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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whimsical Field Stone Fire Place

A wire white tailed deer head.  
We think him rather whimsical. 
Up there on the stone.

My friend, Fancy, thinks we are crazy. 
She also thinks painting brown furniture is nuts. 
We agree to disagree.

The hearth was incredibly busy prior to these images.
 I had to remove a vast amount of clutter. 
I seem to have acquired many funeral baskets, cloches, and shoe lasts. 
The camera reveals all.

He is looking spiffy in the quatrefoil mirror. 
I paid ten dollars for our deer at Goodwill.
 If you like him be in awe of that price.


I did paint the round coffee table yesterday. 
Oddly enough I painted it with black latex enamel.
 Now I am trying to decide if it needs a finish on it. 
Any tips on this as latex enamel is an indoor/outdoor paint are appreciated.

I am traveling to the mountains to see our daughter CC in the morning. 
I will be spending the weekend with her.
 Joe will be here with the Fight Club(Shelley Puppy&Clovis Grumpy).

joy and peace


  1. I love your wire deer! I am still looking for one to put on my fireplace.... Hugs, Penny

  2. Girl...I DO love that fabulous wire deer head. I can see him for Christmas decked out in a holly wreath!!
    Have fun with you darling CC!

  3. Love your vignette on the hearth under your new deer head. I couldn't hang a deer head over our mantel. My husband has wanted to hang a taxidermied deer shoulder mount in our house for years but I have banished all three of them to our cabin!

    1. I would not do that either my friend. This one had an edge that I liked. Plus I enjoy shocking my friends:}

  4. The first rule of Fight Club is.... oh dear. And oh Deer! Like it! I can see all sorts of possibilities with it. Enjoy your weekend. Ann

  5. I love your fireplace, the deer, and that olive bucket.....Beautiful!! Have a safe trip and a fun weekend with your daughter!

  6. Olive,
    Love the baskets and buckets. What a great stone backdrop your fireplace makes!
    Have a terrific weekend with CC.
    Good luck to Joe.

  7. Love the wire head. So much more, what's the word, kind. Not that I am a deer head hater, but I would be like oh Bambi.

  8. Okay, I give - are these funeral baskets what we use to put flowers on the grave? I din't know they were collectible. But when you put your touch to them, I suddenly have to have one. Or two. Or three.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  9. Hi Olive... your fieldstone fireplace is just gorgeous!... and I would much rather see a wire deerhead up there than a real one... you know me and my love for all God's creatures... have fun with your daughter!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Love the deer head. Funny, I just posted my new rack.

  11. I like the deer head Olive - quirky and also rather baronial.
    Enjoy your time with CC, have a great girls weekend together.

  12. Olive, Enjoy your beautiful daughter. I know you must miss being with her . I got to be with my oldest daughter today. We had a good day. I have been really wanting to go to g.w. Maybe tomorrow. Smiles to all, Susie

  13. Olive,
    your fireplace is fabulous, lovin the whimsy the wire deer head brings!
    I know you are going to have a blast with your daughter, so glad you guys get to spend some time together!

  14. Love whimsy, love the deer. The fireplace looks great.

  15. Your deer looks mighty handsome watching over your room. I think you are going to have lots of fun decorating him for the holidays. Have a wonderful trip!

  16. Clutter should come in for some decorating attention.

  17. OK Olive show me the bust and nobody gets hurt! Lol! Just kidding (kind of *winks*) Did you buy that bust? And girlfriend I think that sales lady just wanted to take it up front so my hubby wouldn't have to cart the darn thing around. It weighs about 30 lbs *winks*
    Love love your fieldstone fireplace!! And the deer head is very cool! I much prefer it to the real thing. ....Ummmm I'd also like to hijack that quatrefoil mirror right off your wall.....I know it's wrong, but there it is. Vanna

  18. Your fireplace is to die for and I love how you have decorated it. The deer head, hmmmm. Not me, but it's not me home!! Keep up the great furniture's addictive!


  19. Wow! I find this quite striking! I can see it up there right through the holidays. The hearth looks great too. I'm jealous of your olive bucket. I don't have to worry about springing for one since I've never seen one in person. Perty cool! Enjoy your daughter!

  20. Love your Matrix deer! Very sci fi and a fun twist on the usual kind. Now, I have stone fireplace envy! Especially, the way you have done your's up. Have a fun weekend with your daughter. ~ Maureen

  21. Hi Olive! Oh, this is so pretty! Your wired deer head is a hoot! I love that and how you've dressed your hearth is so pretty!
    You're the best.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  22. Love love the wire deer mounted on the wall...very unique! Have a wonderful weekend! Shari

  23. I LoVe your D*E*E*R...
    Go WiLd Decorating him for the HoLiDAy Season!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  24. Now that is one awesome fireplace to curl up too on those cold winter mornings. I see me with my hubby's big thick socks on and feet stuck right near that glass.

    LOVE the deerhead.

  25. Oh the possibilities with your deer head at Christmas...!

    I'm thrilled with my olive basket find, thanks to you and gave you a shout out on my potting shed post! Wishing Joe luck with the Fight Club :)

  26. Love your hearth collections. And I totally understand the camera revealing all thing. LOL It's so funny how we see something and it looks great, but when we get the picture it's too cluttered or even occasionally, looks like it needs something more. And how the camera shows the dust or a piece of lint or a scrap of paper - or the 20 pounds - we didn't see before. Sheesh! The camera is ruthless!

    Have fun visiting. We just got back from visiting our son and DIL. They just "ourght not tuh" move so far away!

  27. Now you know how I love whimsical and quirky things! Your wire deer head certainly fits the bill! The hearth looks wonderful with the olive bucket full of hydrangeas, too. Mine is empty right now, since I removed an almost dead fern, but it will be filled with some birch logs soon. :-) Hope your weather is better than ours- rain and cold ..... where did fall go? LOL.


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