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Friday, November 30, 2012

Effortless Substitution

I have made a couple of easy substitutions on this little table. 
The Santa pitcher in place of a transferware pitcher. 
 I added live poinsettias which are not expensive.
 In fact I paid .99 cents for this one. 

The breadboard was added in the summer. 
The large book stayed. 
The candles joined the antlers in the terracotta funeral basket.

Oh and I hung the swag of apples and cinnamon from the basket. 
Simple and effortless substitution for a Christmas vignette.

You can see the original configuration in my Adding Natural Elements post.

That has been one of my most viewed posts.

Add Christmas details to what you already have with a few substitutions.
 It's easy.

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I will be changing it into a blog roll as soon as I figure out how to do that. 
I asked for help and a kind and very smart blogger is helping me.
I will be working on getting it up and running. 
And I thought being an RN was stressful.

Happy Christmas


  1. Good morning Olive... it looks so pretty!... I love real Poinsettias and am going to buy one for sure today after seeing how pretty yours looks!... love your little swag of cinnamon and apples... did you make it?... wishing you a beautiful winters day, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. This is really pretty - I love all the texture. I am curious - what is a funeral basket ? Is it a southern thing ? I keep seeing you mention them and inquiring minds want to know :-)

    1. Vicki, it's what flowers were arranged in on graves. I think they can be found up North as well. I have blogging friends around the country who collect them. Of course it is done now too but they are plastic or the wicker looks new. It is not difficult to spot a truly vintage one.

  3. Another beautiful vignette my friend!! Love it!

  4. How cute, I'm so glad you pointed out all the details of your vignette. I would have missed the apple garland.

  5. I do like adding just a touch of Christmas to a vignette I already have established. Sure makes it easier when it's time to clear it all out after the holidays too. I hate to feel like I'm having to "move" my whole house for one holiday! LOL! Your little touches look very nice.

  6. Love how the vignette turned out by adding just a few Christmasy things. I passed up a couple of funeral baskets and now I'm kicking myself.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. That's just the sweetest vignette! love every inch of it!! We've never seen a terra cotta funeral pot....very interesting! We've only found wicker ones up here!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. So pretty. I love the poinsettia. They always lend such a classic Christmas touch. I love all the colors they have available now.

  9. Very pretty. I like the easy decorating, so you don't have to redo everything again in January!

  10. I just saw the label on the post of "funeral basket". I was just thinking that you have quite the collection of them now.

  11. So sweet! Very simple and festive.

  12. A lovely Christmas arrangement Olive and not too fussy or 'blingy' !!'re very good at putting things together.
    Happy "getting ready for Christmas'. XXXX


  13. Hi Olive

    I sold a huge rusty tin funeral basket last summer at one of my yard sales. I took it to the flea market twice and no one evenlooked at it.I had used it for years so let it go

    I really enjoyed you simple sweet vignette, I hope I have time this week end to do a little vignette or two or three


  14. Good Evening Olive, I love how the beautiful poinsettia sits perfectly in your Christmas pitcher. I love red and green at Christmas time. The book Redoute's Roses looks very interesting..... my favourite flowers are roses so I'm sure I would enjoy reading your book. Have a lovely weekend. Best Wishes Daphne

  15. Your arrangement is really lovely. I love the bright scarlet of the poinsettia. I think my Christmas decorations will be along those lines too.

  16. Love your easy decor Olive...great price on the plant.


  17. Very pretty! Love the great color the poinsettia adds-enjoy:@)

  18. Adding Christmas decor to what we already have is such great advice! Lovely!

  19. Oh nothing compares to the stress of making changes on a blog, Olive! I love your simple substitutions and it shows what a small touch can do to bring seasonal prettiness to an already existing pretty vignette. Ann

  20. You have no idea how much I adore that little carved commode table you have Olive!!!!! I love the Christmas vignette and how you were able to effortlessly change it out.
    big hugs...

  21. Love this, friend, you
    truly have the knack!!

    Had to laugh at your
    comment about the
    stress of blog changes!
    As you can tell, since
    my blog has hardly
    changed since day one,
    I don't like stress : )

    Happy Saturday,
    xo Suzanne

  22. Such a sweet vignette, Olive. Love it!

  23. You know I love this, Olive. It's so European and Frenchy.

  24. Oh Olive, I LOVE everything about this darling Christmas vignette you created! Enjoy your Sunday, Gail

  25. So clean and simple, I love it! I would never have thought to pair such ordinary items like this, but in the end it really makes for a nice homey christmas display. Very pretty!

  26. Love the natural look! Such a nice little vignette.

  27. Adding in the wooden board completed the initial vignettes, Olive. sometimes, the simplest touch, such as adding in a small touch of color in a floral can make all the difference in changing out a look. That's exactly what you did...
    :-) Sue


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