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Friday, October 26, 2012

Trumpet Flower

Isn't she pretty?
She has got to be a she. 
That yellow flower looks like a soft exquisite yellow ballgown.

This is my first trumpet flower. 
I bought her from a neighbor's plant sale last year. 
She looked pitiful. 
She was the last trumpet flower she had.
She was about six inches tall and riddled with cricket holes.
 She was not Nearly Dead but was Awfully Bitten. 
I have been eagerly waiting for this pod to bloom. 
She did not disappoint.

Many more blooms are going to open soon.

When this post goes live I should be on my way
 to the mountains to see my kiddo. 
I can't wait to see her.

happy gardening


  1. That flower looks like a datura (brugsmania) Oh heck - not sure about the spellings. They're gorgeous - can't really grow them over here - they hate the cold so have to be grown indoors. Hey Olive had a fantastic time with your daughter - hope the weather is brilliant too.

  2. Meant to type 'have' but you know what I mean.

  3. How pretty! You brought it back to life, Olive! I had a trumpet vine on my fence for many years and then it just withered away, not sure why but I really did love it.

    Have a wonderful time with your daughter!


  4. You are so right about that bloom looking like a ballgown! Isn't nature awe inspiring? ~ Maureen

  5. How beautiful is that?
    And how cute is that CC??
    Loved seeing her smiling
    face on IG! Enjoy your
    precious time together,
    sweet friend.

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  6. Pretty flowers. Hope you have a wonderful time with your girl. xo, Susie

  7. what a gorgeous bloom. beautiful.

    love your new header shot. so perfect for fall. enjoy your weekend. (:

  8. That's a very pretty flower, especially for this time of year-enjoy:@)

  9. I love trumpet flowers and vow to have some in the garden next season.:-)

  10. We're going to have to call you the Plant Whisperer! She's a beauty and a nice reward for your TLC. Speaking of beauties, hope you're having a great time with Cece.

  11. A beautiful blossom. Have a wonderful time with your daughter!

  12. I love that flower. One year I had one and it had like 50 flowers on it and it was just gorgeous. Bu t then, I've never had another one that had near that many blooms. Enjoy!!


  13. Beautiful! I am jealous!! I have bought, I have rooted and I have tried to grow angel trumpets...not a single one will stay. My neighbors have them...we do the same things and mine just either do not bloom or go away. I can grow the ones that point upward...have them all over because the seeds just blow in the wind. I think I am just gonna let it be then I see one as beautiful as yours and I start pining for one. Hope you enjoy your visit with your daughter. Best, Vicki

  14. Your photos are beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend & visit with your daughter :)

  15. Just like a fairy frock! Have a wonderful visit my dear! xx


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