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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Keep on Listening

Listen. Keep on listening.

Breathe deeply.

Dance in the rain.

Just dance.

Cook and bake. Eat pie. Or cookies.

In moderation.

Pray. Every day. Read poems. Heck just read. Books. Lots of them.

Walk often. Drink hot tea. Or coffee.

Plant flowers. Kiss the cat. Call the kid. Sit on the sofa with the hubs. Every day.

People before objects. Measure your days by time spent with others.

Be slow to anger. Quick to listen. Keep on listening.


goals by olive cooper


grace surrounds us



  1. Worthy goals for all of us; (well, except for kissing the cat...Gracie would be offended!)

    Have a lovely day,

    P.S. That's a cute picture of you & your sweetie over there!

  2. OOOOH Olive!!
    how beautiful!!
    Love Clovis..I think I have his brother..Bubba!
    Georgia has some lovely waterfalls also,, ooh but the humidity!
    (i lived in East Central Alabama (Clay County near Mt Cheaha for 20+ years..)
    Come visit any time.. coffee is on in the mornings.. then switch to iced tea..
    Colorado is so delightful.. but come cold gray January, you may hear a few southern swears!
    or else I'll be on the beach back home in Florida!!
    warm sandy hugs..
    I am now a follower.. I like your style!!

  3. Beautifully said, Olive..those are my goals, too! Oh, and hugging the dog is in there as well. Love your list!

    I also love that cute pic of you and hubby..very cute...


  4. My dear Olive, you said it so well. Wonderful reminders of the best things in life!
    love ya,

  5. Thank you Olive! That was lovely. La

  6. Oh my gosh--I LOVE this!!! It should be published!!! It is awesome!!!
    I am still laughing about how collages build character...what happened was I made mine in picasa but it wouldn't work...tried ALL day...
    Then, I found out that because I have a Mac I needed different software...made it in 5 minutes from start to finish! How crazy was that?

    Here is your "unexpected chocolate!"

  7. Hi ~ Wonderful goals to live by. I would love to try and get those all in daily - the kids sometimes put a wrench in that, but
    I ALWAYS kiss the cat and have my tea! I do have my priorities:)

  8. From one Olive to another - that is such a lovely post. I have to say 'Thank you' to Chania for finding my way to your site.

  9. Oh Olive, what a wonderful and special post! I love your posts, I missed them while I was away!

    Have a great weekend!



I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive