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Monday, October 8, 2012

Copper Cauldron Vignette

The copper cauldron  is center stage on the cheese board on our bar.
I found the cauldron at a moving sale a couple of years ago.
 I added an ironstone painted bowl and some orange accents.
 The ironstone butter dish makes a perfect candle holder.

If you have not seen our bar before it is gigantic
 That is a blessing and a chore.
When four are eating here it is too wide to pass food across to each other.
It also is the clutter catcher in the yellow house. 
Do you have one of those? 
A place that mail and a plethora of items piles up on?

On the flip side decorating the middle of it is fun. 
It makes for a fabulous place to serve supper buffet style too.

One Halloween I might put dry ice in that cauldron. 
That will be a hoot. 
This year the majority of the Halloween decorations
 are not coming out to play.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.
 I am a stubborn,  sometimes non-compliant, nurse patient.
 I am trying to do better.

happy fall


  1. Just checking in on the stubborn nurse patient (your words, not mine)! Just want you to smile and you will when you finish reading how much I enjoyed this post. First to begin I love the cheese board with the little short legs. Just what I've been looking for but your found it first. Second, I love the cauldron. It's so perfect for decorating with for Halloween. The dry ice is fun, I used it in a punch bowl to scare all my guests for a party I had. Everyone loved it. Blessings and take care.......

    The French Hutch

  2. Olive,
    The cauldron is quite special. Your bar is beautiful with its expanse of wood.
    Thanks for turning me on to dough bowls, too.

  3. Love the cauldron in that vignette. Good find!!


  4. My house is too small to have excellent function in each area, so there are many areas that collect junk piles......

  5. Love all the wooden pieces. I've been wanting a few myself but they are difficult to find at a fair price. Great cauldron too!

  6. Love the copper cauldron!!

    My whole house is a place for collecting piles...

  7. Just the fact that you refer to this as a cauldron conjures up all sorts of witchy, halloweeny ideas. I adore your bar...and the dough bowl. It all is just wonderful. Hope you have been sitting with your feet up. :o)

  8. I have a husband who is a clutterer. I move his stuff from the bar and then it graduates to the table. I buy him a filing system to put it in, but still it hangs around in the kitchen. I do not think there is an answer to a born clutterer.

  9. I missed the previous post so I could not scold you, so I will simply comment on the lovliness of the Cauldron Vignette. Please, please put dry ice in it! And take a picture. And sit down and relax. I have been guilty of the same thing - feeling better, push self further than self should, pay the price and everyone shakes their head. Now be a good girl, Olive. Ann

  10. Hi Olive... love your copper cauldron!... and how fun that would be with dry ice for Halloween!... I especially LOVE your cheeseboard you have shown in your vignettes... if you ever decide to sell her, you know where I am!... makes such a cute little "table"... yes, we have a clutter central too... I sort it at least once a day, but somehow there are always keys, sunglasses, mail and Tessy's treats there... oh well... don't sweat the small stuff, right?... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  11. The cauldron is very cool! I bet you can fit a mum plant in that! Dry ice is a wonderful idea! ;-)..Our bar, or peninsula really, is a catch all, too. Every once in awhile I get ambitious and move things around. They are fun to decorate though!

    I hope you are feeling better with each passing day!


  12. Love the copper cauldron and the whole vignette.

  13. Love the warm tones in this vignette, Olive. Yes, I have multiple places clutter ends up.

  14. Haha. Love the dry ice idea. :-) The cauldron vignette is so rich and pretty!

  15. Love the cauldron and the vignette on the bar. Dry ice would be a fun idea.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  16. I love it and the way you've placed your beautiful treasures on the bar. Oh yes, a fun idea with the dry ice for sure:-)

  17. Hi Olive! Love your vignette with the copper cauldron! The dry ice would look cute smoking all around. Love your big bar! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Oooo! Pretty! And yep. We have one of those long, flat, catch-all surfaces, too. Several of them, as a matter of fact. Doesn't it feel good when they're cleaned up?

  19. Your copper cauldron is so pretty and Fall-ish, especially the wonderful way you have displayed it with the wooden cheese board and breadbowl. My home is small and I like so many different types of things on display, so it always looks cluttered. Sometimes to take a picture of something for my blog I have to spend an hour rearranging the room so not too much clutter shows in the background.

    1. Susie, I cleaned my kitchen which appears in the background of these images but I always have a lot of "stuff" laying about no matter what.

  20. You have the perfect spot for a buffet and better yet, a spot to decorate. Your copper cauldron says "autumn" to me.

  21. I could see a witches brew in your copper pot! Love it. How you are feeling better! Laura

  22. Olive~ I love your generous bar~ lots of room for serving and displaying! Your copper cauldron gives my imagination a stir with Halloween around the corner :)

  23. Hi Olive. Love that bar of yours, but I can just imagine how easy it is for things to accumulate there! That copper cauldron is lovely, and the dry ice idea is such a good idea.I know I've said this before, but you really do have a nack of displaying all your lovely things in such a nice way. I would love to visit your yellow house!

  24. Your kettle is perfect for the season! I have a clutter station right in the middle of my dining/kitchen too! Curses! (Said in a witchy voice.) I hope you're feeling good!

  25. Your copper cauldron is gorgeous and you have so beautifully displayed it.
    I have some antique ones that belonged to my grandmother but they seem so out of place in my home.
    pretty vignettes.

  26. Dear Olive,
    You are just SO clever at putting things together ..... it looks so beautifully Autumn !
    ......... and, I think that EVERYONE has a place where clutter builds up. I'm afraid that is everyday living !
    Hope that you are feeling better and back to the busy Olive that we all know and love. XXXX

  27. Love the vignette. I think we all have a few places where things get piled up.

  28. Olive, You certainly have the knack for finding unusual pieces. I love your display. Smiles, Susie

  29. Your copper cauldron is beautiful, Olive, and so perfect for Fall. What a great and functional island you have.
    Mary Alice

  30. Lova lova that copper cauldron! Dry ice in it would be fab for Halloween! And your vignette is wonderful...Oh and that beautiful bar too Olive. Yes I also have one (not nearly as lovely as yours) and it is a MAJOR catch all at my house...but then everything with a flat surface seems to be also lately...*sighs* Vanna

  31. What a wonderful piece! I have wanted a cauldron for Halloween forever, I always end up using my calphalon stock pot -- not nearly as much fun. I loved seeing your pretty mums too. Mine come back every year also, it's so nice to have free flowers! Have a great week, Olive!
    xo, Andrea

  32. I would love a bar like that Olive. With our large family get togethers, it would be a perfect serving bar. It's just gorgeous!

  33. What a great island for entertaining. Love your vignette with the copper cauldron.


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