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Monday, January 10, 2011

Blue Monday, Blue Chest

Happy Monday!
We have loads of excitement going on here at the old house.
I was walking in the big drafty, unheated hallway and IT WAS RAINING INSIDE.
Good morning to me!
The rain was all over a very nice antique oak wash stand. Moving furniture before coffee is never good.

That is one of the joys of this old house. The roof leaks when the wind blows a certain way.
Since it rained/sleeted/snowed apparently at intervals during the night a part of the tin roof blew off.

Then Joe slid into a ditch, with his four wheel drive Jeep, while at work. Someone pulled him out with a chain. Yay.

What I have planned for today has nothing to do with the above. Just sharing my Blue Monday issues. I thought I would show snippets of our bedroom at the old house.

This blue lingerie chest was purchased from a local antique store and works with Joe's paint colors. It appears gray but trust me it is turquoise blue. The lighting is poor today due to the Winter storm in full fling. Joe is not afraid of color. The plaster walls are peach, the trim is turquoise, and the base boards are purple! All painted before we married. His dad had painted the entire house battle ship gray in 1976 and these colors were a welcome relief I imagine.

The milk glass bowl was given to me by my dear cousin. Every item scattered on this table has meaning for me.

This gives you some idea of the original bull's eye molding we have on the windows and doors downstairs in the old house.

I will be joining the fabulous Marty for Table Top Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life.
Do check out the others for more table tops.

grace surrounds us


  1. Oh, the joys of living in an old house....really I wouldn't have a new one but boy sometimes I am tempted, lol. Love your chest and the color too :)


  2. Oh dear...grab your galoshes : D



  3. I'm sort of liking the turquoise trim. It must br cheery to wake up to. Unless your roof is leaking on you.

    Sorry about Joe. Isn't 4-wheel drive supposed to save you from those situations? Unless you are like me and don't know how to engage it. I used to crawl out onto the road to hand turn a thing on the wheels to engage my brother's 4-wheel drive on his old Jeep, but can't get the hang of putting it in place on my husband's newer Jeep that can be engaged from inside the vehicle.

  4. Oh NO! Stay safe, warm, and just blog away, take some pics with your new camera and have fun.

  5. I'm glad Joe's okay. I love the way you talk about him. It's super-sweet!!

    Ugggh, waster through your roof? I hope it gets mended soon.....and that your furniture escaped unharmed.


  6. Hello Olive... sounds like quite a bit of excitement (?) for a Monday!... I would so love to own an old house like you do... I love all your little precious treasures full of priceless memories... I hope you got your coffee by now and things are calming down for you!... love checking in and seeing what you are up to! My hubby loves trains, and really liked your photos from your previous post!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Olive, you sent a chill up my spine! I think we are experiencing your weather this afternoon - rainy and then getting chilly, but no leaks - yet! Your treasures are lovely. Ann

  8. Oh my sounds like the morning didn't start off too well. Love your house and all of your gorgeous antiques. Hugs, Marty

  9. 'Blue chest' in the title made me laugh, for no logical reason! It's a pretty one!

    So hope that your day has only improved after getting off to a rough start.

  10. Oh poor thing. Not the best way to start the week. ...... and, your poor husband. I hope that he was unscathed.
    Beautiful details of your home Olive. Thanks for showing us. XXXX

  11. Ah yes, the Joys of living in an old House are quite extraordinary... but I definitely feel the positives outweigh the negatives and so we endure, improvise and adapt! *wink* Perhaps Tuesday won't be so blue??

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. I love all that color! And yes, I totally understand the joys and problems with living in an old house! Stay dry.


  13. House problems are never fun!! I hope the storm passes quickly and you get it all straightened out soon.

    Beautiful chest and wonderful little vignettes.

  14. No fun finding leaks. We have had some inside walls found much later in a newer home. Love that chest and cute vignettes. Stay warm.

  15. All of the colors sound festive and happy! Unlike, rain in the house and ditches! Hope tomorrow is a sunnier day:@)

  16. Everyone should live in an old house at least once to appreciate the joys and tribulations of This Old House! I've lived in both a new and an old, and crazy me...I love old houses! Wonderful items you have shown today...all with very special stories, I'm sure. Love the turquoise paint color on the door facing!

