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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

This is my first Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Day Dreamer.

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Our crepe myrtle by our deck is blooming now and we see it every time we are in the kitchen. The hummers have feeders stationed in this myrtle. It is a very busy tree.

july 4 2010 027-1 

The next two images are of a fuzzy Jew and a mother-in-law plant on our deck. The fuzz reminds me of cobwebs. This plant grows rapidly. I have since planted it in the ground. It roots easily.

july 4 2010 028


july 4 2010 029

My Aunt Vera always had a mother-in-law’s plant on the porch when I was a child and I think of her when I walk by this one. I bought it from a charming older lady who could talk up a storm! The price was one dollar.

Please visit the others at Outdoor Wednesday for more beautiful outdoor images.

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  1. Your camera takes great shots. We have crepe myrtles, too. Never seen the fuzzy plant before.

  2. Hey Olive-it's my first outdoor Wednesday also! Glad to see you here!

  3. Your crepe myrtle looks great, very pretty color-enjoy!

  4. What charming memory you have of your AUnt! Your camera...or you take outstanding pictures!

  5. Pretty plants! Most of mine are struggling due to this heat!

  6. Great photos~ our crepe myrtles are about the only thing blooming right now in this heat :-)

  7. You must have a nice camera and you definitely know how to use it. These are amazing flower shots.

  8. Wonderful post! My friend and I just did this blog party for the first time this week, too!

  9. Hello Olive,
    It's nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my blog for a kind visit. You are always welcome.

    Your crepe myrtle is lovely. I hope our little ones do as great. Beautiful photos as well.

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  10. Such pretty photos of your plants. I love crepe myrtles, and yours is a beauty. laurie

  11. Your photos are just beautiful. You had some gorgeous plants to share for Outdoor Wednesday.

  12. Excellent photos of crepe myrtles.
    Joyce M

  13. beautiful photos. i have seen a crepe myrtle last summer. love the vivid color.

  14. Everything seems
    to grow like mad
    in the South!!!
    Beautiful pics,
    Olive; I felt
    like I could just
    reach out and rub
    those fuzzy leaves,
    especially : )
    Happy Wednesday!
    xx Suzanne

  15. Nothing says summertime prettier than a blooming crepe myrtle and your is a beauty.
    I always giggle over the name "mother-in-law's tongue". Wonder what poor woman (or man) came up with that!

  16. Such pretty pictures! You have a green thumb! My crepe myrtles never bloom, no matter what we do.

  17. Great shots of what most would think ordinary plants!

  18. My goodness, where ARE you? These were all in my garden on the North/South Carolina border. What beautiful shots!

  19. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday. I love looking at what everyone is doing and growing....great shots of the plants you have. Your Mother in Law plant looks like what we call a snake plant here!

  20. Beautiful photos an yor plants look so healthy!..Christine


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