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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's Blooming?

I wish I could say Joe and I found fabulous finds at the garage sales today.

We did not.

But the Butterfly bush is showing off.

I prune the Butterfly bush to the ground in February or March and that makes for more blossoms.

This one is now about six feet tall.

We do have one garage sale item from a month ago to show.

We bought this concrete urn for six dollars and put Creeping Jenny and a begonia in it and love how it turned out. Total cost for the whole look is ten dollars.

Petunias are the only annuals we buy because they take our Southern heat very well. 
This is a fifty cent pack in this planter. We buy them tiny and not blooming and get surprised by the color later.

What's blooming in your garden?

grace surrounds us


  1. In the second photo, is that an elephant grazing in your yard????????????? Great pic!! ;)

  2. Olive,

    Love the butterfly bush and the urn is wonderful.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Your flowers are fabulous. The butterfly bush is amazing. Love the urns and yes I do a ton of petunias also since they will take the desert heat for quite a while. Everything looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  4. Such gorgeous shots Olive..thanks for the sunshine!

  5. I usually spend about $80 on plants and was going to get 2 flats of annuals and 3 perrenials. Well, I found a pre-planted pot with black, yes black petunia's. Of course they didn't have any singles. I was not going to spend $20 on a pot of flowers. I looked all around, then went back outside and here there were only 2 left. Yeah, they ended up in my cart. I am just so excited!!!! And yeah,..what's wih the elephant? Are you circus people

  6. I love your butterfly bush Olive! I have to say, your photographs are always stunning and so clear and truly perfect! I'd love to know what kind of camera you have there Olive! I've got geraniums, plumbago, periwinkles, and hibiscus blooming! One thing I love, is being out looking at them and they sure make my day!

    I too want to know about that elephant!


  7. Wow, cut totally back and already 6 feet tall, that's great! Your new urn is very pretty Olive and I love petunias:@)

  8. What a great concrete urn - six dollars? Lucky you!!

  9. A concrete urn for six dollars? How lucky are you?

  10. Hey those urns and my favorite is the creeping Jenny and white that green and white...I had a huge butterfly bush years ago...a friend gave me a tiny sprig of her's...but it died when we tried to move it...I need to get another one...I love them...hope you have a great weekend sweetie....Picket

  11. Hi Olive! I love both of your planters and butterfly bush. So pretty! What's blooming in my garden? A very beautiful tree (I don't know its name), I will post about it in a few days.
    And just like Sherry I'm wondering how could an elephant get into your yard ;-)

  12. Your blooms are so pretty. Our backyard gets so hot in the summer with our southern exposure. Petunias, gerbera daisies, and geraniums are the only three that thrive. Everything else is just too needy.

  13. Olive my first thought was also "why do you have an elephant in your yard?" *winks* Is this a trick of your fabulous photography?
    That was a great score on the concrete planter. And your butterfly bush looks so pretty. I have zippo zero blooming at my house, so it's wonderful to be able to see flowers blooming somewhere *sighs*
    Please DO share a picture of your lounge. I'd LOVE to see it! And you should probably send it my way..... heh heh...*winks* Vanna

  14. Beautiful flowers and urn. I love the butterfly bush too. So hardy and beautiful blooms.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Great photos, Olive. I love that concrete urn and what a buy! I still haven't planted any of my pots. They are sitting there waiting and waiting. I have to paint the deck and haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe this week while it is cooler. I saw that big black cloud heading your way. Went right in front of us and kept going. Glad you got some rain. I am having to run water. Ugh!

  16. While we might qualify as circus people we are not. The elephant is part of a trellis my peeps.

  17. I am looking hi and lo for a concrete urn.
    We are having a little cold spell and when it warms back up, I need to plant pots and pots of luscious blooms. WE NEED RAIN, tho...:(

  18. Your Buddleja are already! I have never tried cutting them back all the way to the ground, happy to know about doing that. Love you new urn, what a great buy. Have a great day.

  19. love your pics- nothing much is flowering here in New England yet!
    and no yard sales yet either. But did go to Brimfield antiques show- awesome...


  20. Hi Olive... love your butterfly bush!... hope you will post some of the pretty visitors it attracts... I also love Petunias... one can never have too many of those!... xoxo Julie Marie

  21. Had to really study that picture with the elephant in it! Thought maybe you had one of those yard art silhouette cut outs that are popular in our neck of the woods...they're usually a man with one foot resting on a tree or something or a dog howling..thought you were being unique with a cut out elephant:-) Closer look and I good tell it was on the trellis...good one Amazing Olive the Circus Lady:-)
    Good to know about when to cut back the butterfly bush...mine will hopefully do better next year. Best, Vicki

  22. Your butterfuly bush really is quite the showoff. As always, so are you with your amazing photography...said with a smile of course!

  23. Glad you cleared up the elephant question! I was starting to picture you in a Reese Witherspoon type circus outfit. I am going to try some Creeping Jenny this year. It's a annual up here (I think), but I like the bright green color of it.

  24. Cue the circus music 'cause your butterfly bush is certainly worthy of center ring status. Gorgeous! BTW...are you able to find petunias that have a scent? Seems like the smell has been lost in trying to perfect what was already perfection.

  25. The concrete urn is wonderful!

    Love the butterfly bush. Ours isn't blooming yet. Really enjoyed seeing yours.

  26. Beautiful flowers, Olive! I love them!...Christine

  27. Hi Olive~
    I need to move to Georgia. You ladies down there get so much more enjoyment out of your gardens! Your butterfly bush is six feet tall AND blooming! Mine is just showing signs of life, thank goodness.

    Your alabaster urn is gorgeous! I love any and all urns, except for maybe plastic ones.... oh, I would probably like those too. :)

    Nice finds!


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