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Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Goodbye Summer. Our little flower garden in the backyard is winding down. I have been sitting outside and basking in the cooler drier air. Fall is coming. I am thrilled. The hummingbirds are very busy. These are some of the last summer images of our little flower garden. This is our first season we have had working in it. The azaleas in the background are blooming now. They are Encore azaleas. I am told we are fortunate to have them and not to prune them.

eggs black pt 048eggs black pt 005

eggs black pt 002

Joe, my lovey, eats these peppers right off the plant!

eggs black pt 047

I adore terracotta  pots and cannot have enough of them. Then I must fill them!

eggs black pt 032

eggs black pt 026

eggs black pt 042

eggs black pt 040

That huge begonia was purchased on clearance and once placed in the ground just flourished. The above ferns and climber were bought on Saturday one half off. Digging in the dirt and planting plants in the garden is so relaxing for me.

Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.

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  1. This is all so gorgeous, what a great spot you have! I can see now why you work so hard on your garden, it's a lovely sanctuary. Joe must have iron guts to eat those thingies! ouch.

  2. Beautiful plants...looks like you love plants too...I loooove working with my flowers!


  3. Beautiful...and those peppers look just too pretty to eat!

  4. Your plants all still look good to me. I am getting ready to throw away most of the ones on my deck. They are pathetic.

  5. Your yard is soooooooooooo lovely! Such a very green thumb.

  6. Oh I am so ready for fall. I am counting every minute. This awfully hot summer just did me in. Your plants all look wonderful to me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Lovely - sometimes the transition from summer to fall can be hard on the garden but yours looks good.

  8. Your garden is lovely!

    Joe is my kinda guy, I love to eat those peppers, too. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. All of your plants are great. Flowers are my weakness. Your peppers look so pretty. I do not know how anyone could eat one off the plant without burning up. Trust they are not too hot. It has gotten below 100 here this week, but fall a long way off.

  10. I must be dreaming. Your garden is so green and mine...heck, it doesn't even qualify as a compost bin!
    Tell him not to rub his eyes after picking and devouring those little devils!

  11. You have a gorgeous yard and plants....they all did so well.

  12. Your garden is beautiful, even with fall setting in on your awesome plants, it's lovely! I love your yard, look at those trees back there, awesome place to live and wonder around!

    Have a happy day!


  13. What a nice green thumb you have. By this time of the year, what few plans I have look half dead!

  14. Joe must have taste buds of iron to eat those!! I feel like crying just looking at them!!! LOL!
    What a gorgeous garden, Olive..I'm sure it will look fantastic during the Fall too!

  15. Olive, I am still on the fence between fall and summer. Today is 90 degrees and sunny. I keep summer going as long as I can.....but fall does have its delights!
    Your garden, walkways, terracotta, are lovely!


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