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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Schrooms, We Got Em

We have had numerous afternoon thunderstorms recently. The result of which is our yard is finally somewhat damp and literally covered in mushrooms. They started small and at the time I took photos were the size of saucers.

The neighbors are probably convinced I am a certified loon as I crawled all over the front yard snapping photos of these cuties on my abdomen.

Enjoy our schrooms

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The above photo was taken by Joe. Thanks bunches sweetie. I am linking with A Southern Daydreamer for the Outdoor Wednesday link party.


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  1. It is amazing what we will do to get a few photos for our blog. Great shroom shots.

  2. These photos are fantastic! I love mushrooms! I think they are so enchanting! I also love to eat them, the edible ones of course!

    Have A Great Night!

  3. Isn't it amazing how they seem to appear out of nowhere? Your photos are great!

  4. I'm chuckling at the thought of you crawling around with the neighbors watching take pics of 'shrooms! Great detail in your first photo :-)

  5. Tiny alien spaceships, yep, that's what you have there. very strange, and you crawling around, even stranger. but really great photos!
    love ya, dear,

  6. Oh, thank you so much for rolling around on your tummy just for us to snap! You've got some very cute little Schrooms ( I love that word )! I used to love to kick them as a little girl and watch them explode! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. My neighbors probably question my sanity too! Great photos! Proof that there is beauty in everything - even fungus.

  8. Aren't they cute? Didja see any fairies whilst you were crawlin' around down there? :)


  9. I can get down to take the photo, but I have a hard time getting up!

    Enjoyed visiting as usual-


  10. Your neighbor must be worried about you...don't you love that??? LOL!!!!

  11. Great shots! I'm sure my neighbors have given up trying to figure me out!

    Thanks for the visit!

  12. Wow, Olive, these are great pictures--I sure wish you'd hook them up to my Creative Spirit Monthly's in effect right now on my Whimsical Musings blog...If you want, just hook it don't need to change or add anything on your page. I'd just love for you to be part of it because your photography is amazing.

    I came on actually to write about your comments on friendship and I can see that you are so right...My husband was out of town for 6 months last year and my family is in another state...It was so difficult....I don't know how I got thru it to be was really hard....

    I couldn't even get over being freaked out about being
    So, I could really relate about what you wrote as my family isn't here and it feels very different...Especially my mom and kids...they're in 3 different, you can imagine how crazy that is...Luckily,
    we talk every day...and I agree with you...I don't like texting at's so cold...
    Sending hugs your way!!!

  13. We don't seem to have any on the ground this year that I have noticed... BUT, we have huge dinner plate sized shrooms growing on the side of one of our trees. Very interesting looking.


  14. That's one way to keep the pesky neighbors from bothering! These are wonderful the color contrasts.
    Don't you just love it when 'shrooms come up in fairy circles?

  15. lovely pictures of the mushrooms!

  16. Are they edible? Fantastic photos! I could neither get down and definitely never get up!!

  17. These are delightful photos of mushrooms. You did a great job crawling around. :-) I've come visiting via Outdoor Wednesday. Glad I did! Are these mushrooms edible? They look like the ones my parents used to collect from cottonwood after a rain.

  18. I love mushrooms, thank you for crawling around.. They remind me of little houses...I dont know why.

  19. Ooooh! wow at first I thought that they were not real, that you had some art piece placed in the yard...Amazing that you captured there unique beauty.
    Thank you for your visit to my place.

  20. Hi Olive,
    I just popped over to say "hi!" Since you visited, I know you can see what I'm up to this Wow, that's a great idea--2 houses! Except then I'd have art in both places...hmmm...what a dilemma, huh?

    Progress is being made...I just wish I was 20--this would be easier...

  21. Hi Olive,
    Oh my gosh! I hadn't been to my WHimsical Musings blog yet, so I didn't know you had linked the photos up--I'm SOO happy you are part of the event! Yippee! I think it's so fun to see what everyone is doing...lots of creative people out there and they're so nice. Oh, I'm so happy you joined the party because I LOVE your mushroom pictures.

  22. Oh...I bet the fairies love huddling under these during storms.
    GREAT photos!

  23. What a great and interesting post. I cannot believe you were on your tummy capturing all these toads in so many different angles. I trust the neighbors did not see you. What we won't do for our blog.

  24. Oh, such great mushroom pictures. In winter, I have mushrooms growing in my yard too, and I love to photograph them.

  25. Think of the money your saving in buying those concrete mushrooms that are all the rage. gee wonder if their edible?
    My husband made me take pictures of a huge spider today....unfortunately not blog material I'm afraid.
    good thing I'm not freaked out by them.

  26. It's worth the crawling on the ground, you captured gorgeous and detaied photo of the mushroom, they're very quick to grow...

  27. Those mushrooms looked huge! I felt like a smurf from the pictures. Yet they look so pretty and clean. Thanks for sharing those natural wonder.

  28. Great makes me look at mushrooms in a whole new light!

  29. Love these photos.
    Made me remember the ones we had in my yard back east growing up. They were small and round and when you stepped on them they exploded in a puff of white smoke.

    We called them puffs, but I have no idea now what they were or if they were dangerous, I just remembered them some 50 years later thanks to your pics!so thanks for the memory!


    BTW..I wonder if Paula can get figs? hmmmm

  30. I am laughing at the thought of what they must've thought if they looked out their window at just the most opportune time! :)
    But the photos are FABULOUS! I am so glad you hooked it up to Cindy's!
    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  31. Hi Olive,
    I just came over to say "hi" and hope you're having a good weekend!


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