overly
 polite service person I hear the sound of ornaments breaking. 

There is glass all over the floor as well and I stepped on it.

The glass is not the only thing that is shattered here today.
 Now this company tells me I am NOT an authorized user.  
Dear Lord, I may shatter some ornaments on purpose.

The weekend was nuts too and I am still working on the blogroll. 
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Happy Christmas


  1. I know how those days go!! Hope all gets better for you!!! You're way ahead of me on the decor though...I've been so busy I am just today doing a super intense cleaning and taking down the Fall decor...Christmas is on hold here for a few more days!! Take care.

  2. Calm down. Take a deep breath and then scream loudly!! ha Sorry things have been such a mess today. Just remember, tomorrow will be better!


  3. Replies
    1. Yes, the kind my former head nurse made:}

  4. Well, it looked pretty while it lasted. Days like that are ones that I end up in bed by 8:00 pm.

  5. So sorry to hear about your shattered ornaments, Olive. They looked so pretty too. Sorry also that you had such a frustrating time on the phone. Grrrrr!! Hope tomorrow will be better for you.

  6. I've had the same experience with glue dots. And representatives...Sigh. I hope it becomes better for you quickly.

  7. Your hanging ornaments were beautiful-too bad about the fall. Hope you got your phone thing cleared up. It's so frustrating!

  8. Oh No! It can only get better(honestly). I hate being on the phone when they offer you multiple choices, keep you waiting in a queue and play crappy music for 20 minutes. By the time somebody does get round to answering, you've lost the drift and have to start all over again.

  9. Darn, so sorry about the ornament loss, But the ones in the bowl and the ones hanging are beautiful and crafty:)

  10. I do feel for you Olive after having gone to so much trouble to make the balls look extra special with the red and white cord, then the glue dots to let you down - good warning. By the way before they did fall down and break, they looked gorgeous.
    I have been having a job trying to order a shirt for my granddaughter. The website told me I did not have authority to enter. Then when I got in they would not accept my date of birth and kept asking me to redo it. I wondered if they wanted me to make a date up as I was doing it correctly. I then discovered that they did not want any stops between the day, the month, and the year. Oh, dear. Finally they would not accept my credit card, but accepted then stated that they would send it without payment - I am confused!!!!

  11. Oooh Olive... I am wishing your day starts going better right this minute... your ornaments did look so pretty hanging there!... I'm so sorry they fell... and I know exactly how you feel about your head ready to burst when you tell the same story over and over again to people on the phone you are trying to deal with... and if that's not bad enough, usually they are in Taiwan or somewhere and don't even speak our language... asking for a supervisor makes it even worse sometimes!... now... go let that sweet pup of your kiss you right on the nose and make it all better... doggies do that, you know... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. PS Nothing against anyone from Taiwan... just wonder why USA stores customer service is always someplace like that...

  13. I would suggest a toddy and a break. It will all be better in the AM! A toddy....start over tomorrow....that USUALLY works for me!
    The decor that was SUPPOSED to be up today is, I'm kinda right there with you!

  14. Oh no! The display was pretty, too. Tomorrow's a new day and hopefully it goes better for you. :) I've been finding shattered ornaments due to some new furry critters who are enjoying their first Christmas!

  15. Take a deep breath, Olive. I think the shattered ornaments are sorta artistic. Seriously, I hope you weren't barefoot when you stepped on it. I also hope your day got better.

  16. Oh no. I would throw something, then have a big laugh about what you threw, then take a long bath and then eat some ice cream or chocolate. (((((HUGS))))

  17. My decorating has gone a little like this also. One step forward two behind! I going to quit decorating and bake!:)

  18. Oh, you poor little thing! I'm sorry you've had some challenging days! My house is a mess and I can't work more that about 30 minutes and I'm exhausted! Well, your little hanging balls (that didn't sound right, did it? :) look so sweet and I like the cord you've used. Yep, I'd say that counts for crafting. Take three deep breaths and tomorrow will be a better day.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Oh sorry you had a bad day, Olive. The ornaments looked nice hanging over the table too.

  20. Oh Olive, I am so sorry you are having such a tough day. We've all dealt with those phone calls, hope tomorrow is a better one!

  21. Yes you are a crafter. These are so pretty and very clever, well maybe without the glue dots. I'm sorry you're having such a bad time with those very frustrating customer service folks. I hope you were able to get somewhere with them even though I'm sure they were half way across the world. I feel your pain, and that goes for stepping on the ornaments too:-)

  22. I'm sorry you had such a bad least now you have an excuse to buy new ornaments :o)
    Hopefully tomorrow will be better?!?!?

  23. Yikes!! Sorry you had a bad day, but your post actually had me laughing. (Sorry...hope you can laugh about it in a few days as you look back at this post, too.) I know what you mean about not feeling crafty, but that you're good at thrifting, decorating, and gardening. I'm exactly the same way! In fact, I just wrote a post about that myself. lol

    Hope tomorrow is better. :-)

  24. This made me laugh-only because I can relate. You know I don't talk ugly, but I promise decorating makes me want to cuss!

  25. Oh my, you have had a rough patch, but it will get better. You had a great idea on hanging the ornaments, but maybe a spot of glue to keep the caps on.

  26. Well it was QUITE PRETTY AND CRAFTY while it lasted :)

  27. Sorry your ornaments broke.I love what you did by hanging them from the chandy. I hate to even call any one on the phone, other than family. You absolutely have to have a project in your hands while you wait for the only real person in the company to get on the phone...or so it seems. Good wishes for you. Smiles, Susie

  28. So sorry things are not going quite right but your photography sure is beautiful. :)

  29. Oh no, and your ornaments looked so pretty hanging from the chandelier. Hope the rest of the week is better.
    Mary Alice

  30. Oh OLive,
    What a shame but, it nearly always happens to me when I'm decorating the tree. A couple of years ago, I dropped my favourite mercury glass heart bauble which shattered on the floor. I picked up the larger pieces and displayed them on one of our mantlepieces.....I couldn't bear to part with it !!
    Enjoy the rest of your Christmas preparations ..... I'm sure all will go well from now on. XXXX

  31. Just catching up on the shattered balls... they DID look lovely and I think you WERE quite crafty! Hopefully things will smooth out. Aaaah, "the representative", I was one of those once - it's almost as bad being one as having to deal with one. Ann

  32. Olive,
    Thank you so much for linking up this week. I think your ornaments are just smashing, in more ways than one.

  33. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that, Olive! I've done that myself. They seem to fall in slow motion. Yesterday all my command hooks seemed like they gave up. I had three things fall down {and I didn't even touch them}.

  34. Aw geeze Olive! I hope they weren't precious old family ones? And high five *SLAP* of solidarity on the crafter challenged! With my luck the whole darn chandelier would've fallen down too *winks* Better luck with the next service person! Vanna

  35. I feel & share your ornaments shattering pain. The cable company told me I was not an authorized user after holding 30 minutes :)


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