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Friday, October 5, 2012


The spontaneity of Instagram photos cannot be resisted by me.
Snap the image.
 Hit the quick edit (or not) and share it. 
No fussing like I do over this blog.

Shelley Puppy watching his daddy mow the lawn. 
This shot is my wallpaper for my smart phone.

One person I follow, on Instagram, is now on holiday in Thailand. 
She is sharing the loveliest tropical beach images.
 It is likely I will never see Thailand but she is taking me there
 pebble by pebble, with a coconut thrown in every day.

 Thanks to those bloggers who started following me on Instagram.

Also to my new followers here on Olive Out.

Happy Friday My Darling Friends


  1. OMG it's already Friday! I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it. Your instagram is so arty! Looks like fun! Your comments are always a lift, Olive! Thanks so much!

  2. Shelley is sure growing fast! I haven't tried Instagram yet. So much media, so little time! ~ Maureen

  3. i wish i could figure out how to get my instagram photos to my blog. to share them there as well. i use an android ... so i'm working on it. so difficult. makes me brain hurts. ouchy. ha. ha!! such fun & so addictive. (:

  4. Beautiful images Olive ..... I have the Instagram app on my iphone but have yet to register !! You have encouraged me !
    .... that is such a lovely photograph of Shelley ! XXXX

  5. The daddy long legs and the puppy long legs are magnificant photos. Thanks.

  6. I haven't tried instagram yet. Just getting used to Google +1. I see it has possibilities.

  7. Hi Olive. Shelley certainly looks like quite a big puppy!! Great shot though. Also love the first photo featured here today.Enjoy your weekend my friend x

  8. I don't have Instagram on my phone but it looks like fun! I don't even do Pinterest! I am so stuck in my ways! Love the photos!


  9. I can't believe Shelley has grown so much, and what sharp eyes, there is no way I can see Joe mowing the lawn!!! Oh! I have just had another look and he is hidden behind the tree.

  10. Do you have a favorite filter/effect (or whatever they call those things) yet? Shelley sure has grown. Hope he's out of his chewing stage.

    1. I have the collage app and the font app. I am not fancy with the effects as I like fast.

  11. I don't do instagram. I don't even have an iphone I can't keep up with all the new technology.
    Shelley is getting to be quite a big puppy.

  12. Love that pic of your sweet dog. You have a great weekend, too!

  13. Wow, Shelly sure is getting big! Happy Weekend:@)

  14. I don't have that on my son does though and he LOVES it!!

  15. I know, right?
    If I get really lazy
    and do not want
    to blog anymore,
    I will still keep my
    IG, as I'm absolutely
    loving it. What a
    darling picture of
    your pup ~ love it!

    Happy Friday,
    xo Suzanne

  16. Your pup is precious!! Love your pictures.


  17. Oh, I want to see more pictures of Shelley Puppy. He looks so grown up.
    I did google instagram, and my phone, simple as it is, can't deal with it. That's ok, I'm simple too!

  18. Olive,
    I don't understand Instagram.... I don't think I've had the time with the move to change with the times. However... Shelley has gotten so big! And that picture of him in the sprinkler is priceless. I'm old-fashioned, stuck in blog-mode. I like my creature comforts, but now I need to research instagram and figure out what I'm missing. The thing I like about blogs are the stories - are they there with Instagram? I'm a dolt!! Ann

  19. Olive, I am living under a stone age rock...I just heard of this instagram yesterday. Go to, Buttercup counts her blessings...she does this too. She would love a visit and you will absolutely love her. In the mean not smell that flower, I think something is lurking there. Smiles to you, Susie

  20. Shelley has gotten so big. She has it right, fun rolling in the grass!

  21. I am new to instagram, but used it on our trip a few times with my ipad.

  22. You know how much I agree with you about instagram. It's so easy I wonder why there are still iphoners out there not using it. I have to get back to using my dslr camera again before I forget how.
    I think an Olive without an oil basket would be wrong:) enjoy it!!!


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