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Friday, August 6, 2010

This Barn Chick Trespasses

I must say I went to the authority in this county on who to contact for visiting the properties I wanted access to. My hairdresser. She knows everyone. She is connected! She got me phone numbers and numbers of people’s children, just in case. Just saying. She did not want me in any sort of trouble. She understands I am trouble prone.

Unfortunately, no one answered the phone. I trespassed anyway. Can you see me explaining to the man with a big ole shotgun “ugh you don’t know me but the lady who cuts my hair knows you and me!”

Dear Lord. It did not happen (the man with the gun part). I took Joe and CC with me. We were in my Mini Cooper. Just how much stolen goods can ya put in a Mini with three people in it?

Anyhoo, I had much fun in the rain and clouds in Athens, Georgia one morning. Too bad about the rain. I found a very old small barn right by the road and proceeded to get soaking wet! I did not trespass this time. Our old Southern barns seem to be small unlike the great Northern and Midwestern barns which I think are so pretty.

barn flowers 002

river barn 037

This little place, redone from an older structure is on a hill close to Bob and Sue’s house. Bob is my Joe’s brother. My favorite photo from this link was taken on this porch. Look for it in a minute or two as I had way to much fun with this barn stuff.

river barn 042

Get ready for glorious rust!

river barn 050

The Linton Community in Washington county, Georgia has many historic structures. One of them is a 1940’s blacksmith shop. I nearly walked into a hornet’s nest at the blacksmith’s shop. This link party is fraught with danger.

linton barns 010

linton barns 016

linton barns 017

linton barns 011

This is the property where I honestly tried to call the man and his daughter. I just walked on up and took photos very quickly. I really like his old signs.

linton barns 008

linton barns 007

This Stop sign is hanging on our shed at the old house. We have a couple of very old sheds that I might share with you another time. I realize this post was loooong.


Do not stop go to Brayton Homestead Interiors for the Barn Chicks Party. Please visit there for more barn goodness.

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  1. Hello Olive, your barns and other outbuildings and everything are just wonderful! I too crept into places to photograph mine and hoped no one would mind! Love the old filling stations signs... and to this day, I still drink RC Cola! Thanks so much for sharing these beauties... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. What wonderful old barn photos. Love the rust and all those old signs. Where exactly do you live? You know I am not that far from Athens.

  3. Wonderful photos glad you came away unscathed; it was definitely worth the risk! :)


  4. I am always intrigued by old barns. We had one not too far from where I live that I thought was a lovely reminder of an earlier time (since it was getting encroached by new homes). Unfortunately time took it's toll and the barn fell down....the wood is still all there though. No cool signs like the ones you pictured.
    Have a great day.

  5. The camera's lens just seems to love old buildings and rusty things.

    Lovely photos!


  6. I love weathered old buildings. So much fun to see and photograph.


  7. Great photos, glad you didn't end up in jail! Are the chiggers still out? So you have a Mini, huh, very classy, Girlfriend!

  8. You did some serious barnstorming girl! Love the one with the rocks for leveling.

  9. oh, I love it all!! thanks for being a Barn Chick. so appreciate the link to the party! Am enjoying gwtting to know you. LOVE the signs...


  10. Thanks for the barn tour...I love all the old very vintage ;-)


  11. Olive I love the signage on the side of the barn. How great!!

    I have a new Giveaway!!

    Art by Karena

  12. I love your Barn post, so glad you didn't get into any trouble taking your pictures!!!

  13. I too was an outlaw of a trespasser on the barn chick hunt in TX! I laughed at your just "walking up", because that's exactly what I did also. Love all your photos! My favorite is Joe's brothers wood place with the advertising & rust. It'd be fun to play in there for sure! Great tour!

  14. You are too funny...I laughed when you said you were trespassing. I wanted to too but I was too chicken. Those farmers have guns ya know!!!!
    Great pictures and your post was not too long ...just right!

  15. Great barns. Glad you didn't have to get bailed out;)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  16. These are great looking barns~ and I love all the rusty old signs...Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments!

  17. Wonderful wonderful post of some of the best old things. Barns and signs are the best. You did a super job on this one.

  18. Olivia, we are kindred spirits, indeed! I too, love old builings and don't always follow the rules. If you get a chance, check out my post, 'No Entry!' from August 2nd..I think you'll identify with it..LOL.

    I loved your comments on my blessings post. I also know
    about physical limitations, dealing with Chronic Fatigue and painful Fibromyalgia as I do on a daily basis. But, like you, I'm able to get out and about, visit thrift stores with my hubby Mike, and enjoy spending time with my adult sons. We are lucky, indeed, to be so loved, aren't we? Glad you're continuing to feel better...

    Imagination Lane

  19. I love these! The signs are wonderful so vintage and rusty! I also love the old gas pump...way cool!

    Great post!


  20. Don't you love going through people's barns, now if they'd only sell me half the things I wanted. Great post, Theresa

  21. Really love your pictures! My MIL lives in south GA so we are used to seeing lots of wonderful old barns. Thanks for the blog visit! Go Math!

  22. Glad no shotguns were used. I thought the same thing when I was taking pictures - I was thinking maybe I should just do drive by barn pictures lol.

  23. You found great barns and I am on your team-
    trespassing is the way to go!
    My traveling partner of a husband doesn't agree-

    Dear Olive-
    Thank you for your wonderful visits to my blog and your great comments.

    You are the best-


  24. saw your blog. i'm in north ga. rome ga. i have an old house with a barn almost 100 years old love this stuff. great photos. will follow rose

  25. Mike and Frank (American Pickers) would be so proud of you. Not only are you unafraid to tread the dangerous path, you brought back photos of things they pay top dollar for.

    Great post. Glad you got out alive.

  26. Olivia,
    These barns are fabulous! Just looking at them makes me think of the people that have been in them, used them and still do today. Rich with history, thank you so much for sharing!
    Oh, and I love the rust tooooo!
    Blessings, Lisa :-)

  27. Olive-Love your old barn photos. I especially love the picture with the gas signs and the Sunbeam bread sign hiding on the other side. Glad you lived to tell the story and share the pictures :)

  28. Glad you didn't get in trouble taking shots of these wonderful barns, Olive! I never tire of seeing old barns...small or large.

    Just joined as a follower and would love to have you come my way for a visit.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  29. I am the one who does DRIVE BY barn photos! That way the shotguns don't come out. lol. Hubby drives and I take pictures.
    Loving your photos however you got them!!

  30. love the post...and those signs are rather neat...

  31. Those photos are awesome. I love love love old barns. I will stop by the party to see some more photos!


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