  17. Oh Olive, how well I know the ups and downs of an older home - I always decide that the ups outweigh the downs, but I absolutely despise roof problems! It seems they are always so difficult (and expensive) to fix. Love the blue chest. And oh, that wonderful bulls eye molding! I'm so glad your husband wasn't hurt in the accident. It snowed a little here last night, but most of it is already melted. Y'all take care out there on the roads. laurie

  18. Those are very upbeat colors in your bedroom, but I suppose they didn't make you too happy this morning. What a shame and about Joe, too. I hope he was okay!


  19. First the good part ... love that little porcelain shoe on your table, and of course -- the woodwork! Bulls eye!

    Now ... about that rain. Think of it as humidifying your dry winter heated air; it will keep your skin young and dewy. And will take the veneer off your furniture as well.

    ACK. Roofs. We had a back roof blow off one Thanksgiving day, spent the dinner with a bucket loudly pling-plinging out a tune right next to the table. Had another part of a roof flow off in a big Nor Easter on the day of the church council Xmas party -- at our house of course. Umbrellas optional.

    Even had a leaking room when we lived on the 6th floor of a NYC apartment bldg.

    Thankfully -- and I am knocking wood -- no leaks so far at That Old House, but our house inspector says that our ancient cedar roof shingles -- the originals -- are under the old curling asphalt ones, and are actually the ones keeping the rain out!

    Ah -- I dream of replacing the roof, and repainting the exterior, but this year we've got a daughter's wedding to pay for. Oh well.

  20. Hi Olive,
    Your home sounds absolutely charming although I'm sure you can do without the 'rain in the house.' I'm glad your hubby was not hurt in the accident and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for sharing and for your visit. Do come back again soon as I love the company.


  21. Darn it all!!! I hope it doesn't make for a blue Tuesday too! LOve your blue trim!

  22. Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear about your leak and your husband's accident, I hope he is ok! I love that your husband went from battleship gray to rainbow colored walls and trim! And your lingerie chest is gorgeous!

    Kat :)

  23. I just love that
    blue chest ~ gorgeous!
    Sorry about the
    roof; that's rough.
    Hope you get it
    patched up, soon....
    CONGRATS on your new
    camera! I finally
    replaced the one that
    was stolen : ) and I'm
    taking photo classes.
    Come visit me tomorrow;
    I'm posting pics from
    my first homework
    xx Suzanne
    PS: I ended up with
    a very reasonable $$
    camera and so far,
    so good....!

  24. loving the blue! crazy for bull's eye trimwork-
    thank you for your comment! love winter whites with hot cocoa...


  25. Oh, bless your heart! Rain in the house!! I hope your hubby was okay after his 'in the ditch' thing!
    I like the looks of your blue chest! It has some beautiful details! That little tiny baby shoe is adorable. Stay warm.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. OLIVE ~ You are just amazing!!! YOU keep your chin up through EVERYTHING!!! Joe in the ditch & raining leaking in...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  27. Enjoyed your Blues. Sorry about the leaks. Nothing like a leaky roof to make you philosophical! I don't like waking up AFTER my day has already started! Hope you're cozy!

  28. Sorry to read how the day started out for you. Raining in the house is something you don't read about every day. Hope Joe doesn't have any injuries from sliding in the ditch.
    Your week can only go up from here!!

  29. Well, I was just listening to the news and heard that Georgia has had quite a bit of snow today. Remember the good ol' days when the north got the snow and the south was warm? Now my sister in NC gets tons of snow and my brother in Maine gets none!!!
    I am so sorry about the leak in your roof and about your hubby skidding into the ditch. I hope he's fine and I hope your furniture is ok. Congratulations about your new camera. I'm crazy about the picture of the tracks in the previous post and I love your lingerie chest in this post. Beautiful!
    Hope you're not up to your elbows in snow.

  30. I loved that chest - so unusual, and I love the little items on the table. They look precious. Sorry about the leak - not so good! Always enjoy looking at your photos, Olive.

  31. Oh the joys of winter! Stay warm and cozy inside and enjoy that perfectly lovely blue chest!!

    Susan and Bentley

  32. What a way to start out your week! But, to live in an old home with character would be worth it. I love the colors you have in your bedroom!

  33. Glad hubby got pulled out okay. Love all your pretties you shared today.


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