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Thursday, January 20, 2011

~the flea was closing~

Do you ever buy something at a flea market and you know it is a fabulous item at a fabulous price?
Such is the case with my dough bowl.

It was the last day of the flea before winter and the flea was closing.
I paid twenty four dollars for this hand carved bowl and it has a faintly carved signature on the bottom.
It comes from Dillard, Georgia.

This is the living room of the yellow house for those of you who have not seen it before.
We have moved the rattan sofa. I am not sure I like it here against the wall.
All the furniture in this room, except the three drawer chest, comes from garage sales. I just realised the three drawer chest does not appear in these photos...yikes.

Not sure about the brown chair either. Hey, I can move all of it.

The throw on the sofa is a vintage one given to me by my cousin, thanks K. The needle point pillow is from an estate sale. It was sixteen dollars. I would never buy one new...they are too expensive.

Joe always marvels at my readers attention to detail. Did you notice the modern art print over the sofa?
It is Joe's and he likes it and having it there and that is love.
I move stuff around all the time and have him help me and that is also love.
There is a whole funny story about buying that print that I might share another time.

I am linking with Debra for Vintage Inspiration Friday at Common Ground.

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  1. That is a fabulous bowl. I love your eclectic mix of treasures...and that is great art work above the couch, I see why Joe likes it there.

  2. LOVE that bowl!!! I have always wanted one...better get to a flea! And I don't think that is a bad price either. Love your house, very light and airy! BTW, your header looks terrific!

  3. I love that room. It looks so warm and cosy and welcoming! I also love the shape of that glass panel on the door.

  4. Great deal on the dough bowl. Loving the new header photo.

  5. Olive, such a nice wooden bowl. They are usually very expensive. Your living room is so warm and cozy. Can I make one little decorating suggestion. The art over the sofa would look so much better if it were hung a lot lower. Six to twelve inches form the top of the sofa is a good height. It will make the art fill connected to the piece it is over. Around six inches above the sofa is a good place to hang it. Hope you don't mind the suggestion.

  6. Olive, my dear, your room looks lovely and comfy, and cheery. A great place to snuggle up!
    The dough bowl REALLY was a deal. And I love the fact that it has a signature of place on the bottom. I can just see that filled with all sorts of seasonal goodies.
    We're snowed in today. Hope you're back to regular GA weather!!
    love ya,

  7. Nice found! And that needle point pillow is just adorable.

  8. Hi Olive, I love your beautiful dough bowl!... I would have snatched that up too... I have never seen inside your yellow home before, I love it also!... the needlepoint pillow is so pretty and your river rock fireplace is great!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Nice deal on the bowl - you did good! :D I have a couple of very old wooden bowls and have used them for so many things over the years.

  10. Great dough bowl, they are so hard to find now. I use to have an oblong one, don't know where it went. Great room, so inviting. Hugs, Marty

  11. Great bowl and your fireplace is amazing Olive:@)

  12. Kim-I did notice the print was too high on the wall. We have never had a sofa on that wall before and I think it is not staying there for long. If it does we will lower it. You can always give me suggestions as we move stuff all the time!

  13. That's a nice bowl, Olive. 20 was a really good price too.

  14. Love the bowl! I just love the fact that the room was furnished with all garage sale finds. How fun!
    That brown burlap covered chair is sooo pretty. Is it burlap? Did you reupholster it yourself?

  15. I look forward to hearing the story about the print one day, and I LOVE that dough bowl...they are so hard to come buy and when you find a good one they are very expensive!

    Kat :)

  16. Rose-it is not burlap and I did not recover it but I only paid three dollars for it. That is what I am good at...finding the good prices.

  17. Love that bowl...I can see why you snapped it up. Love your new header too!!!! Is that photo your's?

  18. Your dough bowl is a wonderful piece! and I really love the tapestry pillow!

  19. what a great bowl!! i love it..i wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind are a jewel and i am your newest follower!

  20. OMG! Whatcha doin' with my dough bowl?

  21. Olive,
    The bowl is wonderful and I love the china plate in it. The needlepoint pillow is a treasure as well. Cozy room.


  22. A well worn wooden bowl is always a welcome addition to a room. Think of the possibilities...lemons heaped in it...knitting supplies....remote!
    Cheery room and the painting...terrif!

  23. Olive you did very well with that dough bowl. I've seen them priced so high. I am very enchanted with the needlepoint pillow - I love them because I know someone put so much work into them. Okay, what I want to know is, what book are you reading that sits beside the bowl? I always have to know what someone is reading...sorry. Your room is bright and lovely. Ann

  24. I love your dough bowl! I have been looking for an oval one. What a great price you got too.

  25. Ciao and best wishes for 2011, I am back at last catching up on so much that I missed while I was away from the blogsphere! Some great posts while I was gone, love this bowl, the mini, the new camera, the weather reports etc but sorry about the leak!

  26. Olive,
    Love your header! It's beautiful.
    The dough bowl is a treasure. I would enjoy the lines, the texture, the history!
    Your wall color is lovely, the fire in the stone fireplace is cozy and romantic, love your old table and beautiful chairs.

  27. I have a dough
    bowl JUST like
    that. I will have
    to check it for
    markings. I can
    just see you two,
    hunkered down in
    front of that fire.
    Looks sooo cozy!
    xx Suzanne


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