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Monday, June 17, 2013

Estate Sale Pottery

Good Monday Morning Friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Father's day weekend. Joe, CC, and I did. I took Joe to brunch at Juniper in Ridge Spring, South Carolina after church. We had shrimp gumbo and magical grits I tell you.

 Then we went to day two of a terrific estate sale where an interesting woman was moving to Hawaii and did not wish to ship her vintage and antique items. Lucky us. Hence I obtained the white tureen above.

The platter is from France and is a charmingly crazed old piece. The little green pitcher is Western Stoneware from Monmouth Illinois. I cannot find this piece anywhere online to date it or determine it's value. Right now ebay has only seven Monmouth pieces for sale that I could locate.

How about a little estate sale bling? This necklace, likely from the 1950's, is gorgeous. The earrings are not bad either.

This vintage evening bag appears dirty but it is actually some sort of patina on that surface which may be ivory or bone. It is much prettier in person.

I want to thank all of you who commented on the last post Tied To A Place. Those were the best and most well written comments I have received since my Hold Everything Lightly Series.

{Later today I am off to take photos in regards to my good news.}

happy thrifting


  1. Good morning! I probably wouldn't ship those items all that distance either only to have breakage. Love the tureen, lucky you!

  2. The beautiful blues in that necklace are so pretty! What a great find. Happy Monday :-)

  3. Lovely finds. I've got to get out to estate sales. I would imagine they're in full bloom right now. Great opportunities!

  4. I'm always afraid to go to the second day of a sale, thinking nothing good will be left, but you have proven that I need to shake a stick and get over there no matter what day it is! Good finds. I especially like the evening bag.

  5. It's great to hit a sale like that and really score some unique items.

  6. Beautiful platter! I had to go back to see your 'tied to a place' post and the comments. Your beautiful photos alone were so evocative, but I agree about the comments. So enjoyable to read.

  7. I love the purse! I see what it is....I'll bet it is an Indian piece (the country).

  8. Awesome finds. I scrolled through the photos before I read your narrative and I was thinking "Wow, that little purse could use a bath". Glad to know it is made that way. Happy you had a great Father's Day.

  9. Olive,
    great stuff! The little pitcher is so cute and of course, the tureen in very cool. That little purse is very unique, great find!

  10. Love that unique little purse! I also love crazed pieces of pottery, etc. It just adds so much character. Great finds.


  11. You scored some lovely items, Olive! And I see you're stringing us along about your news. Are you going to be featured in a magazine??
    Mary Alice

    1. Good heaven no Mary Alice. That would be news.

  12. Woo Hoo! You did good. Lovely things. The tureen and that platter is really a pretty one. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. All your finds are so nice. I really love the Mommouth piece, although I've never heard of that. The color is lovely.

  14. Oh Olive...I had so much fun catching up on your last three posts tonight. I LOVED the photos you took of the baby bassinet in that beautiful room.
    I love all the pieces you found while out hunting. You really unearthed some great stuff!
    I always love your beautiful photography and hate missing any of your posts!
    I'm so glad your family enjoyed a nice Father's Day.
    sending hugs...

  15. Love your Estate Sale finds . . . the tureen is my favorite although the Western Stoneware from Monmouth, Illinois is almost making it to First Place. I can see some lovely fresh flowers arranged in that little piece!

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  17. You did really good for the second that necklace and earrings.



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